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2016 challenged me to venture into new style territory: how to dress as a wedding guest. You must know that I've never been to a wedding before and my wardrobe lacks festive attire for a big day like a wedding. Whilst it seems so easy to get a cute dress for a summer wedding, winter is a different story. 

You suddenly look for something smart to wear that is not too formal, but has long-sleeves, you know, to protect you from the cold. At the same time, the dress has to be feminine, but please without all the wool and knitwear.

One material that I can always rely on and that represents my style as no other is lace. Lace to me is the ultimate incarnation of feminity and supports a romantic style. It is classy and playful or in combination with a fine black blazer, for example, adds a sophisticated touch. When I was on the hunt for a winter wedding dress, I knew I wanted something with lace. So I turned to Apricot Clothing and ordered this navy blue dream, teamed it up with some nude accessories, and et voila - my winter wedding outfit was born.  

Winter or Spring Wedding: What Can I Wear As A Wedding Guest?

Winter is cold as it is, and spring...well in the UK, let's say it gets really chilly. So to dress for a wedding in rather freezing weather conditions can be tricky, as you have to turn to material and cuts that keep you warm.

No one wants to steal the bride's show, the dress has to be formal and subtle, but I'd say it can still be pretty and flirty. All these demands were ticked by my navy blue Apricot dress which I found back in September. I had its green version predestined to come with me to London Fashion Week and I would have worn it again for the wedding if I hadn't ruined it. 

Sadly, the material didn't survive the machine washing though the instructions stated otherwise. That's my only criticism on the dress: it is pretty, the cut is excellent, the style is so me, BUT the quality is ....dear me....more £15 than £35 to be honest. So when I got the dress shrunken out of the machine, my world was in pieces. A quick call to my mum later and I was smarter: lace has to be washed at very cold temperatures and ideally hand washed - and just whilst I'm on the phone, my flatmate wanted to be nice and put the dress back into the machine. Double fail!

Anyway, not accepting my fashion loss, I went back to Apricots online store and seen, that the green dress was sold out, but it also came in blue - two clicks and a few days later it arrived at my house. Thanks, Internet! I've washed it ever since very carefully by hand and rolled it up in a towel to squeeze out the remaining water and let it dry naturally. Seems to work!

The dress has a beautiful cut that will flatter your shape. It comes with a blue underskirt so there's no transparency or see-through. The sleeves are 3/4 lengths and have a casual fitting which provides comfort and makes you feel relaxed. Nothing is worse than wearing festive clothing that makes you feel like a pressed in sausage!   

My Favourite Colour Combination For Classy Looks Is Navy Blue & Nude

One of my favourite colour combinations is navy blue and nude. There's something innocent about the nude yet in combination with the calm of the navy blue it looks so mature and harmonious. I've decided to go with simple and comfy heels from New Look, which you may remember from my red carpet look for Cosmopolitan's FashFest. 

The clutch was a Christmas sale bargain from Accessorize in 2015. It's big enough to hold a small wallet, your keys and phone, so perfect to take with you for a wedding. I don't think you need a massive necklace with the dress, though bangles and a nice watch would add some more glamour to it. 

Some wedding guests wore fluffy faux fur wraps with their dresses but I find them a bit too over the top. A chic coat will just do the job and luckily winter weddings are mostly indoors, right? I was very happy I took the blue dress as it turned out to be the right choice for the evening. 

I received lots of compliments, I felt comfy in my own skin and I wasn't over - nor underdressed for the occasion. As this is not only a great outfit for a winter wedding, I will consider taking it out to another wedding which is coming up soon in June. I'm positive it'll be warmer by then, but as we all know the weather in the UK is quite fickle and tends to be colder than elsewhere. 

Here's What I'm Wearing:

Navy Blue Lace Dress: Apricot (current AW 16/17 season, £35)
Nude Heels: New Look (AW 15/16, £20)
Nude Clutch: Accessorize (AW 15/16, sale £11)
Watch: Daniel Wellington (permanent, £169)

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