Copenhagen Weekender. Part 3

Hotel Chocolat latte Copenhagen

Why does time always go by so fast when you have fun? Alex and I were asking ourselves this question a lot when our last day in Copenhagen arrived. Whilst Mille returned to work, we spent the last remaining hours strolling around town, which included a visit to the Hotel Chocolat Cafe, a little shopping haul at Moss Copenhagen and a relaxed chill out on a bench at the harbourside. 

Day 3: Final Hours Exploring The Danish Capital

After a little lie-in, we checked out at 10am and hit the town. This time though we both had to carry a heavy backpack and I tell you, that I absolutely hate travelling with a backpack. Those things are heavy for no reason and they do tend to fill up far too quickly. Backpacks are so not stylish and they are so odd to handle, don't you think? Luckily we took turns and if one of us wanted to go into a shop, the other would look after the belongings.

When I'm abroad, I always like to explore the fashion scene in other countries. I love to discover new shops, check out what kind of styles they promote and sell and more importantly if they use different materials. Instead of a kitschy souvenir, I tend to bring back a fashion piece instead, which I find is more unique than a little replica of the mermaid (aka dust catcher).

You'll be surprised to hear, that Copenhagen has actually a lot of familiar British retailers on the High Street, including Urban Outfitters, Topshop and Aldo. I even spotted a TGI Friday's! But away from the usual well-known brands, I discovered a true Danish shop called Moss Copenhagen

A wonderful grey blouse with an incredible lacey neckline drew me into the store. When I entered I felt in fashion heaven: beautiful pieces everywhere and I didn't know where to start looking. The material of the entire collection was silky smooth (not the plastic polyester that seems to be the bestseller on the British High Street) and very comfortable to wear. 

Blouses and dresses had a clean-cut and shape for that ladylike feeling. Colours were all calm and muted, nothing too fancy but oh-so-chic. I tried on the grey blouse and a couple of other pieces, but after 30mins I left with a to-die-for navy blue striped pyjama blouse.

Moss Copenhagen stripey pyjama blouse

A few Danish Kroner lighter, we tried the Hotel Chocolat cafe. On our first day, we had picked up some vouchers to try their brand-new chocolate latte for free, a blend of coffee and Hotel Chocolat chocolate flavours. I'm not a coffee drinker and my former boss used to gently tell me off saying "You can't become a real journalist if you don't drink coffee". 

I do love the smell of it so this was a great opportunity to do something out of my comfort zone. I went for a latte with hazelnut chocolate and I must admit that it tasted nice. To me, coffee has a strong after flavour but through the hazelnut, the coffee note became a gentle softening. The latte version with white chocolate, which Alex had, tasted even better, as it was sweeter than my hazelnut latte.

As this was a quiet Monday morning with not many people around, we stayed for a while. The cafe was so lovely and the staff was extremely friendly and helpful excellent customer service.

The Hotel Chocolat Cafe in Copenhagen
New Chocolate Latte from Hotel Chocolat Copenhagen

For lunch, we met up with Mille. Whilst we sat on the top floor of a little cafe and ate our paninis, we watched a drunken man in the street, pulling down his trousers and having a good wee into his T-shirt. Haha, not something you'd expect to see during your lunch break, right?

Saying goodbye to Mille was sad, but I hope we'll see each other soon in London again. After lunch, Alex and I walked to the north of Copenhagen, to an area called Nyboder Østerbro where parts of the film "The Danish Girl" were shot. 

The area is known for hidden, little side streets with narrow yellow/orange houses which were former military barracks. The area was full of atmosphere and character and it made you feel like you've travelled back in time. There was so much charm and history in between newly build houses, it was a great experience to walk through and stir your imagination - a proper "Can You Imagine Living Here?" moment. 

Nyboder Film Location from The Danish Girl

The area edges to the Kastellet so we found each other north of the city again in the outskirts of the park which lead to the harbourside. In the glorious afternoon sunshine, we found a cute bench and sat down for a while watching the waves and enjoyed this tranquil Monday afternoon with chilled drinks.

Copenhagen Harbour side peaceful end
Sunshine at the Copenhagen Harbourside

We were both reflecting on our weekend and sunken into our thoughts. The last few hours slowly arrived and after a good chill out, we slowly made a move back to the train station. No rush and we took all the time in the world. We walked passed The Little Mermaid, a small secluded area with boats and yachts, the town centre and Nyhavn, Magasin where we had a little look at their gym section and then got some water for the journey to the airport. 

yachts and boats at Copenhagen harbourside

For our final dinner we returned to the side street where we had brunch on our very first day, but this time we would eat at another cafe called Cafe Zirup. I opted for their homemade Chili Con Carne whilst Alex went for a burger. Though a bit pricey, we both enjoyed our meal and it gave us enough energy for the next couple of hours ahead of travelling back to the UK.

The ride back to the airport took less than 15minutes and by then my feet pretty much hurt a lot from all the walking we've done those last few days. I was grateful once we finished security checks to sit down at Joe And The Juice bar for an elderflower, apple and mint smoothie. The background music was super chillaxed and later I found out their Spotify playlist and discovered a song which I really love and have ever since been listening to most of the time at work.

Unlike our flight to Copenhagen, the flight back home left on time. We took off into a clear blue sky and had magnificent views over Copenhagen, the airport and the impressive Øresund Bridge in the Baltic sea. The weekend went far too quickly and we arrived back at No10 shortly before midnight. Needless to say,  how hard it was to return to work and I pretty much sleep-walked back to the office.

You'll find Copenhagen Part 1 and our Malmö day trip in the links. I had an incredible time in Scandinavia and I'm definitely considering to revisit later this year, as it is so accessible to go and just get a change from the usual hectic London.

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