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Fashion: A Handbag For The Oktoberfest

Wiesntascherl Oktoberfest
Copyright Dagmar Sassadeck. Photography: Dominik Schachten
With September just around the corner, German fashionistas prepare for the world famous Oktoberfest. Whilst the main action is concentrated in and around Munich, other cities such as Düsseldorf, Cologne, Berlin and even London join into the season which celebrates fun, beer and of course fashion.

In last year's Oktoberfest fashion post I featured the Dirndl, a traditional Bavarian dress consisting of a crisp white blouse, apron and dress. The costume is glammed up with accessories symbolising the Bavarian culture such as the alpine flower Edelweiss, pretzels or hunting. Black heels complete the look. Complete? Well, the look certainly needs a handbag don’t you think?

Whilst there are heart- and gingerbread shaped handbags on the market, appropriate ones for the Wiesn are rare and hard to find. I had the pleasure to come across Wies'n Tascherl a start-up business run by Dagmar Sassadeck who designs and handcrafts individual ‘Tascherl’ (a sweet saying of small handbag in the Bavarian dialect) for the Oktoberfest.

Dagmar, a freelance marketer and administrator, has always been a creative mind. Growing up in a family of 8 children she started very early to design and sew her own clothes. She started off with dresses and skirts and soon developed a passion for knitting. Her first leather handbag was designed at the tender age of 12. With so much passion and talent on her hand, it was only a matter of time that Dagmar went into business. The idea for a small handy bag especially crafted for the Oktoberfest came to her in 2011 during a hot summer’s day having a good chat with her girls. The initial problem and demand for a suitable handbag for the Oktoberfest sparked something in Dagmar's imagination and she spontaneously crafted a piece, which found wide appreciation.

Damar Wiesntascherl Fashion
Copyright Dagmar Sassadeck. Photography: Dominik Schachten
Ever since Wies'n Tascherl has grown steadily. The bag's shape is a homage to the 18th century French Pompadour, a small pouch with cords to tie, but the Wies'n Tascherl design upgraded with a zipper in 2012. Friends and family requested the bag at first and Dagmar introduced her product in 2014 at different fashion fairs in Germany. The demand has grown rapidly and Dagmar has now a design studio in Amerang, Bavaria. 2015 and 2016 should be used to fully integrate the Tascherl on the market which is accompanied by an extensive PR and marketing strategy and campaign.

Wiesntascherl Handtasche Oktoberfest
Copyright Dagmar Sassadeck. Photography: Dominik Schachten
Dagmar uses predominately wool, velvet, satin and linen for her unique handbags and creates them individually for the wearer. ‘The bag needs to fit to the dress and also represent the wearer’. Depending on the decoration and ornaments, it takes her up to 2-6h to create a bag from start to finish.

Her current range features bright colourful bags with an individual twist but never loses the connection to Bavaria. My personal favourite is her latest - a pink stunner with the Munich skyline made of zirconia. In the future, she has planned to involve the theme ‘Couture’ into her collection but has also wedding themed bags on her mind as well as a range for men.
WiesnTascherl Okotberfest Fashion Handbag
Copyright Dagmar Sassadeck. Photography: Dominik Schachten
Her ultimate fashion tip for the Oktoberfest is to keep it simple: 'Less is more and the outfit has to be tasteful and stylish. Most people tend to choose a mini length Dirndl which can look tacky and identifies you as a tourist. The modern fashionista wears a knee-length dress and combines it with a hat or flower crown. This festival touch is so on trend this year and will rock any looks.'

Have you ever been to the German madness that is the Oktoberfest? Would you love to go and dress up with a traditional Dirndl? What do you think of the custom made handbags? I'm going to work on a style post which is quite hard at the moment as we have daily 30 degrees and it is far too hot to dress up in a Dirndl. Keep watching this space and thanks so much for reading today's post. Hope to hear from you!
Till next time,
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*Pictures were kindly provided by Dagmar Sassadeck. Photographer: Dominik Schachten

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