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Friday, 28 August 2015

EF International Language School London

A school exchange to London in 1999 sparked my love for the UK. Back then as a teenager, I was absolutely overwhelmed by the vibrant culture and energetic chaos that is London. The trip impacted my entire life and I dedicated all of my time to improve my English. 

The aim was to return to London after my A-Levels and in 2005 the time had finally come. I attended a private language school by EF. These days, my school which is only a short walk from Waterloo and Southwark station has been in the news and also sparked nostalgia in me.

It has now been 10 years since I’ve finished my A-Levels with an ‘Outstanding’ in English. In autumn 2005, I would attend a private international language school in central London, run by EF. EF (education first) is a private organisation that offers language courses at their private schools spread across the globe and also organises Au-Pair opportunities to the US. 

I first heard about the Au-Pair programme but when I visited the EF HQ in Berlin for an Au-Pair interview, my attention was soon drawn to a brochure introducing the language courses. London was one of their top schools in Europe, so the US were very, very quickly forgotten.

My Time At An International Language School In London

My stay at the EF International Language School in London would last for six months and I would receive lessons alongside other internationals to perfect my English. I was also prepared to take language exams, as most of them such as the TOEFL (an American-based Test of English as a Foreign Language) and the CAE (Cambridge Certificate of Advanced English) were requirements to enter university. Though the entire course cost me £10.000 alone, my parents invested in my future and in September 2005 at the age of 19, I moved to London.

Roupell Street Waterloo London
The iconic Roupell Street in the London Borough of Southwark. 150 years of Victorian history and home to the EF International Language School.

It was my first time living away from home and I loved it. It was of course not always ‘butterflies and unicorns’. Especially at the beginning, I went through a very tough time staying with several 'guest families' and the chemistry between us didn't work well. Things started to change and I felt more comfy settling in when I paid some extra money to live in the residence at Larch Court on Harrow Road, West London. The moment I moved the stay became a lot better and I was able to settle in and focus on my classes.

My class was incredible. For the first time, I would study alongside like-minded people sharing the love for the English language. Unlike grammar school, no one would bully me for being a nerd. The contrary was the case. My class was amazing and very supportive because we were all from different cultures and miles away from home, so somehow we needed each other to survive homesickness and the challenge of living in a foreign place. 

I often helped classmates with homework and they would tell me about their homes and cultures. It was at that time, that I learnt a variety of basic knowledge of Korean, Swedish, Spanish and Portuguese. The welcoming atmosphere of my class and also the strong support amongst us triggered something in me. I would see languages in a completely different way and the wish to study languages and how they work became stronger and stronger.

EF International Language School London

In March 2006 we took our TOEFL and CAE exams. It was a sad time really because for most of us the courses had come to an end and the time to say our Good-Byes approached very fast. I have to admit that I didn’t fully appreciate my time in London and looking back I should have done so to get the most out of this unique experience. 

It only dawned on me when I started uni in October the same year that I would probably never see my classmates again, or at least the communication would become less and less by the day. It made me very upset when I started my linguistic studies but at the same time, I remembered all the fun times we had together and also how important it was that we had each other back then.

Language School

These happy memories were a source of my inspiration and motivation to one day contribute actively to the peaceful and harmonious exchange of cultures. Even speaking some basics of a language can help to bridge communication between people and they are generally very happy when you show interest in their culture. 

My extensive language studies included how communication worked and also how our languages in Europe relate to each other. Today, I’m a fully trained first-class M.A. linguist and culture researcher (my official title from uni #soproud) and I wouldn’t have come this far if it hadn’t been for my time with EF in London.

Life After Language School

Though I've been learning English since the age of 8 and I would call myself bilingual today, I'm still learning. The process never ends and I still come across words, that I've never heard before. 'Procrastination' and 'gaudy' made it recently into my vocabulary. EF have further extended their programmes and now offer online courses under EF Englishtown, so you can improve your language skills from the comfort of your home.

I’m still in contact with some of my friends from EF. I speak regularly to my friend Eva (Germany) and Anna (Sweden), who came to see me in Berlin in 2010. My other Swede Kristoffer is less talk-active these days as he has become a successful news reporter and looks after his lovely family. Hanna from Norway got married and Anna (Mexico) has been in touch lately.

international language friends
Anna from Sweden, who came to see me in Berlin 2010.

