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David Clulow Style Event

ClulowStyle event

When I got back from my last holiday in July, I had four events projects waiting for me in my inbox. Hence why blogging had to take a bit of a backseat these past few weeks but I'm excited to share the latest event with you that I've organised and delivered for David Clulow. 

David Clulow is a luxurious optician with branches all over London. They are specialists in eye care, offering comprehensive eye tests and selling mostly frames by high-end labels such as Ray-Ban, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana and Prada. 80% of medical eye conditions can be detected by regular checks, so it is vital to have your eyes tested every two years. It was, therefore, a core theme at the event to raise awareness for precautionary eye care and to introduce the stylish brand to influencer. 

Planning And Organising A Luxurious Fashion Event For David Clulow At Southplace Hotel In London

david clulow fashion event 
goodie bags at david clulow event

When my team and I started brainstorming for the event back in the summer, I had originally a summer-themed party in mind, ideally with a rooftop venue as the fancy location that would also host a DJ and a fashion show, bringing eye care closer to our target audience. 

Ever since I started my job in events, executing a fashion show or at least a fashion event was on the top of my list of personal goals (alongside executing an event at the beautiful OXO tower which I succeeded in for the John Lewis My Wellbeing event). Give it two months later and throw in some other ideas, the event proposal got slightly tweaked and changed. 

The pushback to September also meant I had to give the event a different angle which was away from the fun summer party. The angle was easily found though. September is the pinnacle of the year and all eyes are on fashion - what a fantastic opportunity to bring fashion together with a brand that values British style and specialises in luxurious frames?

Said and done - the next step was then to find an appropriate venue that would fulfil the rooftop idea and was also within budget. I usually don't have much budget to work with so I have to make sure that the event costs stay reasonably within an agreed costing plan and make the event profitable. 

After a few venue searches, I found a beautiful spot in Central near Liverpool Street: The Secret Garden at South Place Hotel. The venue is a hidden room located in a roofed courtyard with a tropical theme. Think rippling waterfalls, ferns, green settees and flowers with indirect lighting and a roof that could be pulled back to reveal a beautiful London sky.

The perfect space for my event was found, so we then send out invites to our guests, I managed the catering and ordered some decoration including beautiful designed shabby-chic mirrors and a full-length art nouveau-style mirror. The final set up in combination with the tropical-theme of the Secret Garden and the wooden displays for our David Clulow frames looked amazing and very professional, but please have a look yourself:

David Clulow Blogger Event 
event set up the secret garden
luxury frames

Fashion Influencer Arriving At Southplace Hotel For My David Clulow Event

I was very proud to see all the hard work coming together to this amazing result and it was important to me, as this was my very first event for David Clulow, so I wanted to make sure everything was perfect. Positioning the evening as a London Fashion Week kick-off event was a great pull as we had lots of guests attending. 

On the night David Clulow showcased their collection and also gave an exclusive look at the brand new range of frames that are out for Christmas. The David Clulow experts gave excellent talks on eye care and assisted influencer in selecting the perfect frames. 

We also had an autorefractor present, a device to measure and inspect your eyes, to provide influencer with a free eye test. Another highlight was the presentation by Anna Vitiello, fashion editor at Harper's Bazaar, who gave excellent advice on how to style outfits with frames. 

david clulow giving styling advice
david clulow frames
influencer at fashion event
canape reception at david clulow event
autorefractor eye care david clulow 

My David Clulow Event Was A Complete Success

The atmosphere was great, people enjoyed themselves and kept trying on specs. My personal highlight was the fashion talk by Anna. She explained in detail which frames would suit your face shape and then went on with general styling tips for glasses wearer. 

Most people, including me, tend to hide their glasses, but actually, when they are as stylish as the ones from the event, there's no excuse for hiding them, to be honest. Especially glasses with a thicker frame, the widely-known "nerd style", goes really well with formal office wear and blazers. Smaller and thinner glasses are like delicate jewellery and require therefore an outfit which enhances them, like basic dresses or a light-coloured smart shirt and blue jeans combination. 

atmosphere at david clulow event
anna vitiello at david clulow event

So there you go, my first ever organised fashion event which was a wonderful experience to execute and I was very pleased with the event flow on the night - no major WTF moments, no injuries, no last-minute dropouts, no rain, no broken mirrors, literally everything went smoothly. 

People truly enjoyed themselves and I had a few bloggers coming up to me - and later also tweeting me - how much they've taken away from the event and that this was a great opportunity for them to be up close with a brand - what better feedback could you ask for?

I'm focusing already on my other two projects which are due in a few weeks time and I can't wait to tell you all about them once they are delivered. 

Thanks for reading, 

Till next time, 

* Photography by Kaye from Fordtography

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