All White For Amanda Wakeley LFW

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Luxemme Amanda Wakeley SS16 London Fashion Week
Do you know the following?: It's Saturday night, you've got nothing else planned bar snuggling up on your settee (maybe watch some Netflix) and suddenly, an email pops up in your inbox, which quite unexpectedly changes the entire course of your evening? Well, it has happened to me last weekend, when my friend Laura sent me a quick message asking me if I wanted to join her for the Amanda Wakeley Fashion Show. OMG course I did!

Amanda Wakeley For London Fashion Week

Excited to start the week with another appearance at London Fashion Week, my Saturday night suddenly became all about fashion research. To be honest with you, I've never heard of Amanda Wakeley before but when Laura sent over a link to the Amanda Wakeley Spring Summer 2015 collection to see some pieces of her collection I was hooked on her amazing designs with feminine cuts and mature sophisticated styles.

Did you click on the link to see the collection? If you have, you know what I mean (insert heart emoji here). When I saw the sleek, elegant designs in white I knew I had to turn up in a similar outfit to pay tribute to the designer. Actually, I was really surprised about myself because white is usually a colour I stay away from. 

I feel white makes me look bloated and it's not as flattering as for example black. However, Luxemme recently offered me to review a fashion item of their current collection and I decided for a white lace two-piece combo*. With the Amanda Wakeley show around the corner, my outfit was sorted without a shadow of a doubt.

Fashion Blogger at London Fashion Week
Luxemme Limited Edition Two Piece Combo
Amanda Wakeley Invitation Fashion Show

Is It A Dress? Is It A Twin Set? 

'Oh, that's a nice dress' - Well it is actually a two-piece combo consisting of a top with lace trim and a separate skirt. Worn together it looks like a dress. Clever, right? I never had a two-piece combo before and when I tried it on for the first time, the UK10 fitted a bit tightly (oh well, all the Magnums made themselves noticeable, time for a diet!). 

It got better throughout the day and I felt very confident in it. The material is a great mixture of lace and polyester but without the unpleasant plastic feel to it.

Luxemme Olivie Two Piece Combo In White
Boho Betty Leather Wrap Whistle & Bango bangle
Lace details
Front Row At London Fashion Week

The white really comes into focus due to my summer tan don't you think? I teamed up my outfit with my Sheperd's Bush Bangle from Whistle & Bango, my Daniel Wellington watch and a super chic leather wrap bracelet* from Boho Betty. How gorgeous are the Amanda Wakeley show invitations? 

Look Who's Made It To The Frow At London Fashion Week

In The Frow at London Fashion Week
Close Ups
Fashion Blogger
Luxenne Olivie Lace Trim Two Piece Combo Limited Edition

Here's What I'm Wearing:

Olivie Lace Trim Two Piece Combo*: Luxemme (current season, £35)
Leather Wrap Bracelet*: Boho Betty  (price on request)
Watch: Daniel Wellington (current season, £159)
Shepherd's Bush Bangle: Whistle & Bango (sample sale, £35)
Nude Wide Fit Heels: New Look (current season, £20)
Tights: Lindex (current season, £5)
German Summer Tan: Priceless :)

Thanks for reading, 

Till next time, 

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Life Lately In London 3

Sunday, 27 September 2015

Life and Style From London

I can't believe how fast another busy, yet super amazing week in London has gone by. I feel like I've experienced a lot more in the last two months of living here than I have in the past two years. It is incredible! So this week I made an appearance on the red carpet, attended my second London Fashion Week show, went for a job interview, tried and tested a very healthy breakfast cereal AND had a sneak peek at Karl Lagerfeld's AW15 collection (and the weekend isn't even over yet!). 

1. Karen And I Rocked The Red Carpet At Cosmo's FashFest Thanks To River Island*

Karen received an amazing invite the other day by India from River Island. She invited her to come to the Cosmopolitan's FashFest and my friend was allowed to bring a plus one. Have a guess who the lucky person was! I can't believe Karen chose me and I'd like to thank her a million times for taking me to this fantastic event.

Cosmopolitan FashFest Red Carpet VIP
Red Carpet FashFest Fashion Cosmopolitan
Karen, Paige, Ella, Me and the ladies from River Island.

The fashion spectacle was held at Battersea Evolution in Battersea Park and alongside celebs such as Lucy Watson, Abbey Clancy and Binky Felstead we enjoyed VIP status all night long. This included a never-ending supply of drinks, amazing food AND we had our own table (between H&M, Evans and MIC)! 

The show was opened by Conor Maynard who performed a few songs and got the fashion crowd excited. Afterwards, beloved British High Street brands such as New Look and River Island would showcase their AW15/16 collection. The show was incredibly professional. The models were fantastic, the designs stylish and one showstopper collection followed the next. 