In 2008 I went to say hello to my teacher Mrs. Owen who has been a brilliant teacher and friend. I’m a bit sad I lost touch with my Brazilian classmates Marcus, Gilli and Sarah and also with my friend Dennis from Soul, South Korea. Hope we can reconnect soon, but I guess that always happens on your way in life. Some walk the path of life with you for a long time and others will only accompany you for a short while. But this ‘while’ has been an amazing time in my life and my international friends are certainly not forgotten.

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On Top Of Europe. The View From The Shard London.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

The Shard London

The weather has been so horrible in London lately, but rain and cold have not stopped me from exploring the vibrant city. My recent discovery brought me to The Shard* where I had an incredible time sightseeing together with my friend Serene.

If you wouldn’t know that The Shard is London’s latest addition, you would assume it has always been a part of the magnificent city skyline. The impressive building with its shiny, flawless glass front blends in so smoothly into the capital’s history that you wouldn’t believe that it has only been at London Bridge since 2012. In fact, the view from The Shard is one of the most memorable and enjoyable experience I’ve ever had and I’m going to tell you why.

The View From The Shard: A Different Tourist Experience

I was invited by Talented Talkers to pick a London attraction for review. The digital agency looks after Avios, a website that helps customers to turn their everyday spending such as on groceries, petrol or wine into travel rewards thanks to their attractive loyalty point system. 

Instead of using collected points for products, Avios offer the chance to experience London attractions such as the Zoo, Madame Tussauds, London Dungeon, the Aquarium or the Eye. During my 15 year relationship with London, I’ve visited all of these attractions several times, so when I spotted The View From The Shard on the list too, my decision was made very quickly.

The View From The Shard

On Monday, I made my way over to London Bridge where I met Serene. Finding the entrance to The Shard was super easy, as it is located directly by the exit of London Bridge station. The moment we stepped in, it became apparent that The Shard is different to any other London attraction and high-end experience. 

The entrance welcomed us with a sleek and stylish design but didn’t lose its touristy touch. There are ticket queues, a shop bursting with overpriced merchandise and a photographer who will shot a picture for your souvenir collection at home. You’ll be given an audio guide shortly after a security check similar to airport procedures. 

The entrance to the shard
The elevator at The Shard

The Shard is not a typical family attraction which isn’t a surprise given the fact tickets start from £25 onwards. The ticket prices gave me stomach aches but looking back once you’ve experienced the attraction, you can totally get why. 

Everything is very classy and of high quality to give a stylish experience to the visitor. The exclusive atmosphere is not designed for children but for the sophisticated adult that appreciates sightseeing in style. The staff is friendly and discrete, the place is polished and the elevator runs so smoothly, you don’t even recognise how fast it takes you up to the top. 

Infographic The Shard London

On Top Of Europe: The Shard in London, Level 68

We went shortly after lunch so the place was less crowded and busy. The lift which played classical music in the background and amazed us with a changing ceiling took us first to the 33rd level – the same height as Sky Garden. The trip didn’t end here and we took a second lift to level 68. 

When we stepped onto the first viewing platform, the wow-effect was less exciting in comparison to Sky Garden. The space to move around at The Shard is due to its angular shape awkward and tight. It felt less airy but we could fully appreciate the view, as there are no fancy architectural constructions limiting the view.

In fact, the sight had something very calming and relaxing. It was peaceful and tranquil up there with busy life going by down in the streets but this time without the noise of sirens and car engines. Even though it was raining, London looked stunning. Because we were so high up in the sky, we could see clouds creating the most dramatic effects. 

panorama The Shard london
Please click on the picture to enlarge the panorama.
Canary Wharf from The Shard
The Streets of London from The Shard
The South View. The Shard London
View From The Shard.
When we weren’t mesmerised by the view, Serene and I listened to the audio guide which we were given. The interactive guide provided additional information to the building and a detailed map of the view and sights to see. Additionally, there are interactive telescopes on the platform to spot famous landmarks and to provide entertainment and engagement with the view. 

audio guide the shard
audio guide the shard london
telescope at the shard
the viewing platform the shard

On Top Of Europe: The Shard in London, Level 72

But you can go even further! A few steps would take us to level 72 and we were literally in the sky. The proverb 'on top of the world' gets an entirely new meaning once you've reached The Shard’s top level, which is open plan. Occasionally raindrops would drizzle down on my skin, I could feel the summer wind and nearly touched planes heading east to land at the city airport. It was an incredible atmosphere up there and there’s also the chance to enjoy a Fortnum & Mason afternoon tea. Something to consider for next time.

