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Thursday, 30 July 2015

Fashion Post London Polka Dot Dress

During my holiday in London, I shot an outfit in Canary Wharf and was also lucky to spend an entire day with my friend Karen. We’ve met a few times before and we would have a busy day filled with blogging events and fun. On our way through central, we went past the flower bouquets at Liberty’s and couldn’t resist doing a quick picture swap for ootds.

Liberty London fashion post
Polka Dot Dress Forever 21

Karen and I were on our way to our first CatalystPR beauty event when we saw the beautiful flowers and arrangements outside the luxurious department store. It was still rather quiet on the streets of London so we took the opportunity to use the perfect setting for an outfit shoot.

I’m wearing a polka dot dress from Forever 21 which is currently in the sale. Though it is made of polyester and the material has a little plastic feeling to it, the skater dress is very light and at no point did it make me feel uncomfy or sweaty. My jewellery includes a dainty rose gold heart pendant necklace from Buckley London and my Daniel Wellington watch from Renate Store Cardiff which I won in their first Twitter competition in June.

Daniel Wellington watch
Pony Hair flats
Liberty London ootd

My crème coloured handbag is from Kate Spade. The brand has an outlet store at Bicester Village with some absolute bargains, so if you ever have the chance to go be prepared for some fantastic deals. The sued leather ballerinas from Dune have an eye-catching pony hair detail and complement the polka dot pattern from the dress.

Polka Dot Dress Forever 21
Fashion close up post
Flower stand at Liberty London
Kate Spade style inspiration
Summer in London style inspiration

Here is what I’m wearing:

Camel coloured coat: Stradivarius (current SS, £30)
Polka Dot Dress: Forever 21 (current SS, £20)
Bag: Kate Spade (via Bicester Village, £199)
Pony Hair Shoes : Dune London (current SS15, £59)
Heart Pendant Necklace*: Buckley London (current 2015 season, £35)
Watch: Classic St Mawes Daniel Wellington (via Renate Store Cardiff, £160) 

This is a very light and fun summer combination and I’m so pleased I picked up the dress from Forever 21. What have you bought recently? Have you been bargain hunting in the summer sale? Let me know and I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

Till next time, 

*PR sample

Canary Wharf Day Out #OOTD

Monday, 27 July 2015

Canary Wharf fashion post
London is always worth a visit and now that my Alex has moved there, chances that I can return more often to the capital are very high. The trip was first and foremost to see him and spent some time together.

As you all know life sadly never works in the way it should causing circumstances which are hard to change, so at the moment we rarely see each other. Goes without saying that any chance that comes along to change that has to be taken!

I booked myself into Travelodge for a few nights and we would see each other in the mornings and after work. Over the weekend, however, we enjoyed a little shopping spree at Westfield in Stratford and explored the Canary Wharf area for the very first time. We watched the new Ryan Reynold’s film Self/less at West India Quays and then strolled along the magnificent business area.

Canary Wharf London
La Redou black dress fashion ootd
summer in London outfit

Though I went passed the HSBC tower a few times on the DLR and daydreamt myself away working at Reuters, I never walked around this part of London. I found it very relaxing as the buildings are impressive with their glass fronts. There are clean wide-open spaces to sit, which gives the area a light feeling. There are fountains, neat little green areas and not to forget the beautiful houses and bridges along the canal side.

Fountain at Canary Wharf
Fountain Canary Wharf London

Canary Wharf also has an underground shopping area and the Crossrail Roof Gardens, an artificial viewing platform similar to Sky Gardens in Fenchurch Road. I read about the gardens recently on another blog and the stunning photography and lively write-up of the place sold it to me, so I was very keen on visiting. 

Crossrail Roof Gardens

When we went in the late afternoon, the place was dead. The roof windows had been opened so the sun shone down on us and we enjoyed the warm summer breeze that would occasionally touch our faces. In contrast to Sky Gardens, the Crossrail Garden was actually a real garden. It had lots of little-hidden places to sit and the planted area was at least twice the size as Sky Gardens. There were palm trees, flowers and plants which made the place a wonderful oasis to sit and relax. Another plus point was that there were only a few people around though it is a free attraction and you don’t have to book your visit in advance. However, the Crossrail Gardens lack the stunning view over Central which you can get at Sky Gardens.

