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Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Blogger Events London 2017

With Halloween and Christmas just around the corner, Q4 is one of the busiest seasons events-wise. London has never seen so many blogger events popping up: from private Halloween screenings to Christmas-themed parties, I had the pleasure to work and deliver two very fun and interesting events lately.

London Events: Mira Celebrates Special Moments at Six Storeys

Mira is a luxury brand of bath and shower equipment – think shiny stainless steel showerheads and sleek glass shower screens. With the colder season approaching, we wanted to show bloggers and press how to enhance their everyday routine and integrate a much needed pampering Me Time to relax and unwind after work.

I’ve started working on the project back in April with a first draft of the idea, including some data-led research and five suitable venues that fit the client brief. However, after the research was presented, I never heard back if the idea was going to be realised and the project was suddenly put on hold. It wasn’t until later in the year, when the project came back slightly tweaked onto my desk and I was given a six-week turn-around to deliver the idea.

Mira Showers Blogger Event London
canapes at six storeys london
mira demonstration blogger event london

My Mira Moments Event Was A Huge Success & Bloggers Loved To Get Pampered

The client loved my venue suggestions and decided for one of them, which I booked straight away – Six Storeys in Soho, which is a wonderful building that hosts a range of themed rooms for smaller, intimate events and was ideal for the Mira event purpose. 

Together with the rest of my team, I pulled together the remaining elements such as booking suppliers for activities, managing the catering and ordering products. The focus of the event was to improve your daily routine with Mira especially in the mornings and evenings when it's best to unwind and relax from work. This is best achieved when all senses are fully stimulated, so we decided to offer activities addressing each sense.

Upon arrival bloggers and our invited journalists slipped into fluffy robes to feel cosy and then went off to our different stations, which addressed each of the senses. There were massages and a workshop on how to craft your own body scrubs with natural ingredients. We had our own mixologist who created the most delicious bespoke mock- & cocktails all evening long. The atmosphere was great and relaxing and people seemed to truly enjoy themselves. A few of my blogger friends came along which was fun as I hadn’t seen them in a while – let’s say the work/life balance was perfect that night!

My Biggest Event Challenge: LV PitCrew Press Event At CREAM

This project was a little bit harder to tackle than anything else that I have done before – a true challenge, which I loved working on. Let me tell you how hard it is to find a central London venue with street-level access that is within budget and can fit in a Formula 1 car. It may take some time to organise but it is definitely possible – and I made it a reality!

In May, the team got approval for an idea which was unusual but sounded pretty fun: a pit stop challenge for bloggers and press in Central. The aim was to raise awareness for car maintenance and bring the rather dry topic actively to life in an exciting way. 

The idea landed on my desk and I started straight away as the instructions on paper sounded very straightforward: find a venue and book an external event supplier to provide the activity. Easy peasy, right? My first challenge was the venue which had very specific requirements in order to fit the F1 car. 

Finding a central London venue which provided catering, looked on-brand, offered enough space for moving around during the challenge, had street-level access with no edges or bumps to get the car in safely and also had to fit a very tight budget (which got cut in the process) meant I had to find the needle in the haystack. Though I looked at around 50 venues none seemed to fit - the search continued.

It wasn’t until August when I finally had a breakthrough in the research. There’s me on a ten-minute mental break, scrolling through my Instagram feed and what do I see? A super nice food picture of vegan sandwich (not that I’m into healthy food but the shot was great). 

The poster luckily tagged the café where the picture was taken so I checked out the location tag and was pleasantly surprised when the feed of the venue came up: Cream in Shoreditch. From the pictures, it looked exactly what I had been looking for ages, so I quickly googled the location, checked the hiring costs and send a request. A day later I was on my way to Cream for a site visit.

LV pit stop challenge event
LV blogger and press event

The Most Fun And Engaging London Press Event I've Ever Executed

Cream ticked all the boxes and the next step was then to talk to my event supplier for the activity and find out a suitable date. This proved to be the next big challenge in the planning stage as the negotiations with the venue and event supplier developed into an odyssey of back and forth – losing some time in waiting for replies, missing then out on the preferred date and pretty much going back to the beginning. 

The venue is part of a wider warehouse space which is extremely popular so the next available slot wasn’t until October. I booked everyone in, organised the self-catering and ordered prizes to be won on the night during the pit stop challenge.

With all the obstacles leading up to the event, I left the office with a slightly queasy feeling in my stomach on the execution day. It turned out to be absolutely fine: the event supplier arrived on time, so did my Waitrose drinks order, the catering was in full preparation and the set up went smoothly and super quick. 

I even had time to scroll through my Twitter and send out an invite to my followers animating everyone in the area to come around and join in the fun. My friend Stuart actually made it last minute and his team won the challenge. They walked away with a bottle of champagne and a brand new TomTom sat nav each - not too bad to end the night, right?

I think, though the preparation and organisation was a challenge, the event has to be my favourite execution for 2017. It was a great night, people loved taking on the competition and we had so much fun. It was loud, it was busy, it was super competitive! We even had a few people from the general public passing by stopping and taking pictures of the car and the action taking place. What a night!

LV pit stop challenge teams in action
LVpitcrew event london

The location with its quirky touch was excellent and worked so well - Cream is definitely on my list if I ever have to organise a pit stop challenge with an F1 car again. Next time I should try to get Lewis Hamilton to attend - nothing is impossible :)

So here you go, this is what I've been up to lately. It's been some exciting but very busy weeks and I can't wait to spend a bit of time blogging over the Christmas period. Are you going to any cool pre-Christmas events? I'm invited to the Moxy Hotel launch in Stratford later this month and I look forward attending an event as a guest (for once).

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