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Lifestyle: Glossybox Review. July 2016

Glossybox review july 2016

Hi there, how is it going? For my birthday, my friend Pete surprised me with a three-month subscription to Glossybox. For anyone not knowing what Glossybox is, it is basically a monthly beauty box containing up to five products related to skincare, makeup or haircare. I've started my subscription in June and was at first a bit sceptical, as I'm not so much into beauty products. However, the boxes are very nicely presented and filled with some affordable and valuable products which I'd like to share in today's post.

I've only received two boxes from my subscription yet, but each time, it feels very special and I'm excited. It is a wonderful treat and fun to discover the box. So when my July box arrived, I asked my friend, Karen, beauty blogger over at StyleSunrise, if she would assist me with her expertise and comprehensive beauty knowledge, so we unboxed the July Glossy together! This was a lot of fun, as it was literally the perfect after-work girly time which we both needed. 

So here are the products of the July 2016 Glossybox:

Glossybox review July 2016

1. Hairon De-Tangle Brush (£6.99)

The brush reminded me very much of TangleTeezer, which I have but I'm not a big fan of. This is mainly due to the short bristles of the TangleTeezer which can barely handle my strong and thick hair. The Hairon, however, has longer bristles so I've combed my hair after a hair wash and was positively surprised. It went smoothly through my hair and left it de-tangled. As I've said, my hair is quite thick so the brushes I use need to have a certain size and strength otherwise it'll be more of a hassle for me to tame my hair. The Hairon has a fundamentally good concept, could be, however for my likening, a tiny bit bigger. Sadly, I was disappointed with the overall presentation of the brush, as mine came with scratches all over and there was a brown undefinable liquid leaking out of one of the bristles.

Hairon de-tangle brush review

2. Icona Milano Emotion Allowed Mascara (£13.04)

The mascara comes just in time for my upcoming beach holiday so this one will make it into my travel bag to Tenerife. I'm drowning in mascara but my hoard hasn't got a waterproof one, so I'm excited to try it out fully later in the month. The brush holds enough product but is a bit chunky and clumsy. I currently use my absolute favourite mascara, the Rollerlash from Benefit, and in terms of brush and application, the Icona Milano cannot compare to it. The bristles are not fine enough to separate my lashes as finely, as the Rollerlash does. Nevertheless, the intensity of the product is great, one coat is literally enough to cover my lashes. Will report back in August after my holiday on its waterproof qualities.
Icona Milano Emotions Allowed Mascara review
3. Hawaiian Tropic Island Berry Lip Gloss (£6.99) & 4. Utan and Tone Nourishing Night Cream (£12.50)

Hm.....the Hawaiian Tropic Island Berry Lip Gloss. Well, well, well. I love the brand (their sunscreens are amazing!) but there's a big NO to this lip gloss. This is simply due to the fact that I hate lip products like the plague. Lip products look so unnatural and every time I wear balm or lipstick it feels so weird - like I have a thick layer of undescribable disgustness pressuring on my lips. Sorry, can't explain it better but no, no, no to lip glosses, lipsticks, liquid lip products whatever. They are simply wrong!

Hawaiian Tropic Island Berry Lip Gloss and Utan and Tone Nourishing Night Cream review

The nourishing cream is well presented and at a price of £12.50, I'd describe it as a luxury product. The blurb says "it works while you sleep" and it will also apply a soft "golden colour" that "you'd expect from a tan". Now, I usually don't use anything that's related to fake tan, as I tan naturally very well. I will give this one a try though, as this year's British summer really leaves something to be desired and my natural skin tone has gone already two shades lighter than it used to be when I lived in Germany. I've checked its texture and general appearance to decide if this is a product I would actually use and the result is positive: the texture is light and creamy with a subtle and pleasant scent. Will report back once I've tried and tested it properly.

5. Blank Canvas F20 Flat Brush (£11.95)

Yes, Yes, Yes to a makeup brush! Unboxing this little gem literally made me sooo excited. It is something I would expect from Glossybox and I'm totally in need for a second foundation brush. The handle is sturdy and lies well, the colour is negotiable. The bristles are so soft like literally, they are the softest ones I've ever had. It applies my powdered foundation evenly and for £12 a great value for money.

Blank Canvas F20 Flat Brush Foundation Make Up Brush review

Overall, I was very pleased with my July Glossybox. A big part of my satisfaction played the beach theme and that all products came in full size. My first Glossy, the June box, was a bit underwhelming, as it had mainly sachet samples and the products lacked general excitement or a theme. Next months Glossybox will be my last one, but Karen already agreed to unbox this one with me as it was a lot of fun discovering and sharing the products together. Don't worry, I won't venture too much into beauty (I know I'm not the best with beauty posts) but I wanted to share something different with you than the normal fashion, film and lifestyle posts. Hope you've enjoyed the change!

Have you got a monthly beauty box subscription? Do you unbox it on your own as a little treat or do you share the excitement with your friends? Let me know which products you find intriguing or if you've received the July Glossybox, too. Thanks so much for checking out today's post!

Take care and till next time,
xx Caz xx

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