Tuesday, 30 January 2018

What Makes A Great Blogger Event?

Very Valentines Event

One of the many perks of blogging is to receive invites to branded blogging events. Personally, I absolutely love these events having been invited to a few myself and the opportunity to create and execute branded events professionally in my previous job.

Branded Blogger Events Are Still Very Popular And Important For The Industry

Blogger events provide you with unique opportunities and according to a recently conducted Twitter poll, bloggers mostly enjoy networking (43%) and meeting the brand (23%). Events can make you feel “special” as they are highly exclusive and London events, in particular, are usually great nights out and a lot of fun!

Speaking from a brands perspective, events are a key to working with wider influencer networks and let the brand connect with their audience on a very personal and interactive level through an immersive experience. 

An event can also position the brand as an expert in their field by telling stories and creating engaging experiences to bring their message, products and services across. After all, what counts most to bloggers is a great event atmosphere (75%), followed by structure (12%), venue (8%) and an influential guest speaker (5%).

Having been invited to the Very.co.uk Valentines Press event last week, I would like to share in today’s post my 10 ingredients for a successful blogger event to create a memorable experience for a lasting long-term momentum.

1. Have A Guest List & A Warm Welcome For Your Blogger Event

Inviting the right people is crucial to ensure the maximum outcome for potential coverage. A food blogger is most likely not as engaged at a fashion event as a fashion blogger. Therefore it is vital that the right bloggers are targeted and invited to come along to the evening. 

A community specialist or professional outreacher for influencer marketing is the right person to do the job as often they are bloggers themselves and know a lot of people – so when they call their blogging friends to come along, you can be sure they will! However, the downside is that community specialists tend to invite the same 10 people for every event, which is not optimal for SEO purposes and also upsets a lot of bloggers in the community. Therefore source afresh every time to ensure a good mix up and diversity.

Once you have your guest list ready, be positive and engaged when welcoming your guests at the entrance door. Provide all your staff with name badges as first impressions count. They set the right tone for a great atmosphere for your event which is the most important element for bloggers (75%).
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