Thursday, 3 September 2015

Film: What's Hot Or Not In August/September

Film review

Hi everyone, this month, you should see.....

Southpaw (8/10) ... if you appreciate exceptional acting and want to indulge into a complex film showing the rise and fall of a world champion boxer. Plus Jake Gyllenhaal deserves an oscar for another outstanding performance. 

Leave it if you're after a more light-hearted and less intense movie. 

Fantastic Four (5/10) ... if you love the FF franchise and old films and want to wallow in nostalgia.

Leave it if you don't want to get disappointed that they have yet again not managed to transform the comic into a decent adaptation. The charming cast has not fully used their acting potential and the plot is as shallow as a frying pan.

Mistress America (6/10) ... if you're after a quirky indie film with authentic characters and a plot full of random WTF moments.

Leave it if you can't stand excentric and self-centred characters, a theatrical heavy score and some slow plot progression.

Inside Out (9/10) ... because it is a sophisticated children's movie, that very cleverly explains abstract concepts of the mind to a young audience without losing a high standard of narrative and suspense.

Leave it if children films are generally not your thing or you prefer loud and gaudy Dreamwork animations.

Pixels (2/10) ... if you can laugh about silly humour and cheesy one-liners and don't mind a predictable plot with a schmaltzy love story. If you can't get tired of a cringe Adam Sandler with his underwhelming acting than Pixels is the film for you.

Leave it if you're expecting a quality film with stunning visuals that bring the brilliant idea of old arcade games to life packed in a fun plot and some likeable characters. You'll spare yourself so much disappointment by avoiding the film (and loss of ticket money!).

Precinct Seven Five (zzz/10) ... if you appreciate well-researched and complex documentaries. This one in particular sheds light to the criminal activities by the police in the 80's and early 90's involving contemporary witnesses and culprits that will take you back to the tightly woven network of corruption and lies within the NYPD.

Leave it if you're tired after a long day of work as this film demands your full attention, which becomes increasingly difficult as it has some serious lengthy and heavy scenes. I nodded off. Sorry!

Paper Towns (8/10) ... if you're after a touching, feel-good mixture of coming-of-age and road movie with a strong focus on friendship and finding to one’s own personality. Though most elements have been seen hundreds of times before, Paper Towns stays very authentic with fascinating and likeable characters, a memorable soundtrack, refreshing acting and powerful message.

Leave it if you have read the book and have now high expectations on the film. It has its length which could have been prevented with more suspense and a tighter narrative.

The Man From U.N.C.L.E (9/10) ... if you love an easy to watch but highly entertaining film with a charming cast (Henry Cavill anyone?), hilarious humour, plot twists and fabulous fashion sense.

Leave it if you expect a serious spy film in the sense of an intense polit-thriller. It's a Guy Ritchie film after all!

Thank you so much for reading today's film post. What have you seen at the cinema recently?

Till next time,
xx CAZ xx



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