panorama level 72 the shard
Please click on the image to enlarge the view from the shard.
Bloggers go The Shard. Review
The Shard Top Floor
The Top Floor of the shard london

My Final Thoughts On My Visit To The Shard in London

I always thought the free view from Sky Garden would be enough, but the view from The Shard is exceptional. Though I still have mixed feelings regarding the ticket price, I would recommend the attraction. Unlike the assumption it would be like Sky Garden, where after the initial excitement has flattened down you’d like to go back downstairs to Fenchurch Street, The Shard is an attraction that makes sure that the visitor takes the most out of the experience. Overall we spent 1 ½ h up there in the sky on top of Europe’s highest platform and I’m more than excited to come back one day. 

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Street Art Meets Chocolate. London OOTD

Saturday, 22 August 2015

Bankside Fashion
You may have seen my #MOTDs over on Instagram and wondered why my ice cream consumption has shot up dramatically. Earlier this month I was very lucky to win a limited edition Holly Fulton for Magnum ice cream necklace over on Instagram. 

The necklace 'unlocks' the pleasure store in Covent Garden and allows the wearer to enjoy unlimited ice cream until mid-September (that's when the shop closes). Have you been to the shop yet? It's a very unique experience and the ice cream combinations are so good and very hard to resist. I will definitely need to go on a strict diet from September onwards. 

Street Art Meets Chocolate: An Unusual Outfit Of The Day Shot In London

I love ice cream and sweets far too much and it is hard to resist the temptation. I try to balance out the increase of Magnums with long walks in London and only use the tube to take me back home in zone 3. I've known London for more than 15 years now and got a good map of the city, but it can still surprise me with the most magical places that you randomly stumble upon. So has a big street art captured my fascination along Bankside recently.

Alex and I strolled home and came across a bright colourful graffiti near the National Theatre. The fashion blogger in me had to take the opportunity and before Alex knew, he saw himself with my camera around his neck. He was so kind as to take some pictures for today's outfit post and I hope you'll enjoy.

London Fashion
Holly Fulton Magnum Necklace
fashion styling post

The bi-coloured dress combination is from C&A Germany and I got it for the bargain price of £6. The white top has a very casual and flattering fit whereas the skirt sits tightly. If the skirt was a bit longer, this dress would work well as an office dress but because it is a bit short, I'd rather leave it for leisure time. It needs barely any accessories and I'm only wearing the necklace and my Daniel Wellington watch.

The necklace is just gorgeous. It feels very light around my neck and I love the Magnum shaped form. The colours remind me of the Magnum Classic, a vanilla ice cream coated in milk chocolate. In fact, the necklace is inspired by Magnum's shards of cracking chocolate and smooth vanilla ice cream. 

The pendant's curved shape is adorned with brown and gold perspex to represent the delicious treat. The crystal stud in the middle, a true Holly Fulton style element, stands for the icy exterior. If you look closely you can also recognise a little keyhole to represent the necklace as a key for the Covent Garden store. My Zerah Aldo shoes complete my look and apply a sophisticated and fashionable touch to it. The studs also pick up the Aztec pattern of the necklace.

Some of you have asked me for my makeup. I've finally started to use my Death By Chocolate palette from Make Up Revolution (£7.99) and I'm loving the eyeshadows. My current favs are One More Bar and Break Me Up which were used for this look.

Magnum Necklace
Holly Fulton Necklace
Holly Fulton Magnum Icecream necklace

Here's What I'm Wearing:

Zerah Shoes: Aldo (current SS15, £50)
Dress: C&A (bought in 2012, £6)
Watch*: Daniel Wellington (current 2015 via Renate The Store, £159)
Necklace*: Holly Fulton for Magnum (limited edition, 2015)

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Black Chic For Bloggers Love Fashion Week

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Bloggers Love Fashion Week Style Post
Bloggers Love once again calls to the community to join their Bloggers Love Fashion Week event on 7th September in London. I've been to their events a few times including the Bloggers Love Hub Event in London, Bloggers Love Hub at Mahiki and their event back in March which I have featured in my Do's and Don'ts at blogging events. Though the events are known for being overcrowded I'm excited to go and to hopefully meet some of you lovelies in person. I will attend both sessions.

