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Thursday, 31 March 2016

Joe Browns Live A Colourful Life

How nice was the weather over Easter? On Friday I used the opportunity for a little stroll along Bankside in London. Though the walk along the Thames was jam-packed with people, everyone just looked really happy and truly enjoyed the gorgeous day full of warm sunshine and blue skies.

As soon as the first warm sunbeams come out, my natural instinct of summer kicks in and I'm literally all ready for the hot days - since living in the UK, you never know how much sunshine you'll get to enjoy, so I use to dress like it is already boiling hot. The spring sunshine can be misleading though, with mild temperatures in the day but come the evening it gets chilly and I wished I would have brought my winter coat along.

Red Bus and blue skies in London

So this is 2016 and I have obviously not learnt from my previous history of dressing too casual and light for the early spring days. A quick look at the bright sky (where is my camera?) and an even quicker check for the temperatures (stuck my arm briefly out of the window waving, does somebody else do that, too?) made me decide to take out my latest addition to my wardrobe: a casual dress from Joe Browns.

The Floral Dress For Summer: Joe Browns

Joe Browns launched a new SS16 collection under the thriving motto "Live A Colourful Life". The new range of summer clothes features quirky pieces that burst with vibrant colours and energetic designs to bring a touch of colour to your wardrobe. 

I'm usually not so much into these loud and extravagant clothes, but this super cute floral dress from the Joe Browns dresses section has "summer" written all over it and I'm really happy it was gifted to me to share with you on Style Lingua. Have a look yourself, if you like my floral dress you'll certainly fall in love with the other cute skater dresses and casual dresses!

colourful floral skater dress
Joe Browns Summer Dress

"Florals for spring? Groundbreaking" - would a Miranda Priestly say, but this one is just perfect. The print vibrant, girly and playful is fun, pretty and just the right amount of floral to me. Usually, floral dresses can easily diminish your look to a "small girl" effect rather than supporting you as a young woman who enjoys fashion. 

This summer dress is ideal for the hot days to come with its lightweight underskirt and flattering shape. It floats nicely around my legs and all I need now is a heatwave worthy of last year's amazing summertime.

I decided to style this little stunner with matching accessories in nude, as the subtle shades work in harmony with the dominant colours of the dress. Shoes and belt are both from New Look and bought last September for my Red Carpet Look at Cosmopolitan FashFest. There's a good chance those accessories are still available and I'm pretty sure the Accessorize clutch is too. 

Skaterpark Bankside London
summer dresses and street art
summery day dress from Joe Browns

The Location: Bankside In London

Part of the "Live a Colourful Life" campaign brief was to choose the most colourful background possible. I knew exactly where I wanted to go for my shoot, as one of my favourite locations in London is this gorgeous graffiti art near the National Theatre. I've shot a few outfit posts here, as you may remember from Primark Eyelet Black Dress outfit or the Holly Fulton Magnum Necklace post.

The nearest station to see this street art gem is Waterloo and apparently, the area is quite rich with graffitis. There's a skate park nearby and Leak Street is another address if you're looking for an urban background for your OOTDs. 

summer floral dress Joe Browns
stylelingua fashion outfit post summer dress

Here's What I'm Wearing:

Floral Summer Day Dress*: Joe Browns (current SS16, £25)
Bow Belt: New Look (sales, bought Sep 15 £3)
Nude Heels: New Look (bought Sep 15, £20)
Nude Box Clutch: Accessorize (Christmas sale 15, £15)

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Life In the UK. Expat Post

Monday, 28 March 2016

Life in the UK. Expat Post

I'm very excited to share my second expat post with you which was initiated by my blogging friend Jennie. She's an expat herself and thought it'll be a fun idea to start a Q&A guest blogging post on each other's blogs. Sure! 

She is planning on integrating these expat interviews as a regular series on her blog, so I felt very flattered when she reached out to me as my expat interview is the very first! Shortly before Easter, Jennie send me the questions and it was such a fun project to work on. I'm going to share Jennie's post about her expat life in London soon, so watch this space!

