Glastonbury 2015. Part 2

Glastonbury summer 2015

Hi lovelies, I hope you’ve enjoyed the first instalment of my Glastonbury experience 2015. Let’s go back for one last time to the biggest music festival in the world and relive some of my highlights together. Shall we?

Day 4: Saturday

Saturday just flew by so, so fast. After a good night’s sleep and breakfast with our friends, we all made our way over to the stages. Alex and I started the festival day over at The Other Stage to see Ella Eyre. We’ve seen her at Wireless Festival last year and when we arrived at the stage, there was still plenty of space. The gig was one of the most relaxed ones of the entire weekend. Most people sat down to listen to Ella’s songs and it felt very relaxing to not get squeezed by the crowds for once. 

Glastonbury mud
with Alex at Glastonbury

Glastonbury wouldn’t be Glastonbury without a phenomenal surprise. Ella must have thought the same because she gave her fans a very special musical gift. She introduced her new single ‘Good Times’ which is officially out on the 7 August and can also be found on her debut album Feline (out 14 August). Ella was incredible. In a scorching hot 25 degrees, she rocked all over the stage in a very tight overall for 45 minutes. Everyone (including me) got very excited when she took the microphone and introduced her new single which was ‘very exclusive’ and ‘only for Glastonbury’. The song is very typical Ella: a well-balanced mixture of soul and upbeat with a big portion of good vibes. I can see it to become a summer hit in 2015. The potential is there. 

Ella Eyre at Glastonbury

After the gig, we attempted to see Years and Years, but when we arrived at the venue we had no chance to get in. It was so overcrowded! We were far from the stage but managed to listen to two songs. I really liked their music and I can see why they’ve been so popular. Slightly disappointed we bridged some time watching Idris Elba’s DJ set. The atmosphere was great and there was enough space to dance.

Idris Elba at Glastonbury

Later in the afternoon, Alex and I headed back to The Other Stage to see The Maccabees. We’ve seen the band before and they introduced songs from their new album. I kind of fell in love with the band's guitarist (he was constantly flirting with me via the big screen you know). Haha, Alex just found that really funny! In the middle of the set, the lead singer would say a few words of praise to Florence’s show from last night (WHY did I go to see Rudimental, why?????) and suddenly, less than two metres away, someone lifted a red-haired girl into the air. Everyone starred and was unsure. Is it Florence or is it just someone looking like Florence? 

Florence partying at Glastonbury

It was her but by the time my brain functioned again she was back on the ground, hastily putting on a blue hat and sunglasses. I managed to take a quick picture of her. It was such a surprise! And she is tiny and so young!!! I mean when you see pictures of her in magazines, she always looks like a super confident woman and there she was, a young, shy girl who partied with her pals at a music gig. #fangirlingover

Glastonbury sign
The Ribbon tower at Glastonbury

After the gig, I went back to the tent to get some warmer clothes for the evening. Though the daytime was filled with warm air and the sunshine, the nights were bitter cold. I got dressed for the last gig of the day: Kanye West.

It was a nightmare to get back to the festival site. It seemed everyone wanted to see Kanye so I squeezed myself into a crowd and just got carried along. Luckily I spotted Alex and he had to fetch me. Kanye started his 2h show bang on time and the performance didn't always run smoothly. I'm not a big fan of his music (I only know two songs) and the crowd was extremely rough. A behaviour that showed at last year's Wireless Festival and now again. There were a few interruptions, some people were super aggressive and tried to annoy the rapper with laser pointers and provocative flags. Overall an experience I'm not keen to go through again.

