Monday, 9 April 2018

A Trip To Miniature Japan

isle of dogs film exhibition london

Is this a film or travel post? To be honest with you, I wasn't so sure either when I planned it. However, as soon as I stepped into "The Making of Isle of Dogs" exhibition I felt immediately transported to a wondrous dream world - but let me start from the top. So *takes a deep breath* after one of these aimless scrolls on Instagram, I noticed a picture posted by my former colleague. 

In the shot, he had been up close to the puppets of the newly released Wes Anderson film Isle of Dogs. Feel free to judge me, but I'm not the biggest Wes Anderson fan. I do appreciate his artistic work but feel his ideas/visions are a bit too eccentric and absurd for my taste. 

Anyway, some stalking research later I knew that my colleague had been to a pop-up exhibition showcasing various sets and puppets from the film. And where else would be a better place for something so genius as this? Right, the X Store on 165 The Strand (we remember the legendary LV Series 3 fashion exhibition). The best bit was yet to come - the exhibition was completely for FREE.  

Store X Hosted A Free Behind The Scenes Exhibition On Wes Andersons Isle Of Dogs Film

This was certainly a  unique collaboration between the X Store and the distributor Fox Searchlights since pop-up exhibitions revealing insights into the world of film making are rare. I love a good artsy exhibition - may it be film, paintings or fashion collections, I was so up for this. One fine Saturday afternoon after brunch with friends, I went over to the X Store and joined the queue. The wait wasn't too long and after 20 minutes I entered the building.

The entrance was plastered with film posters and additional information about the stop motion film. Isle of Dogs was mainly filmed at 3 Mills Studio in East London. Here, more than 17 sets have been created alongside over 1000 puppets and more than 144,000 still frame shots to make the movie. In total, 670 people were involved in the production. Once you've been taken through the hard facts of the movie making it was time to delve into the alternative Japanese dream world of Isle of Dogs.
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