Thursday, 20 April 2017

Lifestyle: Amsterdam Holidays

Amsterdam Holidays

After Copenhagen and Rome, Amsterdam was one of the top city break destinations in 2016 which sadly, I couldn't squeeze in, as I had taken up most of my annual leave. With the new year, visiting The Netherlands was top of my list and I couldn't have chosen a more perfect time at the end of March to see the beautiful city of Amsterdam. I jetted off after work and spend full four days, including lots of sightseeing, walking along the canals and enjoying the magnificent weather. Amsterdam has definitely left me with a great impression which I'd like to share with you in today's post.   

I have to confess whilst strolling around the canals on a gloomy morning on my very first day, Amsterdam didn't charm me much. I couldn't warm up to it nor "see" what others have told me I should. I barely noticed the narrow canals, appreciated the unique houses or paid attention to the little shops spread here now and there. I guess I was knackered from the work week and a short night sleep. Add in a one hour walk from the hotel into the city on an empty stomach and you get me. Luckily, my friend and travel companion Mille suggested to head straight to the Pancake Bakery in Prinsengracht and after a massive breakfast consisting of a crepe loaded with sweet William Pears, ice cream, whipped cream and a good splash of chocolate sauce, my world was restored and I gave the city a second chance - and suddenly Amsterdam's awesomeness slowly unfolded in front of my eyes.

Monday, 17 April 2017

Lifestyle: Fitness First Blogger Event

Fitness First Blogger Event

With two city breaks and an exciting blogger event to organise in between, Q2 of 2017 started promising. This time I worked for Fitness First and organised an evening of spinning and athletics at their newly refurbished gym in Fenchurch Street.

Located very conveniently in the Aldgate area, the Fitness First gym in Fenchurch Street is easily accessible from Sky Garden or Tower Hill. The gym had recently had a total revamp and now has a classroom for body combat, a spinning box and an athletics track added to the usual workout facilities. To spread the word about the brand new additions, I invited eight fitness blogger along for an evening of spinning and athletics with a competitive twist.

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Fashion: Easter Bank Holiday OOTD

spring transitional outfit panorama

It's been rather quiet here on my blog, though I guess periods of silence usually mean a good thing: the person has been busy and when the right time comes around they will share all the exciting news with you what they've been up to, where they've been or what kept them so occupied lately. Q2 started with some exciting projects and short city breaks hence why I've enjoyed life a lot more offline rather than online these days.

I went on a short Amsterdam holiday with my friend Mille, came back home and worked for a few days, organised an event and then I packed again for a city break in Paris. Literally, the last two weeks have flown by and I can't wait to relax a bit at home this Easter bank holiday - especially after I walked a total of over 100 miles exploring and sightseeing in Europe. Shattered!
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