Fashion Show FashFest Cosmopolitan
AW Fashion Show FashFest Cosmopolitan
AW collection Fashion Show FashFest Cosmopolitan
Fashion Show FashFest Cosmopolitan 2015
Fashion Show FashFest Cosmopolitan British High Street
Fashion Show FashFest Cosmopolitan Trends For Autumn

The first part of the fashion show went on for about 45 minutes and in-between shows, the stunning Krystal Roxx (now dj-ing for SUPERFOXX) would play her amazing DJ set. 

I loved her when she presented the Hed Kandi podcasts a few years ago and seeing her live felt phenomenal. She was so full of energy and positivity, the vibes were super relaxed and groovy. I can't stress enough how much I love Krystal's music and I'll definitely try to see her again. What a performance!

Krystal Roxx performing at FashFest Cosmopolitan

The entire evening was incredible, actually, it was the best night out I've ever had! Words cannot describe how much we've enjoyed the event. From the amazing food to the professional show, to the charming company of Ella, Paige and the rest of the River Island team - I loved every second of it and I wished the night would have never ended! Let's do it all again soon.

2. I Had A Job Interview In London 

Believe it or not, but living in the capital has not just landed me one invitation after another for cool events, but a job interview too! I felt so relieved that after a long period of rejections, I finally had a positive feedback on my CV and application (not the usual 'you're overqualified, go away with your Master's degree' reaction). 

I can't reveal too much for now, as I don't know the outcome of the interview yet, but what I can tell you, for now, is, that I had to prepare a presentation. It was part of the interview and I loved working on this bit so much. At uni, I used to prepare and present 90-minute talks, so this task was totally my thing. 

My friends Laura and Karen have been a fantastic support for me over the past few days, listening to my ideas and giving me some feedback on my outline for the talk. 

My interview was held on Wednesday and I really enjoyed my time at the company I applied for. Fingers crossed!!!!

3. In The FROW With Laura At The Amanda Wakeley SS16 LFW Show

Do you know the following scenario?: it's Saturday night, you've got nothing else planned bar snuggling up on your settee (maybe watch some Netflix) and suddenly, an email pops up in your inbox, which quite unexpectedly changes the entire course of your evening? Well, it has happened to me last weekend when my friend Laura sent me a quick message asking me if I wanted to join her for the Amanda Wakeley Fashion Show. OMG course I wanted to!

Loved By Laura Blog
With my friend Laura at the Amanda Wakeley SS16 show. Front Row Seats!

So on Tuesday morning, I made my second appearance at London Fashion Week. I met Laura at Marble Arch station and from there, we made our way over to the venue which was only a five-minute walk away. In an airy loft, Amanda Wakeley would showcase her stunning SS16 collection. The designs were absolutely stunning: sleek, elegant, feminine, wearable. I loved the floating silk gowns, the effortless and cool jumpsuits, the sophisticated tailoring with casual belt much love. I WANT!

Amanda Wakeley SS16 London Fashion Week
Amanda Wakeley London Fashion Week 2015 SS16

I loved every minute of it and we even got to sit in the front row. How cool is that?!?

4. A Healthy Breakfast With Nutri-Brex

Yep, that's right. Me and healthy is usually not the dream combination, but after all the Magnums I ate last month, I thought it was time to re-think my eating habits and learn about a new healthy power cereal called Nutri-Brex. The brand kindly invited me for a blogger breakfast with food vlogger Anna Barnett.

Nutribix breakfast table

Unlike Weetabix, Nutri-Brex comes in a gluten-free version and the original contains honey as a natural sweetener. It uses an ancient African grain called Sorghum, which contains fibre, protein, vitamins and is naturally gluten-free. 

The idea behind the product is to make breakfast fun and exciting again, as most cereals can be quite boring. At the breakfast, Anna would share some of her recipes on how to use Nutri-Brex. She would serve it with caramelised peaches and yoghurt, or bake tasty granola from it or create a delicious smoothie. 

Nutribix Original and Gluten Free Version
Nutribix smoothie

The versatile use of Nutri-Brex aims at young professionals who have an imbalanced work-life balance and skip breakfast - actually 60% of the British population do so! I have to confess that I belong to that 60 % as I'm not a morning nor a breakfast person. However, when I arrived at the venue for the Nutri-Brex Rise and Shine breakfast, a colourful table with flowers, delicious berries, nuts and at least three different types of milk welcomed me. Who would say no to such a beautifully decorated and set up table?

Rise and Shine Breakfast
Breakfast is served

You would find fresh fruit and juices alongside the two different versions of the cereal, natural yoghurt, milk, berries, nuts and honey. The sight of all the wonderful treats on the table made me excited and I indulged into some Nutri-Brex with straw and raspberries, topped with pomegranate seeds, milk and honey. 

