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Film: American Hustle. Film Review

American Hustle film review

American Hustle triumphed over the strong contender 12 Years a Slave and won three awards at the 2014 Golden Globes ceremony in Beverly Hills. The sophisticated crime thriller, directed by David O. Russell, unites Hollywood stars Christian Bale, Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper and Amy Adams.

In the film, Bale plays con artist Irving Rosenfeld who teams up with partner Sydney Prosser (Amy Adams) to create a successful scam. When FBI agent Richie Di Maso (Bradley Cooper) catches the pair he forces them to work undercover to expose corrupt politicians. As the plan becomes more ambitious and chaotic, everyone struggles to keep the lie going. Especially as Irving’s unpredictable wife (Jennifer Lawrence) adds more fuel to the fire and attracts the attention of the mafia.

American Hustle rightfully won the award for Best Motion Picture as it is a dimensional, multilayered and clever film with comical elements. The movie shines with an outstanding cast and performances, also honoured by the Globes. Adams and Lawrence won an award each for Best Performance by an Actress and Best Performance in a Supporting Role. Furthermore, the film has intense narrative structures and condense character development.

David O. Russell freely admits that characters take a central stage in his films and with standout performances of the actors it is hard to argue if the comprehensive character development in American Hustle slows down the actual plot. The movie lives from the building of each figure and the relationships between them makes it fascinating to watch.

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