Have you seen the trending #BLFW over on Twitter yet? Lots of fblogger, bblogger and lblogger will join Bloggers Love's Fashion Week event in September and everyone is already super excited. There's a dress code this time with the very simple and safe instruction 'Black Chic'. You can never go wrong with an LBD, can't you?

The Little Black Dress As The Perfect Outfit For A Blogger Event

I'm not 100% sure if I will stick to my outfit, but here is my choice for now. I've got a very classy dress from Topshop, which I had for a while as I no longer buy in Topshop. The material is super comfy and it sits very flatteringly. The cut and style are super sophisticated which makes this dress elegant and tasteful. Victoria Beckham chic I'd say :) I can wear it to events, work and special occasions and got a lot of wear out of it ever since I had it. What an investment piece!

My bag from Kate Spade should be familiar to you. Bargain from Bicester Village outlet store :) My shoes are lace-up flats from New Look with gold detail on the heel. Unfortunately, they are now sold out, but Aldo has a similar pair in their collection. 

Fashion Black Chic
Black Chic Fashion
Black Topshop Dress Fashion
Black Chic Fashion OOTD and Style Post

Here is what I'm wearing:

Dress: Topshop (season 2012, £50)
Bag: Kate Spade (via Bicester Village £160)
Shoes: New Look (current SS15, £30)

I feel the dress and the handbag speak for themselves so I wouldn't overload the outfit with more accessories. Sometimes less is more and this dress perfectly reflects the motto Black Chic (which implies a statement fashion item in black to me).

If you haven't got your outfit sorted, I've got some fashion inspiration for you:

- black skater dress teamed up with a statement necklace and some chic flats or ballerinas to keep it casual
- a jeans/blazer/shirt combo. I would not wear shade in shade but make sure, that one of the items is black and your centrepiece to work the look around. 

Are you excited for the Bloggers Love Fashion Week yet? Have you been to a blogging event before? If so leave me links to your post. What would you wear to an event with the dress code Black Chic? More inspiration on outfits for blogging events can be found on StyleLingua and I've posted a similar black chic outfit including a Primark eyelet dress.

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Life Lately In London 1

Monday, 17 August 2015

London Attractions

This month I'm in London as I'm considering moving back here permanently. It's kind of a trial and testing period really and between applying for zillions of jobs, I had the most amazing time in the capital lately. Here's what I've been up to.

My Visit To The Ice Bar London In Heddon Street

Having heard fantastic stories of the ice hotel in Sweden and being completely excited by the chance of seeing a similar attraction in London, I invited my friend Izas to come along. We went to Heddon Street after lunch and I was so happy she joined me for the ice bar experience. I've seen and read a lot about it and Alex wasn't really up for it so you can imagine how excited I was to bring Izas along. 

It's hard to describe the ice bar, as it is more an experience rather than an ordinary cocktail bar. You'll have to book tickets in advance and I would advise you to do so online, as there's a discount on the tickets. I paid £13.50 including one drink per person for a 40-minute session which is ok. It feels a bit 'weird' to pay for entrance to a bar after all but I've never been to a place made out of ice before, so my curiosity and expectations were high.

Before we walked into the bar we were given some fancy capes to keep us warm from the cold temperatures. The bar itself is a small room with the walls made of ice and some sculptures. The counter is made of ice, so are the glasses and there's a little seating area. The ice is imported from Sweden and it feels like glass rather than frozen water. When touching the sculptures, there was no melting of the ice and it was a surreal experience. 

A completely different story with the glasses that hold our drinks. The ice melted in seconds and you had to keep your gloves on, otherwise, drinking was impossible. The time flew by and overall the stay of 40 minutes was a good amount of time. The bar is quite small and after you've taken your pictures and the initial excitement has flattened down, there's not much you can do there. Overall we've enjoyed our time but personally, I would only go again if a bigger group of friends would join me for another time. 

Magnum Store in Covent Garden

Do you remember my Instagram post from a while ago? Since I upgraded to an iPhone 6 and discovered Whitegram, my account has improved so much. I'm still not 100% addicted to IG but with all the recent improvements and massive follower increase, I've also taken part in a competition held by Magnum. As you know, the brand has currently a pop-up store in Covent Garden

There's also a promotion accompanying the experience. Magnum has teamed up with fashion designer Holly Fulton who created a very special piece of jewellery. The ice cream shaped necklace allows the wearer to enjoy unlimited ice cream at the pleasure store. This is a very limited edition piece and hard to get as Magnum was only given these away to a handful of big bloggers and in rare competitions on IG.

