Thursday, 2 July 2015

What's Hot And Not At The Cinema In July. Part 1

Spy Jurassic World Minions film review

Hope June has been an incredible month for you. I'm a bit late in joining the party for Jurassic World and in posting my monthly film reviews but I hope, you'll still enjoy today's post and have seen the one or other film at the cinema, too. So have your nachos at the ready and enjoy today's film post.

Jurassic World 8/10

Jurassic World is a solid summer blockbuster that doesn’t disappoint to entertain and impress. The dinosaurs are incredibly well animated and the park is so realistic that I wish it would exist. The remarkable cast includes a Bryce Dallas Howard who can make a full sprint from a T-Rex in heels (!!!) and a very athletic Chris Pratt as a Raptor trainer. Though numerous cross-references to the original Jurassic Park are made, Jurassic World lacks own character.

The straightforward, yet predictable plot can’t tell anything new. The action scenes are great but not as intense as the famous nail-biting T-Rex encounter from the original. I do like the idea to capture the character of the original through little hints and the epic OST, but because of the films' rather shallow plot and development, it feels like it can't live up to the epic touchstone.

The characters are ok, but you've met them before and there's little development to build a connection to the viewer. I think fewer characters but more development would have helped. Plus there's far too much product placement going on in the film. Who needs a Pandora store at a theme park?!? Overall Jurassic World functions as a great action movie that's easy to watch, but if you expect a remake that can make it into the history of iconic film, then you're looking in vain. 

Spy 7/10

We've seen Melissa McCarthy in Bridesmaids and The Heat and she seemed to be that loud, highly annoying comedian whose humour relied heavily on faecal references and cringe innuendos that addresses the lower instinct of human beings. BUT she can do better and she proves it in SPY which was a hilarious film to watch. McCarthy is extremely funny as Susan Cooper, who gets the chance of her life to working as a field agent away from her desk when one of her CIA team members gets missing. I laughed a couple of times really hard which was also thanks to her brilliant co-star Jason Streatham. He was extremely charming and so, so funny. I love it when a well-known Hollywood action star can make fun of himself. So to sum up, Spy is still a bit silly and very light-hearted but has a charming cast, some witty dialogues and easy to watch entertainment.

Minions 3/10 

It’s not a secret how much I dislike Dreamworks Animation movies yet I give them a chance over and over again. With Minions, it seems Dreamworks just found another gold mine to market the hell out of it. Such as previous productions, Minions delivers a thin and highly boring plot which relies totally on the character design of the main protagonist. Plot shallow and a bit pointless, narrative absolute suspense-less and after 90 minutes of rudimental Spanish mixed with child talk you can only pity those poor parents who have to buy all the merchandise for their spoilt children. It’s a children’s film, I can hear you say, which is fair enough, but even a children’s film doesn’t have to be that flat and stupid.

I usually try to get three or more films reviewed for the month but recently nothing of interest has come out. I'm not so bothered about Mad Max or San Andreas tbh. I watched Pitch Perfect 2 again though which was brilliant. Have you been to the movies recently? What did you see?

Please find part 2 here where I review the films Love & Mercy, Mr. Holmes and Amy.

Thanks so much for reading and till next time,

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