Hope you'll enjoy today's post.

1. Tell me a bit about yourself. Where are you from, how long have you lived in England, what do you do etc.?

I'm Carolin, a fashion-loving linguist originally from Berlin. I’ve been living in the UK for around two years and since last November, I can call London my home. In the day, I work full time in SEO for a digital marketing agency in Central looking after various clients in the fashion and lifestyle industry. When I'm not stressing over Excel spreadsheets, analyse data, optimise or translate websites, I love writing about my latest ootds, fancy blogging events or reviewing films.

2. How would you describe your blog and what can people expect to read about there?

My blog Style Lingua is a personal fashion, film and lifestyle blog. I write about things I care about and I’m interested in. I cover mostly my daily outfits, review films or attend blogging and lifestyle events such as London Fashion Week.  I see my blog mainly as my hobby as it relaxes me to write and I've developed useful skills from it. It is my creative outlet and research project, as I'm also interested in text analysis and how an audience can be engaged through various different text and content forms.

3. Talk me through your thought process and reasons for moving to England and how you ended up in London.

I fell in love with London during a school exchange in 1999. I was so fascinated by the vibrancy and energy of the city that I always wanted to return to it. I did in 2005 when I attended an International Language School and further got to know the British culture and language. There’s simply no place like London with its diverse and vibrant character. The city never fails to impress and I regularly find myself discovering new parts and sides of it – even after all those years.  

Moving to London was, in fact, one of these unexpected moments in life that changed everything: a Tweet last summer advertised an attractive job opportunity and in the next moment, I saw myself in a full-time job and packing my belongings to live in London. I’m so grateful for every day that I can now spend living in this exciting place in the world!

Westminster Bridge London. Big Ben. Expat post.

4. What do you love about living in England?

I have a very weak spot for Cheddar cheese and scones with clotted cream :) Food aside, I love everything about the beautiful English language with its simple structure, soft-sounding words and the manifold variants in accents and dialects. 

Britain’s countryside has this romantic charm to me with shabby chic cottages nestled in a lush, wild Rose Garden. Especially the area around Stratford-Upon-Avon has this old, stereotypical English character of perfect idyll to me. From enchanted forests to magical medieval castles and the white cliffs of the coast – Britain is a magnificent country full of beauty and fairy tales.  

There are so much more things why the UK is awesome, but the main factor is the British culture. It purely fascinates me as it is marked by a long tradition, influential literal heritage and a rich royal history. 

The nation is very modern and dynamic, something that I miss(ed) in Germany. Whereas Germans are practical orientated and slow in adapting to change, Brits are open to new exciting lifestyle ways through e.g. modern technologies and fast forward fashion sense. Life in the UK is fast, it is thrilling and certainly never boring! To me, living in Britain has helped me tremendously in being comfortable with myself just the way I am.

5. What are common questions you are asked by English people when you say you are from Germany?

“You’re German? – Really?” or “No way, you’re German?!?”. Most Brits have been very positive and polite. Some even started talking some German phrases that they’ve picked up in school, which is always very sweet. Older generations tend to ask me about the war and Hitler, which can be a bit awkward, as this is a part of German history I don’t relate to. Being reduced to your nationality is something a lot of Brits try to do so sometimes integrating into the society feels tough and challenging at times. 

6. What are the main culture shocks you’ve had moving to England? Is there anything Germany has that you wish England had?

Germany has indeed a few perks that I wished England had. The main culture shock was facing the Housing Crisis. I’m used to living in my own flat since the age of 18, as Germany has an extensive renting system, so coming to the UK and not be allowed to have my own place was a massive come down and setback in my personality. It was so, so hard to find a place to live. No job without a permanent home, and no home without a job – a circle hard to break through!

British people are forced to live with their parents long after the age of 18, whereas at this age, I had to run my own two-bedroom household, understand tenancy contracts, take full responsibility of the flat, pay bills whilst study full time. Germans don’t buy houses, there’s no need as renting is a (mass) business and therefore (reasonably) affordable. We have unlimited contracts, which means no hassle and no random tenancy checks as it is in the UK (which make you feel like a 5-year old that needs to be checked on).