Well, to cut a long story short, I WON A NECKLACE in one of their IG comps! The necklace is not only a stunning fashion item, but it is also the 'key' to 'unlock' the store which means I can have free ice cream until it closes at the end of the month. Be prepared for some more ice cream pictures on IG.  

A Visit To Sky Gardens in Fenchurch Street

I booked us tickets to visit Sky Garden and I was so happy to return. It was a wonderful sunny day and we went shortly after lunch, so the venue was less busy than on my first visit. We took pictures and enjoyed the scenery. It is a wonderful place to hang out and you simply can't beat a stunning view over London when it comes for free.  Keep your eyes open for an upcoming Sky Garden fashion post.

Fly With The Emirates Air Line Cable Car In East London

On Izas' last day, a flight with the cable car was on the agenda and we made our way over to Royal Victoria in East London. The cable car is quite an impressive experience and it connects the ExCel to the Greenwich peninsula. From up there you have an incredible view over East London including Stratford, the City Airport, the Flood Barriers, Greenwich and of course the O2 and Canary Wharf. The fact that you can use your Oyster, get a discount and don't have to queue for extra tickets is a big plus. However, there's a ticket office and the staff might try to talk you into one of their expensive deals (tourist trap alert!).

The staff wanted to charge me £8.40 for a return when two singles came £6.30 which was displayed on a massive price list next to the ticket office. I've just checked online and the fares haven't even been updated. I asked the ticket guy why he wanted me to charge more when the two singles were obviously cheaper. You should have seen his face, I don't think he expected that. He let us pass through the Oyster ticket barrier and Izas and I had a good laugh.

The flight itself made me feel uncomfortable. I'm usually not scared of heights but in the cable car, I felt massively insecure. The car was rocking and I simply couldn't enjoy the flight over the Thames nor the amazing view over the O2 and Canary Wharf. Cable cars are definitely not my thing.  

Thanks so much for reading, there are definitely more London adventures coming!

Till next time,

Covent Garden OOTD

Saturday, 15 August 2015

Covent Garden fashion

I'm back in London for the month and I'm seriously considering moving here permanently in September/October. As you know my partner Alex lives and works here and of course, I'd like to be where he is. So I've been applying for zillions of jobs and in between enjoying the city. 

My friend Izas has recently moved from Spain to Manchester and came down to London for a few days. She is an amazing photographer and she was so kind to shoot the pictures for today's outfit post. Hope you'll enjoy :)

Walking Around In Covent Garden/Seven Dials Area 

The area around Covent Garden and the Seven Dials is one of my favourites when visiting London. It is funky, it is trendy but at the same time classy and arty. There are lots and lots of wonderful places to shoot so we joked around taking pictures from several different angles and it was hilarious when people stopped and watched us.

fashion style post
fashionblogger style post
ootd fashion
Covent Garden

My casual outfit consists of a simple black crochet dress from Stradivarius (seriously I can't stress it enough how much I love the sister brand of Zara). I teamed it up with my Aldo/Valentino dupe which you may have seen in my top shoe trends for summer post. 

My handbag is bought recently from TKMaxx for my new camera. Since March I own a Nikon D5300 and have only now had the time to make proper use of it. It has a handy weight but it requires its own bag because when shooting it gets a bit in the way to take it in and out all the time. I found this bag in TKMaxx from Dice, a brand I've never heard of. 

It retailed at £60 but I only paid £25 in-store and it is perfect for my needs. For the price, it is obviously not made of leather but it is quite slouchy and has a big zipper so handling the camera is super easy. I can get it in and out within seconds and there are some extra compartments for Oyster card and wallet. My Daniel Wellington and Orelia necklace complete the look.

Handbag for DSLR camera
Orelia jewellery
Aldo Zerah shoes
Stradivarius Crochet Dress
Summer In The City

Here is what I'm wearing:

Crochet Dress: Stradivarius (SS 15, £20)
Bag: Dice via TKMaxx (SS15, £25)
Geo Statement Necklace*: Orelia (SS15, £18)
Zerah Shoes: Aldo (SS15, £50)

Thank you so much for reading today's post. What is your favourite area in London? Do you like the outfit? How have you been lately? If you like my Covent Garden outfit you should have a look at a previous style which I shared in a Canary Wharf London style post!

