Sunday, 24 April 2016

Fashion: Undressed - A Brief History Of Underwear. My Visit.

dolce and gabbana wicker dress and Alexander McQueen Feather Dress fashion exhibition

The V&A in London is always worth a visit, and after seeing the amazing Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty exhibition and Louis Vuitton’s Series 3 on the Strand last year, I was ready for another fashion-related exhibition. Last weekend, a new seasonal exhibition opened at the V&A museum called “Undressed – A Brief History of Underwear”. Though I’m not too bothered about lingerie, I was intrigued how the museum and its curators would display and showcase the historic development of undergarments. Tickets were booked in an instant, so I invited my friend Mille from Pass For Fass to come along and join me for a Saturday afternoon in South Kensington.

I apologise in advance for the quality of the pictures. Since the V&A prohibits photography and wouldn’t reply to my enquiry to get press pictures for this blog post, my iPhone 6 had to do the job.

Monday, 11 April 2016

Fashion: Little Red Dress

Little Red Dress from H&M

Not all colours suit me, so when it comes to selecting my clothes, I make sure that I stick to colours I know will underline my personality and “work for me” rather than make me feel uncomfortable. As someone, who has a slight chubby figure, I barely wear white, as it makes me look fat. Same applies to mustard colours, which in combination with my (now British) pale skin makes me look weird.

That’s why I tend to stick to colours, which I know are definitely flattering me. Khaki green, for example, works extremely well with my eye colour and black slims my shape automatically. However, there’s one, which is my absolute go-to/must-have shade and that is RED.

This year, red is the colour of the moment. This is mainly because red stands out, it is strong, it is fresh and it makes people look interesting. Red will soon be everywhere. If you keep abreast with fashion and trends, you may have noticed the trend of a bare face with a red lip as highlighter, or shoes and handbags which are dominantly in burgundy and hot red shades. Toni Garn recently wore a super cute red skater dress – do I need to say more?

red lacey dress
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