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Saturday, 11 February 2017

benefits of green juicing and smoothie making

What a week it has been! I've organised and executed my first, very own blogging events, learnt all about the benefits of green juicing and mastering the art of smoothie making, plus I met the inspirational Hayley Pedrick AND Lottie Murphy on the night and got to hang out with a lovely bunch of bloggers.

But let me start from the beginning: I've started 2017 with a new job in events in my company. My first few weeks of the year were therefore packed with planning two events for John Lewis which happened last Tuesday and Wednesday night.

John Lewis My Wellbeing Event Night One: Recipe Making With Madeleine Shaw

Under the theme of living a healthy lifestyle and keeping the New Year's Resolution spirit going, the aim of the events was to inspire bloggers and inform them about the benefits of green juicing and smoothie making in order to lead a healthier life and motivate them to incorporate both into their daily routine. 

For our first event, we invited ten fitness, food and lifestyle bloggers to the Waitrose showroom kitchen to create their own smoothie recipes with the help of blogger and nutritional health coach Madeleine Shaw. Madeleine started the evening with a Q&A session and shared tips and advice for creating the perfect recipes. 

After the talk it got practical: our bloggers got their hands on the endless stock of food which I ordered from Waitrose: fruit, veg, seeds, nuts, tonnes of different coconut water, milk and oils - I spent some ££££ to make sure we're not running out of any ingredients and the set up looked amazing. 

I'm still surprised at how many ingredients you can actually use for smoothie making, some of them are really random but it was good fun to have such a colourful diversity on the table. Most popular food of the night? Ginger! Our bloggers created some stunning flavour combinations which will be shared within the next couple of weeks on the John Lewis's website.

Madeline Shaw at the John Lewis Blogging event

John Lewis My Wellbeing Event Night Two: A Pilates Class At OXO Tower

The second event followed the night after at the iconic OXO Tower. Ever since I got introduced to the stunning venue located on the second level, it was my dream to organise an event here myself. As this event required more preparation and I had more leeway in sourcing the venue, I knew I wanted to go big and impress everyone. 

So I rang up the lovely in-house events team at the OXO tower, discussed budgets and booked my event in. If you ever have the chance you should have a look at the place yourself. The venue is spacious, airy, flooded with light and has these breathtaking views over the river and iconic London skyline - especially at night when St. Pauls and the cosy bars along Bankside are lit up.

For the night I invited nutritional therapist and coach Hayley Pedrick and London's top fitness blogger Lottie Murphy. Add now 20 excited bloggers, 50kg of fruit and veg, 10 blenders and a 45-minute killer Pilates class and you have an idea how much fun our evening was.

The night kicked off with Hayley who gave an informative talk on the benefits of juices and smoothies. Did you know the optimal daily intake of fruit and veg was 8 instead of the widely claimed 5? Or that smoothies and juices need to be consumed within 24h? 

After that Hayley says "when a juice is stored more than 24hrs methanol levels will rise. This can create problems if converted to formaldehyde, which is toxic to the brain. Methanol in fresh produce is bound to pectin and so doesn’t normally create a problem for the body but blending destabilises this bond. The effect is exacerbated in juicing which extracts the pulp (fibre containing pectin)." 

She advises if you can't consume your freshly made smoothie immediately, it is best to vacuum seal or fill the storage container right to the top to minimise air exposure and keep the smoothie in the fridge. This reduces the oxidation of the juice.

Hayley has also shared two recipes, the Get Your Game On green smoothie and the Red Ambulance Recovery Shake, which our bloggers recreated in the kitchen on the night:

Get Your Game On Green Smoothie Recipe 

Get Your Game On Green Smoothie

"Protein-rich fruit and vegetable smoothies provide an easily bioavailable source of performance-enhancing nutrients: protein, electrolytes, B vitamins for energy and magnesium to support energy production in the mitochondria. The leafy greens and spirulina are also great alkalizing agents which set you up for shorter recovery periods before you’ve even left the starting blocks. The inclusion of maca powder further supports adrenal function, helping you handle the pressure of the race." - Hayley Pedrick

Based on one Nutribullet glass, you'll need:

baby spinach                               two handfuls (20g)                              Put all ingredients into the
coconut water                             300ml                                                  blender and process until
pineapple                                     1 ½ cups (255g)                                  smooth and creamy.
coconut oil                                  1tsp (6ml)
whey protein powder                  1 scoop
cinnamon                                    2g
Manuka honey                            1tsp
Maca powder                              1tsp (4g) optional
Spirulina powder                        1 scoop (4g) optional

Red Ambulance Recovery Shake Recipe

Red Ambulance Recovery Shake smoothie recipe

"Packed full of antioxidants this alkalizing shake is a great way to support muscle recovery. The turmeric provides additional anti-inflammatory support to reduce recovery times and has you back in training in no time at all." - Hayley Pedrick
Based on one Nutribullet glass, you'll need:

coconut milk                              1/3 of the can (133ml)                              Put all ingredients into the
coconut water                            100ml                                                      blender and process until
banana                                        1                                                             smooth and creamy.
whey protein powder                 1
frozen berries                             ½  cup (85g)
romaine lettuce                          20g
Manuka honey                           1-2tsp
cinnamon                                   1tsp
turmeric                                     1tsp

*Hayley has kindly shared a discount code for where she gets all of her protein powders from. Simply complete the online registration form, placing "Hayley Pedrick" in the box which asks for the practitioner who referred you. At checkout enter discount code HKP020 into the promo code box and click "Apply Code" to see the 20% discount appear. You're welcome!

smoothie making

bloggers creating smoothies

For the second half of the night, our bloggers got treated to a 45 minute Pilates class with the lovely Lottie Murphy. I've organised pink and purple yoga mats for the session which went really well with the lighting of the OXO Tower. Our bloggers were, of course, allowed to keep them and take these home in a stylish, personalised yoga bag filled with goodies from John Lewis. What a treat! 

The OXO tower blogging event
Hayley Pedrick and Lottie Murphy at my first event

Bar minor issues on the night, it was a fantastic event. Hayley and Lottie have been absolutely wonderful and a pure joy to work with. The same goes to my team who supported me tirelessly on the night and the incredible team from the OXO Tower. 

It was a great effort from everyone involved and I couldn't have asked for a more chilled, fun and smooth running first event. So far I had really positive feedback from everyone which makes me happy and motivated for the next event which I'm already planning!

Thanks so much for reading, 

Till next time, 
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