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Hippie Chic leather watch

It's summertime! It may rain and be cold in the UK, but summer hasn't stopped at home in Germany. Since the end of May, the weather has been phenomenal. We had lots of sunshine and barely any temperatures falling down the 25-degree mark. Just the way I like it! I went home for an extended bank holiday weekend to spend the time with my parents. During my stay, I did some sightseeing in Berlin and Dresden.

Dresden is the capital of the county Saxony and also known as the 'Florence by the river Elbe'. This is because of its historic scenery which includes the Frauenkirche, Dresden Castle and Opera House. The Zwinger, a baroque unit that hosts the antique treasures of Saxonian emperors and kings, has a beautiful garden. It was here where I sat down by the fountains and enjoyed a hot summer's day.

Boho Summer Style In The City

Dresden Summer Fashion post
Joy Geometric Jumpsuit
JOY Fashion styling post

I'm wearing a very light and flattering jumpsuit from Joy. It was so hard to hunt it down! I saw it displayed at the Waterloo branch in July and didn't go for it. As they say, nothing haunts us like the things we didn't buy and that was definitely the case with this beauty. 

It took me ages to find it in a store again and in the end, I gambled and bought it online. I paid full price for it and worried I won't be getting the chance to wear it this year. But as you can see, the chance and opportunity came during the holiday.

Boho Accessories & Summer Jumpsuits

The jumpsuit is very casual and glam at the same time which allows plenty of room for your fashion creativity when it comes to accessories. For today's look, I opted for leather-based accessories to give the outfit a laid-back touch of bohemian style. My Woodstock watch* is a new online retailer called Hippie Chic. They have a wide collection of vintage and casual festival wear accessories including watches, fedoras and jewellery. 

The Woodstock made it in the end because it has this beautiful face with Roman numerals. The leather strap is very easy to adjust and comes with two push buttons as a clasp and length options to choose. This is great for people with small wrists and though it was a scorching 35 degrees that day, the leather never sweated or felt uncomfy to wear. 

The beaded details complete the bohemian design and are just enough for my taste. Sometimes boho-inspired jewellery can look very pretty with beads, stacks and charms but are rather impractical when it comes to wearing the item. With the watch, nothing is in the way or feels unpleasant. 

I further added a faux leather belt to pick up the leather detail of the watch. The belt was part of a Primark shirt which sadly got stolen in a car burglary in 2012. With my wooden sunglasses (generous birthday present!) I wanted to pick up the tan colour of the leather and also combine different materials for the look. 

You have the casual, effortless fabric of the jumpsuit in combination with leather and wood. The tan colour can be found in the jumpsuit, the watch, belt and glasses which makes the outfit harmonious. To me, wood is so on trend this year and I'll publish a post soon about my love for the material. Keep your eyes open!

Dresden Summer Outfit
Fashion Style Post Joy
Ray Ban Clubmaster wooden sunglasses
Ray Ban Clubmaster Wooden Sunglasses Fashion
Geo Jumpsuit Joy Fashion

Here's What I'm Wearing:

Clubmaster Wooden Sunglasses: Ray Ban (current SS15, £253)
Geo Jumpsuit: Joy (current SS15, £32)
Boho Woodstock watch*: Hippie Chic (current SS15, £18)
Delicate Sandals*: Betsy by Keddo (current SS15, £27)
Belt: Accessory from a shirt bought in Primark

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*PR sample. Views, styling and opinions are my own.

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