Get, Set Gryffindor! A Harry Potter Inspired Outfit

Harry Potter fashion post

Hi ladies, how are you? Yes, it is time for me to share my love for Harry Potter and I insist that I am a true Gryffindor at heart (though Pottermore would like to sort me into Slytherin). How do I know that I belong to the brave and fearless? Well like Harry I love adventures and breaking the rules. Unconditional love and friendship are the most important values in my life and I do not fear to fight for my dreams.

The Harry Potter Shop In Kings Cross

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll have seen that I recently discovered a Harry Potter fan shop right in the heart of Kings Cross Station. I knew they had a wall with the plaque ‘Platform 9 ¾’ but it has been more than ten years the last time I visited it. Since then LOTS has been happening in the train station. First, it has had an entire makeover and it is now modern and bursting with shops. Secondly, one of these shops is stuffed from floor to ceiling with overpriced Harry Potter merchandise. Thirdly, they proper market the wall now charging £25 or so for a professional picture with you and the plaque.

What has the shop to do with today’s geeky Harry Potter ootd (?!?) I can hear you ask. Well, have a guess there was NO WAY for me TO NOT GO INTO that shop. The moment I stepped in I felt like I was in Flourish & Blotts (the famous bookshop on Diagon Alley). It is magical, though stuffed with kids everywhere and you can end up queuing just to get in. It is totally worth it if you’re like me an obsessed Harry Potter fan who literally buys everything regardless the price just for the sake of it and because it says HARRY POTTER on it. 

It happened that I spotted a mannequin with a Hogwarts school uniform. Needless to mention the prices but I’ll do it anyway. The uniform consisted of a scarf (£32.99), a grey woolly cardigan (£59.99), a cute red satchel (£69.99) and Gryffindor tie (£35.99). I loved the outfit but I thought ‘Hang on, I’m pretty sure I’ve got similar items at home’. So for the first time ever I won over the clever brainwashing marketing strategy (that usually always works and makes me buy a lot of rubbish that I don’t need), saved a lot of money (ok I admit it, I spent £8 on two chocolate frogs) and here it is: My Gryffindor/ Harry Potter outfit. 

Hogwarts Inspired Fashion Outfit

Harry Potter fashion post
Harry Potter fashion post
Harry Potter fashion post

Merino Jumper and crisp white shirt are from my all-time favourite Uniqlo. Both items are of super soft quality and for the price an absolute bargain. My satchel is from MK and I snapped it up in Bicester Village. Its form is similar to a Mulberry but for a fraction of the price. I’m also obsessed with the colour ‘Oxblood’ at the moment. 

My wand, believe it or not, was a freebie in a Harry Potter magazine. I got a time turner and a chess figure somewhere as well. The wand has the right size and though it is meant to be a replica of Harry’s wand it is not 100% accurate so you could actually think it is a wand made for you. 

The wands that you can usually buy at the fan shops are far too big for my taste and I don’t like, that only wands of the characters are available. As we know from the story, the wand chooses the wizard/witch and not the other way round. And what’s the point in having Hermione’s wand? I want my own :D

Harry Potter fashion post
Harry Potter fashion post
Harry Potter fashion post

Here is what I'm wearing:

Hair circlet: Claire's (SS 09, £6)
White-Collar Blouse: Uniqlo (AW 12, £20)
Grey Merino Jumper: Uniqlo (AW12, £30)
Skirt: Stradivarius (AW14, £20)
Bag: Michael Kors (via Bicester village, £169)
Badge: Gryffindor (via Ebay, £5)
Wand: Freebie in Harry Potter magazine
Shoes: Dune London (SS 15, £20)

So before I let you go, I’d like to come back to Pottermore. J.K. Rowling stated that Pottermore ‘is very accurate’ in placing you into the right house. Once you get sorted, that’s it and ‘there’s no way in cheating the Sorting Hat. 

You get a set of questions with options and according to what you choose the Sorting Hat places you into the respective House. This is not 100% correct. With my first account, I got into Slytherin. For a long time, I didn’t accept this decision, so I deleted that account and signed up again. I got a different set of questions which I answered as honestly as I did the first time. The Sorting Hat placed me then into Gryffindor.

Thank you so much for reading today’s post. Do you have a similar story to share? Are you on Pottermore? Which house have you always sympathised with? Do you like geeky fashion posts? Have you dressed up as a character or done cosplay? Let me know in the comment section, I’m looking forward to hearing from you. 

Till next time, 

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