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Wednesday, 30 December 2015

New Year Resolutions Coast Lucianna Dress

Sorry for the lack of posts and being so quiet for some time, but having a complete life change (moving, starting a new job) within a few weeks has totally kept me occupied. Now that I have some time off, I finally found a minute to reflect on 2015.

Low Points 2015 :

  • I couldn't afford to live in the UK without a job, so 2015 started depressingly, as I had to move back to my parent’s house in Germany. The dream of living in the UK failed. For the first couple of months, I felt isolated and very lonely. After ten years of moving out, I had to give up my independence again and live in the middle of nowhere.
  • I spent the first half of the year writing zillions of applications just to receive rejection after rejection. Worst reaction to my application? To be told, my Master’s degree scares the employer and they couldn’t pay me my asking salary because my ‘First Class is [was] too good’.
  • I applied for a ridiculous amount of traineeships with magazines and TV stations but failed in getting a further education in journalism. Realising that I simply haven’t got the talent to be a writer and the following process of accepting this was another reason that kept me down in 2015.
  • On my birthday I was told by an employer that no one cared about my degree or my previous academic achievements and I was talked into the belief that I was lost (when really I wasn’t, I just didn’t get my chance). This 'conversation' knocked my confidence a lot and I was crying all day on my birthday. In the end, I took all of my dignity and courage together to get the bravery and walked away from that job. I haven't regretted my choice in a single moment because, if I haven't done so I wouldn't be where I am today.

Coast Lucianna Dress

Highlights and Achievements 2015 :

  • I had a phenomenal summer. After two years in the cold and rain, I enjoyed summer at its best. Hot weather, going to the beach, driving with the window down and simply enjoying life in the sun is a big part of my personality (you may have seen my Summer and What It Means To Me post).
  • I bagged unexpectedly a job in London in the second half of the year. I got the job because I self-trained a lot of skills through blogging and not because of my profession as a linguist. This made me feel very proud of myself and realise that anything is possible.
  • Since I started working, I've met so many interesting and fascinating people that make me feel alive and happy again after a depressing start of the year. Working alongside creatives, who all have a degree and are success and career-driven is a major contributing factor to my life's quality.
  • TWO invites to London Fashion Week, sitting FROW!
  • Complete make-over and rebranding of my blog in April. 
  • Living in London, I can now finally have the chance to make friends and fully integrate myself into the British society. 
New Years Dress Coast

Event (s) of the Year 2015 :

  • It has to be the phenomenal Amanda Wakeley Show for London Fashion Week AW15. I can't thank my friend Laura enough for taking me to the show.
  • My first time at Glastonbury Festival (though it’s not my music). 
  • Cosmopolitan's FashFest with Karen and River Island was the best night out ever. 

Lessons Learnt in 2015 :

  • Life can change in an instant. Sometimes a Tweet is all it takes to turn your world upside down.
  • Know your value: I've learnt a major thing about me which is that I can totally rely on myself and my abilities. For a long time, I refused to accept my 'graduate fate' and wouldn't take on just ‘any job’ for the sake of it. My career at uni was hard but very fulfilling which has developed strong values in me to which I clung onto (though people around me tried to talk me out of it). The feeling of contributing something useful and my skills utilised to the fullest as well as hard work and being ambitious are most important to me. I’m still of the opinion that I was right in waiting and not accepting just any rubbish opportunity that came along and waiting for someone to acknowledge what I’ve done and achieved academically has paid off in the end.
  • 5 years ago I was completely convinced that I was ready to start a family or have at least a puppy. Come 2015 and I'm totally put off by both (for now). I can barely look after myself and since having Giotto (our Mini Schnauzer puppy who is adorable and lovely), I can't deal with the constant biting nor the high maintenance of giving him 100% attention 24/7.

Princess Lucianna Dress Coast

Song and Film of the Year 2015 :

  • Jungle ‘Time’. Whether it caused me comfort driving at night in January or during a warm summer’s evening, Time was on…..time and time again.
  • Rudimental ‘Right Here, Right Now' - permanent companion. 
  • Film-wise, 2015 was a bit of a disappointment. I hated Scorch Trials and James Bond Spectre was boring. Pitch Perfect 2 was ok and Inside Out was the only film that truly stood out to me.

Sacrifice 2015 :

  • Selling my loyal companion (my car) in order to afford to live in London.

Rediscovered Passions 2015 :

  • My Top Three Places In London For Ice Cream won me a pair of Beatz Headphones with Cornetto. They are so cool and the sound is amazing! Since then, I’ve rediscovered my love for music and I'm listening to it more regularly now (you may remember that in 2014 I lost interest as I was brainwashed daily at my old workplace with Radio 1, which left me with permanent headaches and 'earworms' which caused me severe insomnia).
  • Magnum once again opened a store and I was lucky to win a Holly Fulton necklace which I covered in my first Life Lately in London post. The necklace allowed me to enjoy unlimited ice cream at the store all summer long. All MOTDs (Magnum of the Day) can be found on my Instagram.
  • Ice-skating. I wish the UK had all year ice rinks.

Moment of the Year 2015 :

  • Accepting the job offer from iProspect and start working for ASOS Germany.

Fashion Coast Lucianna Dress Party Dress

So in short, 2015 was all about getting back on track career-wise. I’m in the warm-up phase now and hope I’ll pass my probation in February. Living in London now gives me also the chance to develop my friendships with everyone I’ve known from blogging (and maybe work). I regained full control of my life and independence which makes me extremely happy.

For 2016 I'd like to concentrate on my job and ideally keep everything (financially) stable because I really want to start planning my trip to Australia. I have the money for the trip already (life savings) but I love the idea to have some extra cash from working for it. It's been a dream for a long time and I feel if I don't do it in 2016, I'll probably never get the chance to see Brisbane, Adelaide, explore the Great Barrier Reef, Uluru or cuddle a Koala bear.

So I’m looking forward to 2016 – New Year, New Me.

Here’s what I’m wearing :

Coast kindly gifted this magical Lucianna dress* which makes me totally feel like a princess. It's a wonderful dress in a gorgeous cream colour which has a super fluffy underskirt. Walking in the dress feels so bouncy and totally flattering! I never had anything like it before and though it is meant to be a party dress, I feel that it is far more than that and definitely a showstopper for many more special occasions to come. It kind of represents my change from a miserable, sad girl to a strong, happy woman that I've become in 2015. Yeah...looking back I can say that 2015 has been an awesome year.

Dress: Lucianna Dress* Coast
Shoes: Stradivarius (current season, sale £20)
Postcode Bangle: Whistle & Bango (current season, sample sale £40)
Watch: Michael Kors (£230)

Happy New Year!


*PR sample
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