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Welcome To Style Lingua,

I'm a PR and brand-friendly blogger and accept samples related to travel & lifestyle. I'm happy to write about your products, but I will only include them on my blog if they are suitable for my readership. To provide transparency all samples and gifts are marked with an * and all opinion and views expressed are 100% my own.

At the moment, my schedule is irregular due to life/work commitments, but I aim to post 1x a week, which provides four slots per month. If these are used up by the time of contact, your coverage will be added to the end of my list. In order to form an objective opinion, I will try and test a product for at least a month. It is at my discretion when I publish a post and I will not accept time pressure from your side. Exception: Blogging Events, Press Days and Fashion Shows. 

My blog is in the first place a private travel and lifestyle blog that is targeted and read by a female audience, aged 20-35. I write my own posts which are inspired by my life and things I care about. I do not publish any press releases and announcements as they appear to be spammy. I'd like to try and recommend products/services which is hard to do from an image and pretty dull for my readers, hence why I do not cover press releases, create wishlist posts or take part in competitions where I can potentially-maybe win something.

Please DO NOT get in touch if ...

(1) you want to talk about SEO or campaigns without any form of compensation. I have enough inspiration for my blog and StyleLingua is not a free advertising space.

(2) you want me to publish an infographic or work on a wishlist post. I do not do this as this is dull for my readers and low-quality content that won't drive any traffic to my blog or will be beneficial in any way.

(3) you want me to sit down for 6h and work on a post (without any form of compensation).

(4) you have any opportunity that could potentially-maybe win me something, or worse a maybe/perhaps/let's see promotion on your Social Media (that has lower stats than mine).

(5) you want to advertise with me. I don't offer advertisements on my blog.

I'm a London-based travel and lifestyle blogger and do not cover press releases, announcements, wish list posts or infographics.

|Advertising & Third-Party Content|

I don't offer any form of advertising on my blog or accept third-party content or guest blogging.

|Compensation & Rates|

I'm an experienced writer and also shoot and promote all of my posts myself. Blogging including writing, shooting and promoting takes up most of my time. It takes hard work, dedication, and commitment to grow a blog's profile organically and engage readers. The interaction as well as my strive to constantly improve my blog is accompanied by a monthly extensive research and audience analysis.

Please understand if you want me to talk about your product(s) then you're gonna have to give me a hand. I do not consider and publish without any form of compensation. From multiple past experiences, I have realised that it's the blogger who is always at a loss, not the brand.

I work on a gifting basis plus additional fees in return for a blog post and links if you'd like me to create content for your brand or client (Jan 2021):

- 1x Tweet £5
- 1x blog picture £10
- 1x blog post basis fee £70
- £2.50 per line (f.ex. a 300-word piece covers approx 17 lines = £42.50)

I do not support Kickstarter Campaigns.


- Decent piece of coverage (at least 3-4 pictures and 300+ words)
- Well written text
- High-res images, I shoot with a Nikon D5300 DSLR and Olympus Pen EL-7 camera
- Honest opinion
- Fully SEO optimised post and pictures
- No Follow Links to your website and social media, videos
- Promotion across my social media accounts (Twitter only)
- Interaction & engagement of target audience/blog comments
- Recommendation and reference

|Blog Stats, Audience & Social Media Influence |

Stats January 2021: 1k unique users and over 2k monthly views.

Klout: 56/100

Audience: International (UK, USA, GER), females aged 20-35

Blog Focus:

Travel, Events and London Lifestyle

Brands I've Worked With: et alia Coast, Debenhams, Ladbrokes, Paperchase, Champneys, Ben & Jerry's,, Onitsuka Tiger, La Redoute, Paperblanks, SheIn, Binky London, Nails Inc, Smiggle, Sass & Belle, Nanshy, The Library of Fragrance, Orelia Jewellery, Blue Vanilla, Chi Chi London, BareMinerals, River Island, Luxemme, Bonprix, Matalan, Gant, John Lewis, Fitness First, Magnum, Rimmel London

|Contact & Social Media|

Twitter: @Style_Lingua  (following 1.533)
Email: stylelinguauk [at]

Please replace the [at] with the @. I use this way of writing to reduce spam.


All products used on this blog are bought by myself unless otherwise stated. Products that have been gifted to me through PR agencies and brands will clearly be marked with an *. It is important to me to provide transparency and an honest opinion in order to write and share my reviews. Opinions are 100% my own and I’d like to stress that I don’t take any form of payment or sponsorship from the brands I’m working with.


Any comment in the form of a one-liner with blog link and no relevance to my post will be deleted straight away (aka spam or link drop). I will also block your IP address from accessing my blog if you keep coming back on a regular basis to violate and spam my blog.

|My Photography|

Style Lingua is a private travel and London lifestyle blog. I’m not a professional photographer. ALL pictures published on this blog/Instagram are taken by me or otherwise stated. ALL pictures taken by me, are watermarked and my personal intellectual property. I DO NOT send my pictures to you for free.


In the rare case, I give my photos away IT IS BY LAW that you have to credit me fully as the photographer. If I see any of my pictures used by you without any prior permission or knowledge from your side, I will refrain from ongoing collaborations with an immediate effect. I do not work with brands that don't respect my copyright and violate my hard work. Any breach will also be reported immediately to my lawyers, I make no exceptions.

|Plagiarism And Copyright Infringement|

I strive to make my blog professional, hence why I have a team of lawyers behind it on every single post I write and publish. As a member of the scientific community, I feel very strongly about ghostwriting, plagiarism and copyright infringement. If I see anyone violating my hard work through any of these, I will report it straight to my lawyers. I’m flattered if you like to publish my work on your blog, but please have the manners to ask for permission first.

Last updated: 11/01/2021

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