The Nutri-Brex got soggy quite quickly so I think in the future I'll have it with yoghurt instead to keep its crispy texture. I also had a sample of Anna's smoothie and it was so good. It tasted fresh and had a lovely texture with a sharp and sour flavour in the aftermath. 

Nutri-Brex has only been on the market for a few weeks now and you can find the cereal on Sainsbury's, Tesco's and Waitrose's shelves.

5. A Sneak Peek At Karl Lagerfeld's AW15 Collection

My blogging friend Lisa spontaneously asked me if I'd like to join her for an exclusive look at the Karl Lagerfeld AW15 collection. Sure! So I made my way over to the flagship store on Regent Street where I met Lisa and her blogging friends. 

Karl Lagerfeld Flagship Store London
Karl Lagerfeld AW 15 Collection

At the store, we were given drinks and the staff would present the new collection to us. For AW15, Karl Lagerfeld has a Choupette inspired line and some very nice capes and dresses. His preferred materials for the collections were silk and leather. 

I loved one of his dresses and coats that were made of the finest silk ever and had a teddy fabric on the outside. To be honest I paid little attention during the presentation as I was fully drawn to the beautiful canvas and mini arm candy handbags. 

Karl Lagerfeld collection presentation in store
Coupette collection Karl Lagerfeld
Karl Lagerfeld mini handbag

Oh, and I loved the fitting rooms as they would have a little photo booth in there. You're never too old for a little picture session :)

Karl Lagerfeld Fitting Rooms

Puh, what a week it has been but I'm looking forward to the next. London is certainly a place that never sleeps. 

There will be more London lifestyle coming soon!

Thanks for reading, 

Till next time, 

Red Carpet OOTD For Cosmopolitan's FashFest

Thursday, 24 September 2015

SammyDress Hollow Dress Flare and Fit
Last week, Karen got invited by River Island to attend this year's Cosmopolitan FashFest. She was allowed a plus one and have a guess whom she asked to come along!?! #bigsmile. The four day FashFest event ended with an epic fashion show on Thursday night, so it was time for us to dress up for a glamorous night out.

The Search For Perfect Dress

For a while now, I've been seeing a certain style with dresses and skirts. Sometimes I would come across the term 'Flare & Fit', other times 'Hollow Cut Out'. I still haven't found out 100% what the style is called, but one thing was for sure. I really wanted to have either a skirt or dress of that make.

After an intense fashion research online, I found out that Forever 21 would sell black sleeveless dresses with the shape and cut. As it always is with a fashion piece online, it wasn't available in my size so I went into both London stores and tried to hunt that dress down - without any success. It was a seriously sad day in my little fashion world, so I posted a picture of the desired item on IG. Within a few hours, Lubka gave me a brilliant hint where to look. 

I followed her advice and checked out Boohoo, which indeed, sold the dress. BUT (why is there always a but?) the dress came £30. I bookmarked it and decided to come back to it at some point.

Fashion fortune had it, that SammyDress got in touch a few days later, asking me if I'd like to feature them on my blog. SammyDress is an online retailer similar to SheInside and Romwe selling affordable dresses, accessories and shoes. Their collection is enormous and it took me a while to browse through their website. I simply loved everything! After hours of selecting and deciding and then removing all items from the basket again, I remembered my dress. A quick search - yes they had it! - and two weeks later, it landed on my desk.

Flat and Flare Dress
Fashion Post Sammy Dress

The Nude Accessories & Shoes

With the dress sorted, I needed matching accessories. The dress comes with a thin, white belt and though the colours go well together, I wanted to have a matching pair of heels. White heels can look very tacky so I opted for a nude pair instead and found a cute bow belt. Both items were a bargain from New Look. With nude, you can apply a girly touch to the outfit and it works extremely well with the piercing cobalt blue of the dress, don't you think?

New Look received an award that evening for 'Best Hot Shoes', which is totally deserved. I got a few heels from their collection and though the shoes aren't made of leather, I find them very comfortable to walk in. The nude ones don't make an exception. They are amazing. I had no blisters that evening nor aching feet the next day. Ever since I've worn them nearly every day, and I usually never wear heels. Maybe they have finally transformed me into a proper lady ?!?

New Look Bow Belt
New Look Heels

The Big Fashion Moment: The Dress On The Carpet

The big moment finally arrived and I made my way over to Battersea Park to meet Karen. Wearing the dress made me feel comfortable, though it is a bit tight around my shoulders and arms. The overall quality of the material, however, is nice. It is quite thick at the top which makes the dress ideal for the colder months to come. 

The sizing is a bit odd, but I guess that's always a thing when you order from a website that sells their clothes in Chinese sizing (I'm wearing the dress in L though I'm a UK10). The skirt part of the dress falls nicely, but the shape in general needs to be tailored with a belt, otherwise, the dress can make you look slightly bloated. At a price of $26 ~ £17, this dress is a fraction of the Boohoo dress and for that money, it is a real bargain.