Another thing that I really miss is German efficiency. Certain practices and ways of ‘doing’ simply won’t work in England as everything is solved short-term rather than going to the core of a problem and solve it long-term. Drives me mad sometimes! Especially British heating systems (they never work), girls wearing no jackets in winter on a night out, windows which only open 5cm or juggling change at the supermarket (first notes, then coins on top WTF?!?) are things which I will never understand.

7. Have you considered moving back to Germany? Give reasons why you would or wouldn’t.

Moving back to Germany is only an option if I can no longer afford to live in the UK. Apart from that, I don’t miss it at all. Germans have some character traits, which I don’t share and absolutely refuse so living amongst them has actually made me feel depressed for most of my life. Whenever I lived in Britain, however, I felt more relaxed and accepted as the person that I am which has supported my personal growth.

8. If you could give your younger self one piece of advice prior to moving to England, what would that be?

Be prepared for some serious WTF moments, but an experience of a lifetime.

Haha, seriously I would never do anything differently.
Happy expat living in the UK

9. If people reading this would like to travel to your home city/country, name three things they should do/see/visit.

Berlin – have a stroll around Tiergarten, enjoy the view from the column of Victory, celebrate New Year, order a hot cherry and vanilla ice cream cup from Gelato at Potsdamer Platz.

Germany in general – enjoy summer in Germany (30 degrees +) and cycle around or simply go to the beaches and have BBQs, come in winter ( -10 degrees) for the authentic traditional Christmas Market experience and skate on an ice-rink that you don’t have to share with thousands of people, see Dresden and the historic medieval city center, eat hot boiled potatoes with quark or simply indulge in a German roast (duck/rabbit with boiled potatoes, gravy and red cabbage).

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Reversible Two Sided Poncho

Monday, 14 March 2016

Reversible two sided poncho

Before the weather gets too sunny and warm, I shall better share my two-sided poncho outfit with you, which was actually shot a few weeks ago.

I've only found some time to write about this OOTD (outfit of the day) now, as time these days has become a rarity. However, as spring slowly but surely arrives, it's safe to say that a poncho can be worn in this transitional period just as well as we would do so in autumn.

This two-sided poncho had been on my watchlist for a while, but it retailed originally at £75, which - to be honest - I would never pay for a poncho. Luckily, ASOS announced a sale just around Christmas and at less than half price, it took me two clicks and a few days later to call it my own.

Made of 66% wool and the rest the usual viscose and polyamide mix, the poncho is slightly heavy but has a lovely texture and definitely keeps you warm. It has two different patterns: the outer side is darker and less colourful, whereas the inner side has warm red and mustard yellow colourways. For the pictures I decided to go with the darker version as the more colourful side would have been too dominant for the rest of the outfit.

outfit fashion post showcasing a two sided poncho
fashion outfit post including a poncho
fashion style post including a poncho from ASOS

I'm wearing this statement poncho over a super cosy turtleneck top from Oasis which has a lovely ruffled detail at the front and a leather skirt from my all-time favourite store Stradivarius. 

Did I mention that Stradivarius will be opening a second branch in London later in the year? It will be on Oxford Street just opposite Debenhams/John Lewis, which means after work I can just have a little look and won't have to go to Westfields in Stratford anymore - eeeek, dangerous game! 

