Monday, 17 August 2015

Life Lately In London 1

London Attractions

This month I'm in London as I'm considering moving back here permanently. It's kind of a trial and testing period really and between applying for zillions of jobs, I had the most amazing time in the capital lately. Here's what I've been up to.

My Visit To The Ice Bar London In Heddon Street

Having heard fantastic stories of the ice hotel in Sweden and being completely excited by the chance of seeing a similar attraction in London, I invited my friend Izas to come along. We went to Heddon Street after lunch and I was so happy she joined me for the ice bar experience. I've seen and read a lot about it and Alex wasn't really up for it so you can imagine how excited I was to bring Izas along. 

It's hard to describe the ice bar, as it is more an experience rather than an ordinary cocktail bar. You'll have to book tickets in advance and I would advise you to do so online, as there's a discount on the tickets. I paid £13.50 including one drink per person for a 40-minute session which is ok. It feels a bit 'weird' to pay for entrance to a bar after all but I've never been to a place made out of ice before, so my curiosity and expectations were high.

Before we walked into the bar we were given some fancy capes to keep us warm from the cold temperatures. The bar itself is a small room with the walls made of ice and some sculptures. The counter is made of ice, so are the glasses and there's a little seating area. The ice is imported from Sweden and it feels like glass rather than frozen water. When touching the sculptures, there was no melting of the ice and it was a surreal experience. 

A completely different story with the glasses that hold our drinks. The ice melted in seconds and you had to keep your gloves on, otherwise, drinking was impossible. The time flew by and overall the stay of 40 minutes was a good amount of time. The bar is quite small and after you've taken your pictures and the initial excitement has flattened down, there's not much you can do there. Overall we've enjoyed our time but personally, I would only go again if a bigger group of friends would join me for another time. 

Magnum Store in Covent Garden

Do you remember my Instagram post from a while ago? Since I upgraded to an iPhone 6 and discovered Whitegram, my account has improved so much. I'm still not 100% addicted to IG but with all the recent improvements and massive follower increase, I've also taken part in a competition held by Magnum. As you know, the brand has currently a pop-up store in Covent Garden

There's also a promotion accompanying the experience. Magnum has teamed up with fashion designer Holly Fulton who created a very special piece of jewellery. The ice cream shaped necklace allows the wearer to enjoy unlimited ice cream at the pleasure store. This is a very limited edition piece and hard to get as Magnum was only given these away to a handful of big bloggers and in rare competitions on IG.

Well, to cut a long story short, I WON A NECKLACE in one of their IG comps! The necklace is not only a stunning fashion item, but it is also the 'key' to 'unlock' the store which means I can have free ice cream until it closes at the end of the month. Be prepared for some more ice cream pictures on IG.  

A Visit To Sky Gardens in Fenchurch Street

I booked us tickets to visit Sky Garden and I was so happy to return. It was a wonderful sunny day and we went shortly after lunch, so the venue was less busy than on my first visit. We took pictures and enjoyed the scenery. It is a wonderful place to hang out and you simply can't beat a stunning view over London when it comes for free.  Keep your eyes open for an upcoming Sky Garden fashion post.

Fly With The Emirates Air Line Cable Car In East London

On Izas' last day, a flight with the cable car was on the agenda and we made our way over to Royal Victoria in East London. The cable car is quite an impressive experience and it connects the ExCel to the Greenwich peninsula. From up there you have an incredible view over East London including Stratford, the City Airport, the Flood Barriers, Greenwich and of course the O2 and Canary Wharf. The fact that you can use your Oyster, get a discount and don't have to queue for extra tickets is a big plus. However, there's a ticket office and the staff might try to talk you into one of their expensive deals (tourist trap alert!).

The staff wanted to charge me £8.40 for a return when two singles came £6.30 which was displayed on a massive price list next to the ticket office. I've just checked online and the fares haven't even been updated. I asked the ticket guy why he wanted me to charge more when the two singles were obviously cheaper. You should have seen his face, I don't think he expected that. He let us pass through the Oyster ticket barrier and Izas and I had a good laugh.

The flight itself made me feel uncomfortable. I'm usually not scared of heights but in the cable car, I felt massively insecure. The car was rocking and I simply couldn't enjoy the flight over the Thames nor the amazing view over the O2 and Canary Wharf. Cable cars are definitely not my thing.  

Thanks so much for reading, there are definitely more London adventures coming!

Till next time,

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