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Life Lately In London 5

Life in London

London - the city that never sleeps and which I can now call my home. Yes, you've read correctly, I've moved here for a new exciting job and my second week as an 'official Londoner' is nearly coming to an end. On the weekend I'll be busy sorting out our boxes as our moving van will be coming today. But before I sign off to build furniture and settle into our new place, I'd like to give you a little recap of what has been happening lately in London. So, it was the week, when ...

Popchips Held a Blogger Event in Central London

Though I try to cut out salted food as much as possible from my diet due to health reasons, I can't deny that I now and again risk a cheeky packet of crisps. I discovered my love for Popchips in late 2013 and have been a fan of their sour cream & onion version ever since. It goes without saying that I agreed straight away to an invitation to a three-course meal when the brand reached out to me. 

Popchips held a really lovely intimate blogging event in the style of a dinner at The Hospital Club in Covent Garden, a few weeks ago. What I didn't know by then was that the brand also introduced bloggers to their new limited edition, which features a diverse range of sea-salted crisps. Each dish was therefore inspired and linked to one of the new flavours. This was a bit tricky for me as I can't have any iodine intense food for health reasons such as sea salt or seafood. It was a shame that I couldn't try the crisps and I had to be careful that evening.

Popchips limited edition range
Popchips crisps launch event London

The entire meal was thought out so well and presented nicely. The idea to link Popchips flavours to each component of the meal was extremely thoughtful and worked well. Under the motto 'Dine Light' we were treated to a starter, consisting of a sweet onion tart followed by the main, a tender garlic & rosemary lamb and a salted caramel cheesecake finished the evening. 

Popchips event in London
Photo Credit: Popchips
Popchips blogging event in London
Photo Credit: Popchips
In between courses, Popchips entertained us with a bubble artist who would create the most magical bubble performance ever. Little child alert here as I'm so easy to impress! We had the chance to be 'inside' a bubble, which was basically done through the blogger standing in the middle of a water tray and a Hula Hoop was then used as the device to create the bubble around you. 

It was good fun and worth considering for my next party. We also learnt how ice cream was made using nitrogen technology (you know the fancy technique they use in high-end restaurants to blitz ice food) and we sampled some alongside the salted caramel cheesecake dessert.

Popchips blogger event in London
Bubble artist at the Popchips event in London
Dine Light Popchips Blogger Event
Photo Credit: Popchips
Food salty crisps Popchips event
Photo Credit: Popchips
Though I was really tired that day, I enjoyed the event a lot. It was great to connect with a brand that has been a personal fav of mine for a while and also see some familiar blogging faces. This time I took very little pictures because I recently got caught up a lot in creating and editing good photography. 

I felt exhausted and also wanted to go back to experiencing the event in reality and not through my lens alone. Hence why I took only a few pictures, which I will add to the post, once I find my equipment which got all lost in our moving boxes at the moment. I usually don't cover food that much but I think I should treat Style Lingua to a little blogger snack now and again. What do you think? 

The new Popchips limited edition range is available for a short period of time at Waitrose only.

Style Lingua Received Recognition

Given the fact that there are over blogs in the UK and I recently got a bit upset about my blog, the news that Style Lingua ranked 19 in a poll of 50 fashion blogs in the UK gave me a little confidence boost. Blogging is a hobby after all, though very time-intense that requires a lot of determination and commitment, so this being actually acknowledged felt incredible. The entire list can be found below:

Now that Friday is here and the weekend only a few hours away, how will you spend Saturday and Sunday? Our moving van came today so I'm most likely unpacking boxes and starting to transform our flat into a home. I'm also going to a blogging event with Penguin tomorrow (so excited!). 

What have you been up to lately? Have you seen the Hunger Games premiere live on Youtube the other day or did you get the chance to purchase anything from the H&M x Balmain collection? 

It was such a busy week in London and I'm sure more is to follow. 

I'll keep you updated.
Till next time, 


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