Australia Bound!

Saturday, 18 January 2020

joey-csunyo-australia trip and plans

I've got big news to share and super excited to announce I'm FINALLY going to Australia!!!

I've been talking about this trip forever and my first attempt to making plans date back to usual life got in the way and I kept postponing my dream. But not now. I have a really good gut feeling, that this experience will be "good for me". 

For the past three months, I've been busy planning and organising my travels to Australia. I should have started earlier, really but I thought it'll be wise to wait for the Black Friday deals. In the end, I got a great flight deal through Skyscanner and I'll be off next week.

For now, I've got a one-way ticket and I'm planning on enjoying my life (for once) and check out the other side of the world and the opportunities waiting for me there. So saying that I'm taking a little break from blogging to fully focus on this new chapter of my life.

Super excited to finally fulfil one of my life dreams even though I'm reserved about the long flight, which is my first time away from Europe. Anyway, I will post over on Instagram and check in with my blog occasionally. 

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The Best Tunes For Travelling

Tuesday, 14 January 2020

santiago de compostela airport

Oh my! 

Everyone is sharing their End of the Decade Spotify playlists over on Social Media and I'm sat here thinking, why have Spotify when you can listen to Vanilla Web Radio all day long? It's literally THE best channel to discover new sunset beach tunes and relaxed deep house vibes.

For the past 2 years, I've been listening to the deep channel and have come across some classic songs, which make you feel like you're sitting in Mallorca, watching the sunset in one of those übertrendy beach bars. In that time I've discovered so many new artists and compiled a few epic playlists myself.

My latest selection makes a great soundtrack for travelling so here it is:

EDX - Jaded (Original Club Mix)
Donatello Shane & Blackshaw - Catch 22 (Kastis Torrau Vocal Remix)
Paul Johnson - Return To Earth (Original Mix)
Robosonic Ferreck Dawn Nikki A - In Your Arms (Extended Vocal) and Qubiko Extended
Timanti - When You Wake Up
Hollywood Jack & Just at Mi - Greece 2000
Jamiroquai - Cloud 9 (Purple Disco Machine Remix)
Sofi Tukker - Fantasy (Nora En Pure Remix)
Sebastien Leger - Rocket to Lee's Little Cloud (Original Mix)
Tiesto, Jonas Blue & Rita Ora - Ritual (Ian Tosel & Arthur M Remix)
Rompasso - Body Talk (Extended Mix)
Michel Degen - Traveling Soul (Original Mix)
Alessio Cala - Absolute Life (Original Mix)
Sebastien Leger - Lenarka

EDX and Nora En Pure have to be my top favourite DJs which I've discovered through Vanilla. Jaded is such a tune and diving into EDX's music in general, all of his songs keep the same sick baseline. I love everything that he's ever produced. His material is always catchy, dancy and making you crave for more.

Nora is already on my radar since her trancy version of Kyle Watson's & Popartlive Sink Deep. Now she's given the same airy and dancy character of her music to Sofi Tukker's Fantasy - a song which is already perfect but with Nora's enhanced version becomes a masterpiece.  My favourite part is when she adds the baseline about half a minute into the song. It gives me goosebumps every time, especially when listening to the song in the car. This is the moment to change gears, speed up, turn up the volume and sing along to those magical lyrics. Nora will be touring when I'm in Australia, but I think my plans won't match up with her tour destinations. Would love to see her one day.

Catch 22 is a bit of a darker, moody piece which is great when you want to switch off for a while and just let the music take your thoughts away. The rather slow, mysterious baseline is also a great pacer for my ice skating training which I can recommend when you're working out. The same goes for Degen's Traveling Soul and Timanti's When You Wake Up. The later is a whimsical seduction to take you to Dreamland but weirdly also makes a wonderful Wake-Up song. Rocket to Lee's Little Cloud is another whimsical, airy song that could play for hours without you noticing. The absolute travelling song though is Absolute Life which is dancy and energetic, perfect for listening in the car or rushing through the labyrinth of the Underground.

Happy and dancy is Return to Earth followed by Greece 2000 which will make you crave a dance on the beach.  

The sing-alongs from this list are certainly In Your Arms, Cloud 9, Body Talk and Rituals. Especially In Your Arms has been mentioned in my previous playlists and I feel no matter which version of the track you get, it is always a winner. It deserved rightly so the title of Summer Song 2018.

Lastly, there's Leger's Lenarka, which is a last-minute addition to this tracklist. The clear, happy beats of Lenarka are filled with sunshine, airiness and dreamy lyrics. It's a summer induced perfection of a song, transporting you instantly to a beach, warm weather, and the better days of life. 

Thanks so much for reading,

Till next time,
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