Best Of Autumn Looks

Autumn Fashion Looks

London and life have been super busy lately. With this in mind and 90% of my wardrobe back in Germany, I haven’t had much time to work on a new ootd post. In addition, writer's block has struck me for the very first time in over a year and half of blogging which doesn’t make my writing life much easier. 

To get my motivation and style inspiration back, I scrolled through my archive and came across last year’s autumn posts. Some of them cover my favs looks and luckily the fashion hasn’t changed much this season. Fair to say it’s time to re-share my best autumn outfits. 

The Blanket Wrap

The Blanket Wrap

Blanket wraps are still on trend this AW and I love how uncomplicated they are to style. Effortlessly they transform any basic outfit in an instant. Plus everyone loves to snuggle up and keep warm so technically you can take your blanket out into the real-life and still look fashionable. This year, capes and ponchos are on the same must-have level. 

Capes: sleeveless coats, Blanket Wraps: a tailored blanket, Poncho: a flattering piece of blanket that is only worn through the neckline, Oversized Scarfs: an alternative to blanket wraps but less tailored.

My blanket wrap is from New Look and I bought it for £20 in 2014. New Look has again a wonderful range of blanket wraps predominately with checked patterns. Stradivarius is also worth a look if you're after darker colourways and more sophisticated cuts. The easiest way to style a blanket wrap is to combine it with basic pieces, such as a white blouse (contrast) and skinny jeans. A belt accessory always works whether it be for tailoring the outfit, or to keep the blanket in place or simply to function as an eye-catching detail. 

Oversized knittwear Stradivarius

Let's be honest autumn is the season to keep warm and an excuse to look casual. I'm not talking about slouchy jumpers but oversized knitwear that is cosy and casual. One of these pieces is my Stradivarius jumper. 

Do you know how hard it is to find a decent oversized jumper? Most of the time the materials used are too stiff which makes the jumpers far too heavy. This one, however, has a light fabric which is also super soft. The jumper is long enough to be worn over a pair of leggings and has a flattering fit through soft fabrics. 

I teamed it up with Aztec printed leggings from New Look which are thicker than the usual ones for summer. Boots in tan work as an eye-catcher and I kept accessories to a minimum with a colourfully beaded bangle.

What do you reckon of this casual look? I prefer uncomplicated styles and this one was easy to put together. Leggings, boots and an oversized jumper ticks all the boxes for me when I look for a comfy, stylish and cosy autumn outfit. 

Summer vs Winter: Cardigan Meets Playsuit

Summer clothes worn in autumn

If I could have control over the seasons, summer would certainly never end! My polka dot playsuit is a wonderful light and airy fashion piece from those hot days at the beach but who says I can't wear it in autumn as well? To make the outfit suitable for the chilly weather, I combined the playsuit with a thick, woolly cardigan from River Island. It's very rare that I find pieces in River Island so when this stunner fell into my hands last season it was an instant buy for me. The cardigan has a lovely waterfall neckline and I love the zipper details on both sides. The material is a bit stiff and scratchy, but worn looks so, so cool and sassy. The clash of light and heavy materials works for me and I adore the style. 

What about you? Do you keep your summer clothes and wear them in autumn/winter? 

Shades of Brown autumn look

Every autumn sees the return of burgundy and berry shades but my go-to colour is definitely brown/tan. As in my previous outfit, I tried to make my Miss Selfridge Playsuit wearable for the colder days. In this case, I teamed it up with a poncho from Stradivarius. All my accessories pick up brown and complement each other: brown boots, leopard printed scarf, leather handbag. I know the shades vary slightly but I think the tone in tone would have been too boring. The combination of different levels of brown make my outfit interesting, don't you think? Furthermore, I added some vintage gold jewellery to the look which gives the autumn touch the perfect finish.

Autumn is certainly a season to experiment with fabrics and materials. Do you agree or do you find the material mix too wild and messy?

Skirts And Scarfs

The colder seasons obviously force us to wear thick materials to keep us warm. Skirts are more a fashion item of the summer, but it doesn't have to be that way. Knitted skirts are great for winter and there are also leather skirts available in the shops at the moment (again I can highly recommend Stradivarius). 

I had my Miss Selfridge knitted Aztec skirt for a while and never really had the chance to style it with suitable pieces. This changed when I found a massive oversized loop scarf in Topshop, which had a similar pattern and colourway as my skirt. Combine those two and you have a killer outfit for autumn. The scarf can also be worn as a wrap around your shoulder.

As I said before, autumn is a season to experiment with fabrics and different styles. Just because the weather gets colder and nasty, it doesn't mean we have to wave at skirts or dresses. Wearing jeans all the time can be boring. Be experimental or do you feel more confident with a safe fashion combo of jumper and jeans?

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