Monday, 2 July 2018

A Day Trip To The Mayfield Lavender Farm


I'm tired of London.

There, I said it.

The hectic and changing lifestyle, the never-ending hustle & bustle as well as the masses of people were all a tiny bit too much for me lately.  All I've been craving for is a bit of space to myself for some much needed “Me time” but places for seeking solitude and getting an inch to breath is hard to find in a mega city such as London – not quite! They do exist if you’re willing to invest a bit of time and are up for an adventure to visit these places.

Having read a couple of blog posts about the amazing day trips to the surrounding countryside to escape the city, I felt inspired and ventured out by myself. So one sunny afternoon it was that I decided to take my camera and a good book on an adventure trip to the outskirts of London, namely the Mayfield Lavender Farm in Banstead/Surrey.

How to get to the Lavender Fields From London?

From my home in City Airport, I took first the DLR to Canning Town, then changed into the Jubilee Line to Canada Water and then took the Overground to Croydon. Once I’ve arrived at the station, I walked 10 minutes to the bus stop, waited nearly 20 minutes for the 166 bus and was then on a 50-minute ride to the Fields….told you this is a bit of a long journey so definitely bring your book! 

Especially the change in Croydon was time-consuming because the bus stops aren’t very well signposted and the one I needed was in a side street approximately 500 metres away from the Overground station….and well…Croydon is not necessarily my preferred area in London.

Anyway, the bus journey itself was actually pretty nice as the route goes straight out of Croydon via Purley Hills into the countryside. The further you got away from the urban space leaving the London bubble behind,  the prettier the houses and tranquil the neighbourhoods became – and then you’ve found yourself driving down this wonderful leafy alley – a typical English country lane with wild vegetation on both sides and the beauty of purple lavender peeking through its lush greenery every so often.

Lavender close up England
Lavender Farm near London

Life Outside of London Exists!

After my 2h world trip, I’ve arrived at the Lavender farm which could have easily been an untouched spot in the French Provence. It was so cool. Perfect weather and only a handful of people meant I had the fields nearly entirely to myself. Oh, hello solitude!

At first, I wasn’t so sure for how long I would stay at this place and if the time investment of coming here was really worth it, but then I started to take off my sandals and walked barefoot in the grass. It felt great! The warm summer breeze would take a subtle smell of lavender to my nose and the soft humming sounds of bees to my ear. 

I could feel the sun on my face, the soft rustling of wind through the lavender and the occasional screech of a falcon (sadly no swallows) and it felt like I was back home in Germany, at my parent’s house in the countryside enjoying the best time of the year in harmony with nature – yeah, a Central European Summer is something I really miss.

Anyway, I ended up spending 2h at the Lavender Farm roaming its rows of blossoming lavender, attempting to take pictures with my mini tripod and remote control or just sitting in the sun watching the wildlife around me or reflecting on my thoughts. It was very relaxing, quiet and the smell of lavender felt therapeutic to my stressed soul. I went in the first week of June and the place was already stunning. Can you imagine what it must look like later in the summer when the rows are in full blossom?

english summer time
enjoying british summer time
Mayfield Lavender Farm in mid June

Another highlight of my little trip included their own farm café which sells next to afternoon tea a wide range of lavender-infused snacks and food as well as local produce. I treated myself to a lavender scone with strawberry jam and clotted cream and their 100% apple juice. I have to confess that my lavender tea time was one of the nicest I’ve ever had.

adventure time is waiting where to next
day trip that feels like a mini holiday

The journey back to London felt shorter though it took the same amount of travelling time as before. I felt so much more relaxed and venturing out of my usual radius of London had the same effect as if I had gone on a short holiday. 

By the way…speaking of holidays….I have so much to tell you, including my first time trip to Italy Florence back in May, as well as my spontaneous trip to Vienna and I’ve not even mentioned my summer round trip to Spain. Well, they will all get a blog post over the next couple of days (weeks?) so I hope to see you back on my blog soon for more Carolin Adventure Time. 

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