Costes Summer Outfit

Costes Summer Top Outfit of the Day

During my Amsterdam holidays, I spent some time shopping and, maybe it's just me, but I've noticed that the European High Street has become more and more globalised, don't you think? Whereas a few years ago, you may have only found e.g. Topshop in the UK, you now see their branches suddenly in Copenhagen or Amsterdam. 

Only and Vila, two established brands on the German High Street are just next door and there's, of course, the obligatory H&M and Primark, too. Standardised like everywhere else, it seems.

Amsterdam luckily has a few shopping areas in central so apart from the usual shops, you have the chance to see other areas with more - let's say it - local brands and retailers. Whilst I wandered around the familiar shops I was wondering if there were even any Dutch fashion brands left to discover or if they all had disappeared entirely from the High Street due to the stark international competition. 

I was not aware of any specific Dutch fashion brands in particular at the time but was keen on finding out. One thing I love doing whilst on holidays is to check out the local fashion landscape and look through foreign collections in the hope to take back home some unique pieces with me.

Discovering Dutch Fashion Brands Whilst On Holiday

After a few days of an unsuccessful search, my travel companion Mille convinced me to take a short-cut through a deserted shopping centre, the Kalvertoren near the flower market on Singel to be more precise. At first, I wasn't too keen but once inside, we found a boutique by Dutch fashion brand Costes

We spend a great amount of time in there as I was fascinated by their current Spring/Summer collection which included boho styles, tassels, light-weight white dresses and tonnes of cute blouses, tops and shorts. 

The materials were all soft and of quality, not the usual polyester with its plastic feeling and the certainty that you'll be sweaty and smelly within half an hour of wearing the item. Linen, wool and cotton blends were to be found at Costes and I felt like a long prayer of mine had finally been answered. Soon, my arm was packed with clothes and I headed to the fitting rooms.

One particular item which I had picked up at the very beginning of my little haul, was this gorgeous burgundy top. I love the volants around the neckline and its light-weight material that gives a flattering finish. The casual style and cut are exactly what I'm looking for in summer clothes with the two semi-transparent layers making the top as light as a feather. 

The elastic neckline can either be worn the way I have in the pictures or as an off the shoulder. The top has a very delicate and subtle pattern made of silver, so whenever you move the light reflects which applies a little sparkly touch to the outfit. 

Costes spring outfit
Costes outfit fashion blog post

My Burgundy Summer Top From Costes And How I've Styled It

The burgundy shade works well with my blue jeans from Uniqlo. During a hot summer day, I'm sure I can just swap those for comfy jeans shorts. Finally, it's flip-flop season so I'm wearing my Betsy Delicate Sandals* (SS15, £26.99) which you may remember from my Topshop OOTD Style post a few years ago. Accessory-wise I kept it to a minimum and I'm only wearing my Daniel Wellington watch. I feel the volants are already an eye-catcher for the look and do a lot of the talking. 

costes summer top

Here's What I'm Wearing:

Burgundy Summer Top: Costes (current season, around £30)
Strap Watch: Daniel Wellington (permanent, £160)
Blue Stretch Jeans: Uniqlo (permanent, £30)
Sandals: Keddo, Betsy Delicate Sandals* (SS15, £26.99)

Costes clothes start from £25 onwards and are similarly priced as Zara or Oasis. The brand has a few branches in The Netherlands and also in Belgium, so I'm definitely going to look out for a shop when I'm heading to Brussels in July. 

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