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Jewellerybox Karma Moments Launch

jewellerybox karma moments launch party

JewelleryBox is a British accessory brand that has specialised in affordable costume jewellery. The range features mostly dainty necklaces, charms, bracelets and earrings. On the market since 2014 and straight from the beginning a super blogger-friendly brand, I had the chance to see the brand growing on my blogging journey. Recently, JewelleryBox has introduced a new range to their collection called "Karma Moments" which I previewed during their launch party a few days ago.

cupcakes at the JewelleryBox Karma Moments event
fower arrangement at the Karma Moments launch from JewelleryBox

Introducing Karma Moments, Jewellerybox's Latest Personalised Collection

Karma Moments, a necklace range, will be their latest addition to their jewellery collection. The pieces are designed to capture a special moment, episode, event or chapter of your life. They are inspired by life and Karma so they feature lucky charms in combination with a circle, that frames the moment. 

Depending on what you're after, you can create very personalised jewellery that's unique and individual with a special meaning. Some come with your initial, birthstone and the tree of life, others can be engraved with a personalised message. 

As personalisation has been important and established itself over the last two years (read more in my discussion on fashion and the personalisation trend), those necklaces are a highly thoughtful present for someone special or a unique moment in life.

JewelleryBox Karma Moments Necklace with daisy charm
JewelleryBox Karma Moments initial and tree of life charm

At the launch party, I caught up with brand representative Gemma, who's always a joy to meet with her positive and lively self. It was also great to see Scarlett again who is known for her incredible blogging events. To my surprise, fellow bloggers Zarina and Alina also attended the event and it was a fantastic evening having fun with those two.

The highlight of the evening was to design our very own Karma Moment necklace. Michelle, a trained jewellery maker, explained the techniques of putting together jewellery with the help of pliers first and then it was our turn. 

Jewellery making is definitely a very fiddly matter, that requires a loooooot of patience, fine-tuning and is definitely not to underestimate! Luckily Michelle assisted and helped me to get my necklace together, otherwise, I would still be there trying to get the small dainty rings and charms adjusted. Embarrassing pictures to follow:

putting together jewellery, highly concentrated
Photo Credit: JewelleryBox
putting together jewellery at the Karma Moments launch party
Photo Credit: JewelleryBox
jewellery making with pliers
blogging friends at the JewelleryBox event
Photo Credit: JewelleryBox
It was a wonderful evening with a great atmosphere. I spent time with my blogging friends and we had so much fun making our necklaces (especially as I'm super clumsy and we all couldn't stop laughing at my poor attempts at jewellery making!). 

This is why I love living in London so much, no matter how exhausting the workweek might be, when you get invited to an event and you meet your friends and you have a great time, this makes up for everything. I'm super happy with my necklace that features my birthstone (June), the tree of life and initial - wonderful memorabilia from that evening.

Karma Moments Photo Shooting
Photo Credit: JewelleryBox
blogger friends at the JewelleryBox Karma Moments launch event
Photo Credit: JewelleryBox
The Karma Moments range is available from £18 onwards.

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