The uncomplicated belt keeps the poncho in place and the golden pendant necklace from Accessorize applies a touch of Boho. The wool fedora is from Primark which I bought last summer for £8 and picks up the fabric from the poncho. Leather skirt and boots further pick up the same tan colour and work well with the rest of the colours in this outfit.

fashion outfit of the day post with a cosy poncho

Here Is What I'm Wearing:

Reversible Two-Sided Poncho: Kiboots via ASOS (current sale, £38)
Turtleneck: Oasis (current sale £8)
Gold Pendant Necklace: Accessorize (bought AW14, £8)
Leather Skirt: Stradivarius (current sale £15)
Belt: Stradivarius (current season, £9) 
Watch: Hippie Chica* (current season, £18)
Boots: Jonesbootmaker (current sale £50)
Fedora: Primark (SS15, £8)

Casual, chic, uncomplicated - it combines everything that I need in an outfit. This poncho is a true statement piece and the centre of the outfit, so I tried to keep the rest of the style rather subtle. Its pattern reminds me very much of Southamerican cultures and I tried to give the outfit a little boho twist. 

Do you think the wool poncho works well with the leather skirt? Oh and just in case you wondered why my hair looks amazing for a change, I'm using a Brazilian keratin hair oil from Natural Worlds, which makes such a big difference!

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London Fashion Week Feb 2016

Friday, 11 March 2016

Harper & Blake London Fashion Week

This post is loooong overdue, but ...uh well...these days I'm just at work all the time - and when I'm not working, I'm either commuting or I'm tired and uninspired to sit down and write a post. #whenlifetakesover. I feel like these days, I don't experience anything anymore or if I do, the events can't really excite me enough that they are worth talking about. 

Anyway, believe it or not, something actually DID happen in my life a few weeks ago which I'd like to share with you today. My friend Laura asked me to join her for London Fashion Week. You may remember back in September when she kindly invited me to come along as a 'trader' to see the incredible Amanda Wakeley show and we had the best time ever. Goes without saying that I was totally in for a second round when she called. 

On a Sunday after a lazy lie-in and a few hours of massive procrastination and lounging around in my dressing gown, I made myself fashion ready for the day. I wore my butterfly jumpsuit from Miss Selfridge which was last seen on me as an outfit for the Clothes Show in Birmingham, 2014. Ready at some point I headed into central to meet up with Laura.

First Stop: Liverpool Street For The Harper & Blake Scarf Collection

This time we wouldn't return to the FROW, but attended a few fashion events as part of LFW. Our first destination was this uber fancy loft in Liverpool Street to see the Harper & Blake scarf collection. The London-based brand is new to the fashion scene and showcased beautifully crafted silk scarfs with (let's put it this way) 'interesting' designs to reflect the strong urban woman of today. The entire scenery was very stylish and the models were absolute pros. At a price of around £65, these scarfs come with a juicy price tag but since this is the debut collection, there's currently a 60% of the price. Maybe worth an investment, what do you reckon?

Harper & Blake London Fashion Week AW16
Harper & Blake silk scarf
Harper & Blake LFW silk scarf collection

Second Stop: Somewhere Around Old Street For River Islands' Promo Tour

A few hours and a well-deserved Dirty Burger (opposite Boxpark!) later, we ended up somewhere around Old Street. We followed an invite from River Island and the British Fashion Council who teamed up to present some exclusive designer material in the form of Fashion Films for London Fashion Week AW 16.

I didn't know what to expect but for some reason, this turned out to be one of these London Fashion Week After Show parties where the fashion crowd comes together and it is literally all about 'seen and be seen'. Well anyway, I spotted the fashion editors from i-D and Pause Magazine and where there's an event, my blogging friends Olivia and Nadja usually aren't that far either.

River Island Fashion Film London Fashion Week
Photo Credit: Laura

With Laura at London Fashion Week
Photo Credit: Laura

The evening kicked off with a fashion panel discussing trends in the industry and rise of blogs/magazines. Afterwards, the three short films were shown and then the party started - well most of the time we tried to get a picture with designer Henry Holland. We did it in the end and when I say 'we tried to get one picture with him', I mean we took at least a good 20 or so (half of them blurry!).

London Bloggers at London Fashion Week

Pretty exciting right? I loved seeing my friends and truly enjoyed some London Fashion Week air (ah the perks of being a blogger). However, Fashion Week in February is usually less spectacular and I feel it is more energetic and vibrant in September. Will make some more effort over the year and hopefully get the chance to see more shows in autumn. 

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