Yolkin's Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich

Yolkin Macaron Ice Cream London

When it comes to ice cream, it's fair to say that I've had them all: from designing my own Magnum at the Magnum pop-up store*, to sampling Ben & Jerry's core edition to enjoying Cornetto's free cinema experience. Obviously, for this year's obligatory ice cream post, I have something special for you so *drum roll* let me introduce you to a fabulous ice cream brand which I've recently discovered: Yolkin and their macaron ice cream sandwiches.

Yolkin Ice Cream Macarons At The Pop-Up Store In Soho

Yolkin has been popular for a while now and I've known of the brand since last summer. I saw the occasional blog post popping up here and there but somehow they slipped out off my mind. It has only been a couple of weekends back that I found myself checking out their delicious and highly instagrammable ice cream creations. 

Yolkin's idea is to not waste any food so anything that comes from the egg will be used somehow in the ice cream making process. The yolk goes into the homemade ice cream, whilst the egg whites become an essential ingredient for the macaron shells.

Every week, Yolkin produces four different flavours which are then sold at their pop-up store in Soho on the weekend from 12pm onward. The combinations are available to preview on Yolkin's FB page mid-week, which enhances the anticipation. On my weekend, the flavours celebrated the tennis season at Wimbledon, so ingredients such as strawberries, chocolate and strawberry sauce were found in the creations.

Arriving before midday came in handy, as the queue wasn't too long. I waited less than ten minutes to enjoy my Yolkin sandwich edition "99". The sandwich was filled with vanilla cream enriched with strawberry sauce and chocolate, surrounded by a super softshell. At first, I thought the ice cream was rather small, but then I wondered how to eat it as it certainly wouldn't fit into my mouth (which would have looked from an outsider's perspective greedy and messy!). Luckily, they provided plastic spoons so I scooped one bit at a time. 

Yolkin ice cream macarons
Yolkin ice cream sandwiches menu

Tried & Tested: Ice Cream Macaron From Yolkin

The ice cream had a nice texture and the flavouring was great. It was sweet, it was full of intense vanilla, which became a bit sweet after a while. I could barely taste the strawberry component, to be honest. The chocolate bits were subtle and a nice addition to tasting now and again, as they would only apply a hint of chocolate to the ice cream. 

The consistency was just perfect to me. I hate overly creamy ice cream, to me it needs to have that icy, flake-like consistency which is achieved if the ice cream can develop big ice crystals in the making process. So yeah, I was very happy with that  :)

Now, macarons....well apart from them looking pretty and instagrammable I don't think I'm a big fan of them. No doubt, the Yolkin shells were perfectly baked. Crackling from the outside but soft on the inside. A tiny bit too sweet for my likening, but macarons are usually super sweet so that's just me here being weird.

edition 99 Yolkin ice cream macaron

The product is incredibly well-made and at £4.50 comes at a fair price. If you're in Central on the weekend, a visit to Yolkin is definitely worth it. Their ice creams are never boring as you get to explore interesting flavour combinations with some being very unique. The store opens at 12pm and they usually sell out before 3pm, so you have to be quick and maybe accept a little waiting time.

currently in the Covent Garden Area
(check their FB for an updated address).

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*This year btw to be found in little side street South Molton off Oxford Street, near Bond Street station.

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