SammyDress Fashion Post
Battersea Park Outfit Styling Fashion
Red Carpet Look
Here's what I'm wearing:

Cobalt Blue Dress*: SammyDress (current season, $26 ~ £17)
Bow Belt: New Look (current season, similar style)
Watch: Daniel Wellington (current season, £159)
Pointed Cut Out Heel in Nude: New Look (current season, £20)

Thanks so much for reading, 

Till next time, 

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Life Lately In London 2

Monday, 21 September 2015

London Fashion Week London Eye London Rough Runner

I feel this has been one of my busiest weekends I had so far in London. But let’s start at the beginning.

Saturday: Rough Runner in Clapham Common

The morning was spent at the Rough Runner event held in Clapham Common. Our friends from Wolverhampton came down to join Alex for the 5k obstacle run in the park. Due to health reasons, I couldn’t run with them, but I still felt part of the experience as I volunteered to be their photographer.

I would wait at every obstacle and then cheer and motivate them whilst taking some snaps on my Nikon. This way, I felt still involved in the action and excitement. It was also a lot of fun watching Alex struggling with the obstacles whereas our friend Pete, who is a personal fitness trainer, effortlessly managed every challenge. #cheekysmile

London Rough Runner 2015

Serenata Flowers Giveaway

Friday, 18 September 2015

Serenata Flowers review

What a week it has been. It started with a very disappointing disaster day at Dismaland but it has ended with some amazing news. The post reached more than 1,000 views within less than two days and I also broke my 2k Twitter goal. 

With such great developments and the weekend only a few hours away, could there be anything else to make this Friday even better? YES, there is. My first ever guest blog went live this morning over at Louise's The What Now Blog AND I teamed up with Serenata Flowers to run a giveaway as a Thank You to all of my readers. You'll have the chance to win a flower bouquet worth £40 and I hope I can surprise a lucky reader next Friday.

Serenata Flowers Review & Blog Giveaway

Weekends start best with a surprise, don't you think? Last Saturday, I woke up to a parcel sent by Serenata Flowers, a UK-based online florist that delivers flowers and offers a wide range of gifts, including hampers and handcrafted chocolates. Their collection is made for birthdays, special occasions and anniversaries. They also run their own champagne and wine gift service with next day delivery.

Sent in a sturdy cardboard box to ensure the flowers were delivered safe and sound, my parcel contained a beautiful bouquet*. The bouquet made out of white roses and canna lilies arrived in excellent condition. The team from Serenata Flowers also enclosed a lovely box of chocolate truffles* for me.

Serenata Flowers white roses
Lifestyle Flowers Blog Post
White Roses

I used flower delivery services before, but I really appreciate that Serenata Flowers sent my bouquet in a safe box. When I opened the parcel, the lovely smell of roses greeted me. The bouquet consisted of six white roses and some pretty pink canna lilies, which added a little hint of colour. 

The delicate canna lilies and the classy white roses complimented each other so well. The arrangement looked fresh and sophisticated. Though some roses had blossomed and opened up quite a bit, the flowers stayed fresh for a good week.

The Raspberry French Dusted Truffles* were extremely popular with my entire family. I shared them with Alex's parents and all I could hear were 'Oooh how lovely' and 'These are so good'. The truffles had the perfect bite-size and were flavour intense. 

They were dusted with cocoa powder so at first, you would enjoy the slightly bitter taste of dark, pure chocolate and then notice a smooth hint of raspberry. We enjoyed these little treats as an after-dinner dessert and would only have them now and again, to fully appreciate their fine quality. I got some protest when I announced I would keep some for Alex. By the way, he ate his six truffles in one go. #littleeyeroll 

French Truffles Serenata Flowers
Flower Bouquet by Serenata Flowers
White roses and pink canna lillies
Flower Giveaway

Serenata Flowers have kindly offered me to run a giveaway for my lovely readers, so today, you'll have the chance to win one of their arrangements worth £40. To take part, please fill in the Rafflecopter form and agree to the T&C's.


  • A flower bouquet worth £40 will be the main prize in this giveaway.  The winner can choose the flowers.
  • This is a UK only giveaway.
  • Accounts that I feel have been created just for the purpose of the giveaway will be disqualified. 
  • You can enter by leaving me a comment, telling me what flowers mean to you and which ones are your favourites. Please also fill out the Rafflecopter form. Both are mandatory
  • The competition will run from  18/09/2015 till 24/09/2015. There will be one winner. 
  • The winner will be informed via Twitter/email on Friday 25/09/2015 after the giveaway has closed. 
  • The winner has 48h to respond before a runner-up will be selected. 
  • The prize worth £40 is kindly provided by Serenata Flowers.
  • The prize will be sent as soon as the details have been provided by the winner.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck and till next time,

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