Till next time, 

In A German Garden Outfit Of The Day

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Fashion Leggings
Leggings made a big revival last year with the introduction of a very quirky but unique pattern: kaleidoscope! You may remember these little toy tubes filled with pearls, coloured glass, gems and little sequins that would create the most stunning patterns when the tube was rotated. 

Inside was a lens of a prism that would change the pattern and sequence of elements permanently. Kaleidoscopes have fascinated me since my childhood and the creation of unique and fleeting patterns has carried me away into a world full of wonders and imagination for hours.

This concept has inspired the fashion industry in 2014 and Kaleidoscopic prints became a huge thing! I was fortunate enough to come across a Bristol-based artist who designed ethically and sustainable psychedelic leggings with the mesmerising effect.

The unusual designs glam up the casual loungewear and the original 80's fashion item as we know it, did no longer exist as a boring basic version of black and white. Leggings suddenly became fun, a must-have of the season and a true wardrobe essential for the brave and experimental fashionistas amongst us.

The entire collection was inspired by art and focused on a theme. Made of a stretchy and comfy lycra mix, these gaudy and truly arty designer leggings made in Britain were only available in a limited edition. Now I can hear you ask 'How do you style leggings with fun but statement print like the kaleidoscope?'

Statement Kaleidoscope Leggings And How To Style Them:

Fashion Style Post
Leggings OOTD Common Threads
Fashion and style post
Fashion Leopard Necklace
Fashion Fashionblogger Leggings Forever 21

Here's what I'm wearing:

Leopard Necklace: Juste Bijoux (SS14, £8)
White Shirt: Forever 21 (current SS15, £18)
Kaleidoscope Leggings: Common Threads (current SS15, £60)
Braided Belt: Primark (accessory to a shirt)
Shoes: Accessorize (SS10, £25)

This design is called 'Aubergine Dream' and was inspired by the growth of plants of a Welsh garden in the summer. It aspires to take your imagination into the world of growth and nature so you can feel the energies of life. As you know me, my style is classy and not very experimental or wild. 

I always try to have a centrepiece and work my outfit around it and I did so with this pair. The print is already very bold so to bring a bit of tranquillity into it, I teamed it up with a plain white boyfriend shirt and added some accessories. The belt is simple but the leopard necklace shall pick up the wild side of the leggings. 

My inspiration to use the Leopard necklace came from the famous artwork by Henri Rousseau's Jungle collection. I’m sure, the designs will stir your imagination and I’ve got great news for you if you have already started to create exciting and thrilling looks in your head. I’ve got a pair of your choice to give away.

Fashion Leggings Giveaway Time

Kaleidoscope print fashion style post
From top left: Aubergine Dream, Mount Olympia. From bottom left: Queen Hera N'Now, The Marine Ryme

Mount Olympia captures the energy of Zeus, Father to the Greek Gods, whilst The Marine Rhyme depicts an ode to the sea and ocean. Queen Hera N'Now prisms Hera's sign - the eye of a peacock's feather tail and Aubergine Dream takes you to a Welsh summer garden to feel the energy of life and nature.

To be in the chance of winning a pair (UK10) of your choice worth £50 you have to leave me a comment below, telling me which pattern you prefer and how you would style it.


  • One pair of leggings UK10 will be up for grabs in this giveaway.  The winner can choose the design.
  • This is an international giveaway.
  • Accounts that I feel have been created just for the purpose of the giveaway will be disqualified. 
  • You can enter by leaving a comment, telling me which pattern you prefer and how you would style it. Please also fill out the Rafflecopter form. Both are mandatory
  • The competition will run from  13/08/2015 till 20/08/2015. There will be one winner. 
  • The winner will be informed via Twitter/email on Sunday 23/08/2015 after the competition has closed. 
  • The winner has 48h to respond before a runner-up will be selected. 
  • The leggings were bought as a blog competition prize for Style Lingua. 
  • The prize will be sent as soon as the details have been provided by the winner. The prize will be sent with either (UK) Royal Mail or German Mail. 

Thanks so much for reading, 
Till next time, 
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