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Giveaway: Nikolaus Day In Germany

Christmas Nikolaus Day

In my culture, the 6th of December marks a very important tradition in the pre-festive period leading up to Christmas. We celebrate Nikolaus Day in honour of Saint Nikolaus, a 4th-century saint who brought gifts to children and the poor. Nikolaus Day has been special because it is not only a little treat before Christmas and increases the anticipation for Christmas Eve, it is also a day to educate children.

Tradition has it that you have to clean your shoes the night before Nikolaus Day. Children who have been modest and well-behaved throughout the year will leave their boots spotless and will find small gifts in the morning. Their shoes will be filled with sweets, candied apples and nuts. Naughty kids, on the other hand, will neglect their shoes and leave them dirty, so Krampus or sometimes Knecht Ruprecht (Nikolaus devilish helpers) will gift them with a rod and punish them with it. Knecht Ruprecht usually comes in ragged clothes and heavy chains to represent the tamed evil. Him and Krampus should scare children and make them obedient and respectful. Quite cruel don't you think? It was a very effective way in my childhood though to keep me sticking to the rules and become well-behaved. I can tell you I was a right wild child when I was younger! and regularly got a rod gifted (with sweets instead of hits though). 

Nikolaus Day in Germany
Christmas scarf

So obviously since I live abroad Nikolaus hardly finds its way to me, but luckily he has this year. My shoes (or better my letterbox) were filled with Kinder Chocolate and treats from home. In celebration of today's Nikolaus Day, I'd like to treat you to a little something. I teamed up with Bonprix and take part in their advent calendar in the run-up to Christmas. Every day, a blogger will run a festive giveaway with prizes including bags, jewellery, scarfs or other winter warmers. Today's my turn and you can win the cosy scarf which you've seen in my pictures. What are you waiting for? 

All you'll need to do is to leave me a comment about any Christmas traditions you love or items you have on your Christmas list, follow Bonprix over on their Twitter and use the #bonprixadvent. 

Christmas and German Nikolaus Day


  • A scarf worth £13 will be the main prize in this giveaway and is kindly supplied by Bonprix.
  • This is a UK only giveaway.
  • Accounts that I feel have been created just for the purpose of the giveaway will be disqualified. 
  • You can enter by leaving me a comment, telling me what's on your Christmas list. Please also fill out the Rafflecopter form, follow Bonprix on their Twitter AND use #bonprixadvent. Both are mandatory
  • The competition will run from  05/12/2015 till 06/12/2015. There will be one winner. 
  • The winner will be informed via Twitter/email on Monday 07/12/2015 after the giveaway has closed. 
  • The winner has 48h to respond before a runner-up will be selected. 
  • The prize will be sent as soon as the details have been provided by the winner.

Till next time,

xx Caz xx



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