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Thursday, 20 September 2018

the ultimate running playlist with songs you need to listen to when you run a 10km race

When I finished my first 10km London run at Richmond Riverside last month, I was determined that I would not participate in another race for a while. I had completed a 10k, ticked off the box, what’s next? But then I picked up the 25th-anniversary edition of Runners World and besides an inspiring interview with Mo Farah (who runs 130 miles per week!), a full-page advertising had caught my eye: the Adidas City Run series.

I was intrigued and checked them out online to learn that Adidas were organising four runs across London throughout summer and autumn. The entry fee would cover a stylish race T-shirt, the closure of London’s roads for the route, a cool medal, professional photography and discounts for local eateries after the finish. I was sold and signed up for their up-coming 10k run in Clapham.

Preparing For The Adidas City Run In Clapham

My preparation was (again) terrible. I had two weeks for training and managed three runs. My Nike Run Club app measured around 3.5km in 30 mins with an average pace of 8.49 which didn’t look too great if I'm honest. Nevertheless, I was determined to run – or worse came to worse – walk it if I had to. The Saturday before the race, I spend my afternoon preparing. I went on another 30mins training session, rested for a bit and downloaded some new music to my iPhone which would keep me motivated on my mission.

Adidas City Run clapham common 2018

I've Discovered Deep House Music Through Vanilla Web Radio

Ever since I came back from my summer round trip to Spain, I’ve been obsessed with Vanilla Radio Deep Flavour Channel which plays the finest house, nu-disco, 2step and refreshing beach sounds ever… literally takes you back to that beach bar in Mallorca, where you’ve watched the sunset and felt the warm sand under your feet - and I love electronic music, so some chilled out evergreens have made it onto the running playlist:

My Track List for the 10km Clapham Adidas City Run

Looptone - Strategy (Original Mix)


Looptone – Strategy (Original Mix)
Alex Herrera – House Muzik (Original Mix)
KAASI – Maybe Monday
Break: Britney - Sometimes

3.5km – 6km

Jabberwocky – Photomaton (Kartell Remix)
Rout Funk – Lovedisco
MBNN – Alone

6km – 8km

Black Coffee & David Guetta – Drive
Ferreck Dawn & Robosonic – In Arms (Extended Mix)
Break: Kyle Watson & Popartlive – Sink Deep (Nora En Pure Remix)

8km – 10km

Bodyrockers – I like the Way You Move (SNEBASTAR Remix)
Nightcrawlers & Big Nastie – Push That Feeling
Andrey Exx, Elis M Feeling feat Mary Irene – Rapture (Andrey Exx Mix)
Scooter – Weekend

Running With Great Music Makes A 10km Run Fly By Easily

I started with Looptone’s Strategy, a song which is at first a bit annoying, but I love their 1999’ house vibes which remind me so much of Back to Basics from Shapeshifters. It’s a catchy and very happy warm-up tune with its funky beats and easy lyrics. It has the right bassline to slowly get your heartbeat up and help you get into a routine. 

Followed by a timeless Alex Herrera’s House Muszik, which is another great warm-up song for the first 3km to get into your own pace. I actually managed to run 3.5km straight before taking my first break and was surprised when I checked my running app that I made those 3.5km in 15mins at a pace of 7.10! Time for Britney to help me take off my mind during a small break and powerwalking up that steep hill!

Bristol-based artist KAASI and Jabberwocky have been on my playlist since April. Their chill-out tunes invite you to relax and focus on your breathing. It is very easy to let the music run in the background whilst you run past that park, that lamppost, those traffic lights, that's just so easy to let your mind wander, your feet run by themselves and you set yourself little mini-goals on your route. 

Then follows Lovedisco by Rout Funk which is a remix of my all-time favourite song Lady by Mojo. I love how artists over the years have picked up that simple melody and have reinvented it over and over again. It’s a sweet piece of house music that pushes you forward and is again very easy to listen to.

10km running race clapham london
running in london with adidas

Ok, 6km-8km and I’ve nearly done this and the party in my ears continued. Drive is another of those songs that you can play easily on repeat. It is so lightweight and melodic that you just want to adjust your running pace to the tropical rhythmic bassline. 

But since these are the final kms, this is the time for some upbeat and more energetic sounds. Ferreck Dawn & Robosonic In Arms will provide you with exactly this. Their song is a great bridge from getting you out of your steady pace to really push it through the final kms. It’s a motivator and pusher song with some nice vocals and a sick bassline. 

Speaking of sick basslines next on the list was Kyle Watson & Popartlive – Sink Deep (Nora En Pure Remix). This is a wonderful piece of music if you like a touch of trance teamed up with piano sounds...think 

Any Other Name by T. Newman from the American Beauty soundtrack but just...uhm...faster and more dancy. Once the 8km mark was reached it was time for the grand finale and just when I started to struggle and really needed a kick-ass song, the Bodyrockers with I like the Way You Move (SNEBASTAR Remix) came on. 

What a song! The original version is already a total headbanger but in the SNEBASTAR remix, there's an underlying bass that goes hand in hand with the bassline making this song a proper motivation cocktail. Music on, volume up and give speed!

Next on the list was Andrey Exx, Elis M Feeling feat Mary Irene with Rapture. Originally by IO, Rapture is another dance classic and a favourite of mine. The song gave me the final push and I actually sprinted for the last 1km listening to Scooter shouting into my ear “It’s WEEEEEEEEEEEEKEEEEEEENNND” when I ran over the finish line.

motivational music to listen to whilst you are running

And guess what?!? I made a new personal best, finishing the Clapham City Run in 77 mins, which is an improvement to my first 10km Richmond run by 17minutes. 17 minutes! Motivated by the new PB time, I've also signed up to Adidas' Shoreditch and Fulham races and I'm sure my dance songs will keep me on my feet.

Thank you so much for reading, 

Till next time, 
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