The 3-7-14 Fashion Rule

H&M cobalt blue mesh cut out skater dress

As tempting as it was to post this outfit on Monday under the very creative title 'Blue Monday', I resisted and the post had to wait until today. Actually, I wanted to tell you about something more depressing, me spending all of my Christmas money during the sales. In hindsight though, I didn't feel too upset when I saw this beautiful cobalt mesh cut out skater dress for the first time at H&M. Its price tag said £12.99 - so I literally took it straight to the till :) 

Pleasantly surprised, this year's After Christmas sales were incredible. Not only did I get a new pair of glasses (Ted Baker frames) for the magical price of £125 including the frame, the specs, an all-around-eye test (they took a 3D model of my eyes - 3D!!!!), fancy case AND a cleaning kit worth £25 plus warranty (John Lewis) ; I also made very good use of the 70% off at Accessorize extending my handbag hoard successfully. 

And then there was H&M which, I have to confess, sees me very rarely these days as a customer. However, a red lace dress displayed at the window pulled me into the store and whilst looking for it I found this dream stunner in blue. 

Blue H&M dress fashion post

To be honest with you I'm usually not so much into sales as the shops are massively overcrowded, the sales section is tiny and messy and 'the deals' aren't that good. Most of the time the items are in terrible condition or they only have selected sizes such as XXL or XL or XXS reduced. 

Seriously I barely find clothes in the sales that are actually worth hunting for.

In the past, I ended up buying things which I didn't feel passionate enough about and I just got them because 'they were in the sale' or I felt frustrated and thought shopping would cheer me up (yes, I am that superficial, feel free to judge me). Don't get me started on how much I actually have that I don't wear (and desperately try to sell on my German Vinted account). 

What Is The 3-7-14 Fashion Rule?

Anyway, to make a very clumsy bridge and to come to the point of this post, I recently came across the 3-7-14 Fashion Rule. Never heard of it? Well, here it comes:

3 Every new item that you've bought and haven't worn within the first 3 days of its purchase, is very unlikely to be ever worn by you.

7 If you haven't worn a new item within 7 days, you're definitely not going to wear it.

14 is the magic number to get it out of your wardrobe for return or you're never going to do it.

Fashion post about the 3-7-14 fashion rule
Stradivarius black heels with gold detail
should I return a sales item? Fashion post
Cobalt blue H&M dress

Here's what I'm wearing:

Cobalt Blue Mesh Cut Out Dress: H&M (£12.99, current 2016 season)
Black Heels with Gold Detail: Stradivarius (£19, current 2016 sales)
Watch: Michael Kors (£229)

Not that this would save me any money in the long run, but there's definitely some truth to it....which actually reminds me that I better send back that vintage rose coloured shirt from ASOS which doesn't fit me at all.....but the blue H&M dress definitely stays :)

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