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Seriously, has it really been nearly three weeks since my last post?!? I mean where has the time gone and also, my sincere apologies for posting so inconsistently....but really I can't believe that! It's not even that so much has been happening in my life. 

You know, it's literally eat, sleep, work, repeat. Back in the dearly-missed uni days, three weeks would have gone equally fast but with a lot more exciting events happening and also I would have never thought, how draining a 9-5:30pm office day can be. *starts daydreaming*

A little while ago, my friend Serene and I met up for a weekend catch up which we spent in the Kensington area. Especially around Portobello Road Market/corner Holland Park there are some beautiful (and highly instagrammable) roads and lanes which are ideal for outfit shoots. 

Having seen so many bloggers shooting in stunning, posh neighbourhoods such as these, I was intrigued to find out if this was just another overhyped phenomenon or if these urban surroundings can really take your blog pictures to the next level. 

On the day, it was quite cloudy and started to drizzle but this didn't keep us away from shooting our pictures. On the contrary, I found shooting quite relaxing and the clouds reflected the light perfectly from all those white marble houses.

Kensington blogger fashion post
Zara skirt and Oasis anchor shirt
Red H&M coat blogger fashion ootd Kensington

The area is super chic and pretty and we've found this amazing entrance with a black metal gate surrounded by yellow forsythias. A few houses later, we shot on this amazing terrace with blue/white tiles and white pillars. The reflection of light was incredible and I'm more than happy how my pictures have turned out. 

I've also tried to imitate the typical blogger pose (sitting outside on the doorsteps), but's put it this way, I'll have to practice that. Anyway, the area is very inspiring and definitely got me daydreaming about the perfect job, the perfect man, the perfect home.....

You can get easily carried away (as you see in the picture below. Oh and just in case you're wondering - no I'm not pregnant, I just have a little food belly and an S-shaped spine, that's why I like to stick it out so much haha).

Primark wool fedora
Kensington flooring tiles London fashion shoot
Daydreaming in London
House entrance in Kensington London blogger photos

My Outfit: Though at £38 a tiny bit pricey, I've fallen in love with this super cute anchor shirt from Oasis. I remember I bought it and then at home I recognised one of the buttons was missing. What a bummer although I took a shirt from the back of the rail. So I went back to the store, exchanged it and when back at home and ready for the wash, I noticed the security tag was still on. It really felt like destiny didn't want me to be with this blouse! So back again to the store for a third time, but on this occasion, I made sure, that no buttons were missing or security tags forgotten. 

What an odyssey! But I've worn it many times ever since and it is on a good way of becoming one of my favourite pieces. 

In the trend colour of 2016 - red-, I'd like to present to you my A-Linen skirt from Zara. I used to love Zara but for a few years now, I feel the shop is always busy, it is always messy and sometimes the quality of clothes are so hit and miss. 

However, one evening it happened that I walked past the Covent Garden branch, I spotted the skirt and all the way home, I couldn't stop thinking about it. So the next day after work, I hit Oxford Street as it is closer to my work than Covent Garden. I first went to the store near Oxford Circus, but they didn't have the skirt in red, but mustard and not my size. 

Then I strolled further along and checked out the branch closer to John Lewis, but to my surprise, I recognised that this branch had an entirely different range of clothing available. As I was too lazy to walk all the way to Marble Arch I decided to head to Tottenham Court Road station to get back home. Well, luckily there's another Zara branch there (like seriously, how many branches of the same brand do you need on one street?!?). This store was very neat and super tidy and I found my skirt in an instance (and another blouse, and a dress and a nice pair of black jeans). 

My accessories are simple as usual: Fedora hat is from Primark, my nude coloured Kate Spade hunted down for £100 in Bicester Village and my timeless Daniel Wellington watch. My black ankle leather wedges are from Jones Bootmakers which I snapped up in their spring sale for £50. Bargain! 

So yeah....that's what I've been up to when I'm not at work. I hunt down fashion items, hang out with my friends, sit on random doorsteps in Kensington or get lost in my own daydreams. Sounds a bit sad you may think? Well, I'd much prefer spending my time with things I love doing (shopping is one of them) and people I care about. After all, it's not money or success or work that is important. In the grand schema of life, all that counts is being loved and give love and take care of friendships. Right?!?

Serene and I blogger friendship
Fashion blogger outfit of the day Zara skirt and Oasis shirt
Fashion blogger in kensington london

Here's What I'm Wearing:

Anchor Blouse: Oasis (current SS16 season £38)
Red Skirt: Zara (current SS16 season £22.99)
Wedged Ankle Boots: Jones Bootmaker (sale season SS16, £50)
100% Wool Fedora: Primark (bought SS15, £8)
Cream-coloured Bag: Kate Spade (via Bicester Village, £199)
Watch: Daniel Wellington (current season £169)
Red Trenchcoat: H&M (bought 2008/2009, £30)

Thanks for reading, 

Till next time, 

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