Sunday, 31 January 2016

Lifestyle: How To Increase My Blogs' DA?

lifestyle offsite SEO how to increase DA

When I woke up on Saturday and scrolled through my Twitter feed, I saw nearly everyone talking about DA and debating on how to improve it. Right, the MOZ update came through, that's why half of the blogosphere was excited and fussed about. Since I work in SEO and I’m interested in how to increase the DA of my blog myself, I thought I’d share my ideas and knowledge of it. Hope you’ll find the following helpful.

What Is DA And Why Is It So Important?

Domain Authority (DA) is identified by the service MOZ. It rates and ranks your blogs offsite SEO and tells PRs and brands if your blog has a high value for marketing reasons. Besides DA is a measurement how influential your blog is in terms of Google ranking. If your blog has a high DA, then links placed on your website are valuable and of SEO quality. You can identify your blogs' DA through installing the add-on MOZ bar to your browser.

DA is only available to blogs with their own domain, so blogs with a or attribute in their URL won’t be considered and are regarded as less valuable when it comes to content marketing, hence why bigger brands usually don’t work with those blogs. So the earlier you invest into your own domain, which costs around £20 for two years (123 Reg or Go Daddy) and is super easy to install, the better for your blogs' progress and development.

Brands work with blogs that have a DA of 20+. The higher your DA, the better your collaborations will be.

Thursday, 21 January 2016

Fashion: The 3-7-14 Fashion Rule

H&M cobalt blue mesh cut out skater dress

As tempting as it was to post this outfit on Monday under the very creative title 'Blue Monday', I resisted and the post had to wait until today. Actually, I wanted to tell you about something more depressing, me spending all of my Christmas money during the sales. In hindsight though, I didn't feel too upset when I saw this beautiful cobalt mesh cut out skater dress for the first time at H&M. Its price tag said £12.99 - so I literally took it straight to the till :) 

Pleasantly surprised, this year's After Christmas sales were incredible. Not only did I get a new pair of glasses (Ted Baker frames) for the magical price of £125 including the frame, the specs, an all-around-eye test (they took a 3D model of my eyes - 3D!!!!), fancy case AND a cleaning kit worth £25 plus warranty (John Lewis) ; I also made very good use of the 70% off at Accessorize extending my handbag hoard successfully. 

And then there was H&M which, I have to confess, sees me very rarely these days as a customer. However, a red lace dress displayed at the window pulled me into the store and whilst looking for it I found this dream stunner in blue. 

Blue H&M dress fashion post

To be honest with you I'm usually not so much into sales as the shops are massively overcrowded, the sales section is tiny and messy and 'the deals' aren't that good. Most of the time the items are in terrible condition or they only have selected sizes such as XXL or XL or XXS reduced. 

Monday, 11 January 2016

Fashion: My Visit To The OBag Factory in London

O Bag Factory in London Crouch End

Let's face it: most women have a hoarder syndrome and excessively collect either clothes, shoes or jewellery. I'm guilty of it as well and have to confess that I'm obsessed with watches and handbags. Well, you can imagine that the sales after Christmas came in VERY handy for me, as I had my eyes set on the one or other clutch/saddle handbag for a while, so the objects of desire finally moved into my wardrobe (thanks 50% of at Accessorize). ASOS further encouraged my hoard, as they offered a Chloe handbag dupe, so that got purchased as well. The best belated Christmas present, however, was a customised shopper from O Bag which I won during Bloggerations Workshop with Penguin.

Here comes the full story: You may remember my Blogging Events - Are They Worth It? Part 2 post a few weeks ago. Lifestyle Blogger Sarah organised a workshop which was held at the OBag Factory store in Crouch End/North London. Not only did the brand support the event alongside numerous other sponsors, but they also invited bloggers to take part in a competition. For a chance to win your very own O Bag handbag, you needed to give the brand a mentioning in your round-up post about the workshop. Goes without saying that this was the ideal opportunity for me to get involved and ta-dah, my dream came true and my post WON!

So after Christmas, I made my way over to Crouch End and I got to select my O Bag handbag.

Monday, 4 January 2016

Fashion: Content Ideas For Fashion Bloggers

Content Ideas For Fashion Bloggers

As a blogger, I always strive to optimise my content as much as possible so that my readers can enjoy my posts and also take something valuable out of them, once they've finished reading the piece. I've recently been a bit short of time and also lacked motivation which I feel was reflected in the way I pulled together my posts and wrote my texts. 

Now that I got a 2h commute every day, I have had a lot of time to rethink my content strategy and to come up with fresh new ideas. I do like to publish more fashion related posts (this month ideally another two!) but I do get bored of them quite easily. I mean an OOTD post usually takes me a good 6-8h including running back and forth to the tripod, then shooting a couple of picture series in the automatic shutter mode, then editing those 600+ pictures on my PC and reduce them to a max of 8 and finally, the online editing via Picmonkey. Once I reach the stage that I can FINALLY start working on the write-up, I'm already massively annoyed by all the picture stuff that happened beforehand. #takesadeepbreath

Once all of that work is done, I hit the publishing button. In most cases, the posts receive between 5 to 7 comments max which usually all go like this "Love the outfit, here are my links to all of my social media. Now follow me immediately or I will never come back to your blog". 

Do I really want this??????
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