Sunday, 28 February 2016

Fashion: What's In A Name?

Whistle and Bango customised embossed bangle

A London-based jewellery brand reached out to me in March and offered me the chance to join their brand ambassador programme. Having been a fan of their jewellery since last year, I jumped at the chance. However, I no longer feel comfortable now in endorsing the brand since they decided to infringe my copyrights and found it to be ok to do so, hence why I no longer give the brand a mentioning on my blog. However, as this has happened after I've published this post, I will make amendments accordingly.

Known for their incredibly high-end quality postcode bangles, the brand is currently working on a lighter version. This impeccable piece of jewellery comes in either cream or mint and has your initials embossed*. In times where personalisation plays an immense role and people like to showcase their identities, I wanted to take the opportunity to talk about names and their meanings in today's post.

Whistle and Bango bracelet

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Lifestyle: What I Know About Love

Valentine's Day stories

When you wake up on a Saturday morning with your blog voice in your head, then usually this is a good sign. However, when your blog voice decides you should write about something as personal as the topic ‘love’ your initial reaction is a big massive NO. As I’ve said in my I'd Never Blog About post, certain topics simply do not belong sharing on the internet - relationship issues and emotions being a part of it. But, since you had little motivation and you should be grateful that a text has finally come to you, you think again and then you decide to publish the post anyway because it’s your two-year blogiversary and it kind of screams for a special and unusual Valentine’s Day post. So here you go, I’ve hit that publish button (and feel free to judge me).
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