Kanye West at Glastonbury

 Day 5: Sunday

The sound of raindrops woke me up on the final day of the festival. The day was humid and wet and the rain stopped shortly after we had breakfast. When we were ready for the day, we got our BonsaiSocks Wellie Socks* out and came together for a little feet selfie :)

Bonsai Socks goe Glastonbury

You may remember my Bonsai Sock review post from a few weeks ago and I promise to test them under hardcore circumstances at the festival. So here comes the update: I wore my blue and orange pair for the last four days. No matter if it was raining or boiling hot, my wellies stayed on. I danced in them and walked at least 20 miles per day. The socks got sweaty, they got wet, they got muddy BUT THEY DID NOT SMELL. They kept my feet always dry and did not develop any odour. I involved my mum and Alex's parent's in the smell test (just imagine a muddy pair of socks been rubbed into your face 'Can you smell please??' sort of scenario) and both confirmed the socks were free of any unpleasant scents. After a wash, the socks needed a while to dry but their colour didn't fade. I'm pleasantly surprised that the socks' promise to stay odour free has been kept and I can't wait to take them out for another festival experience in the future.

We would then start packing our stuff together. This time we planned to do only one trip back to the car, so we squeezed the tent as tightly as possible, ate the remaining food and recycled the litter. As you can imagine we faced the same scenario as on the first day. Though only a handful of people prepared to go home and the way back to the car was less crowded than on arrival day, it took a good 40 minutes to take everything back. The worst 40 minutes of the day!

At the car, we had a little break including a drink and some food. We pumped up one of the tyres and changed clothes. Though it was cloudy (with a chance of rain) it was very humid and warm. It cleared up later in the day so no rain poncho was needed anymore. Back on-site, we had a bite to eat alongside a massive milkshake (we pretty much lived off it for the last four days) and we managed to see Lionel Richie (from very far away) at The Pyramid. The atmosphere was superb and Lionel seemed to have had a fantastic time, too. He joked and sung 'as many songs [as he] could remember'. 

Police on horse at Glastonbury

You know when you like something a lot and you're having a good time and then suddenly the time just flies by extremely fast? Though I'm not a big music fan and a few things really annoyed me at Glastonbury, I didn't want to accept that it was the last day nor did I ever want to leave. I enjoyed spending so much time with Alex, something we rarely do due to our living circumstances and also the camping was fun. 

In the evening we managed to see Charlie XCX and her show was so cool! To all the gigs we've been, people knew the lyrics and I would have stood there not knowing what was going on. But at Charlie's show, it was the other way round. I love her songs so I sang from the bottom of my heart. You should have seen my Alex's face who would stand next to me in a slight shock. At some point, he would lean over to me and say 'You sing so loud'. Oops! 

Charlie XCX at Glastonbury festival

Charlie's gig was full on girl power. So energetic, loved it! After she had finished we would stay at the venue for the next gig so we managed to stand in the FROW for Lianne La Havas :)

Lianne La Havas at Glastonbury

I've never heard of her before but was positively surprised by the talented singer. Definitely going to check out her album. Sadly after her gig, we would slowly but surely prepare to go home. We walked for the last time over to The Pyramid stage to have dinner and a drink whilst watching The Who. We watched them play for like 20 minutes and then moved over to The Other Stage where we caught a few moments of The Chemical Brothers.

It was a wonderful evening and I got upset that we had to leave. Alex wanted to be home by 1 am at the latest to miss all the traffic, so we walked back to the car, the last time past stages and tents.

Overall I had a great time at Glastonbury. I enjoyed spending time with Alex the most and the camping was fun, too. I didn't mind the music nor the toilets or the missing showers (facial wipes did a good job but I can't deny how much I loved the hot shower when we got back home). There were a few things that really annoyed me including the stressful hassle of transporting belongings to the site. Most people were extremely rude, they would constantly push or squeeze right in front of you at gigs or completely ignore you. I was also outraged at how many people felt the need to bring drugs and get high at festivals. It was shocking! I do understand everyone wants to have a good time, but I feel very sad for people who have to consume drugs in order to 'enjoy' special moments. Call me old-fashioned, innocent or narrow-minded but I have a zero-tolerance towards drugs. 

Glastonbury festival experience

However, Glastonbury was an interesting experience and I wouldn't mind going again. We'll try to get tickets next year as there will be a gap year in 2017 to allow the farm to regain strength. 

I hope you've enjoyed this final part of my Glastonbury experience. Let me know if you've been too or are planning on going to any other festivals this summer. Hope everyone is well and we'll speak soon.

Thanks so much for reading and till next time, 

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