My Canary Wharf OOTD

LBD ootd
Close up fashion post
Daniel Wellington watch
Buckley London Heart Pendant necklace
Rose gold necklace
Kate Spade cream coloured handbag
Summer LBD in LondonHere is what I’m wearing:

Beaded Dress: La Redoute* (SS 14)
Bag: Kate Spade (via Bicester Village, £199)
Flip Flops: Ipanema* (SS14, £14)
Heart Pendant Necklace*: Buckley London (current 2015 season, £35)
Watch: Classic St Mawes Daniel Wellington (via Renate Store Cardiff, £160) 

Thank you so much for reading today’s post. Have you been around Canary Wharf yet? Next time, I'll be showing you my Liberty London OOTD! Let me know in the comment section, I’m looking forward to hearing from you. 

Till next time, 

*PR sample

I Scream Ice Cream. The Top 3 Places In London

Thursday, 23 July 2015

ice cream places in london
Hi ladies, summer and ice cream are an unbeatable combination. If you follow me on Twitter and Instagram, then you will have already seen that I’m a passionate lover of all things cold and sweet. Now that the heatwave has come back to the UK it would be scandalous to not enjoy a cooling ice cream treat. Plus where there’s ice cream involved, there’s me! I’m going to show you the top three places where you can indulge into some fantastic ice cream opportunities in London.

1. Ben & Jerry’s Core Tour (FREE)

Ben & Jerry’s annual free ice cream tour is back in town and throughout the month, the van will stop at several locations all over Central to share their latest Core Edition (please find my Ben & Jerry Core Edition review here). Me and my friends Karen and Tania (WhenTaniaTalks) were lucky to get an exclusive look inside of the mysterious ice cream van, so we joined the team for a day.

We headed over to the van which was parked in Camden and there was a long queue of ice cream lovers waiting for us. The Ben & Jerry’s team gave us a fantastic lesson in how to scoop the perfect ice cream cup and we even got the chance to use the guillotine to hand out sharer tubs.

ben and jerry's ice cream
ben and jerrys ice cream van
ben and jerrys ice cream van in Camden
Ben and Jerry's ice cream
inside Ben and Jerry's ice cream van
handing out ice cream
inside the ben and jerry's ice cream van
having fun in the ice cream van
respect for the man in the ice cream van ben and jerrys

It was a right sweet mess and so much fun!

The tour in London has a few dates left for July and rumour has it, a nationwide tour is in planning for September. Keep your eyes peeled as I will give you an update later in the year.

2. Magnum Pleasure Store. Pop-Up in Covent Garden (£4.50)

Magnum Pleasure store in London

Oh the Magnum Pleasure Store, where should I start? Well, it seems Magnum has realised the potential as this is their third year returning to Central with a pop-up store. Last year’s Magnum pop-up store at Selfridges was a massive success, so it comes as no surprise that the brand has now reopened for this summer season.

The concept is still the same. You chose a vanilla or raspberry flavoured Magnum which then gets dipped into either milk, dark or white chocolate (watch my Magnum video here). There’s a collection of sweet toppings ranging from chocolate brownie to eatable pearls via roasted pistachios to spicy chilli flakes. A chocolate drizzle and Magnum button will finish the creation and voila there’s your customised ice cream.

customised Magnum
Design your own Magnum ice cream
Magnum in London
Magnum creations

I went three times during my London trip (Is it sad that the staff started to recognise me?) and enjoyed some wonderful creations. In comparison to last year’s store, the Covent Garden one is small and offers a limited variety of toppings. However, the Magnum Pleasure store is a unique experience and you shouldn’t miss out on it! So if you’re in London and not in Covent Garden, then you’re in the wrong place.

Head over to this very special experience in Covent Garden (until 30 August) or Westfield Stratford (until September).

3. Cornetto Pop-Up Cinema Experience at Westfield Stratford (FREE)

Cornetto Pop Up Cinema

After shopping, Alex and I were approached by a member of Cornetto asking if we would fancy a unique cinema experience (yes!) including some free (yes!) ice cream (definitely yes!). So within no time, both of us enjoyed a Cornetto Hazelnut and Raspberry and we were given some stylish headphones. We would then sit down in a small cinema and watch Cornetto’s latest campaign.

Cornetto cinema experience
Cornetto cinema experience London
Cornetto ice cream

I can reveal that the film focuses on teenage love but I don’t want to give too much away (like other websites and blogs have!) and spoil the fun for you as I can highly recommend you to go. The Cornetto Cinema experience was surprising, totally unique and a bit random so if you have ten minutes or so, head over to Westfield in Stratford. You’ll find the cinema in The Streets until the end of the month.

Update: Guess what has happened? I wasn't aware that Cornetto ran a competition at the time. So every time I promoted my post over on my Twitter with their hashtag, I got added into their competition. The main prize to be won was a pair of Beats by Dr Dre Headphones and guess who the lucky winner was!!!! 

Yes, me! Can you imagine? I was completely surprised when they reached out to me announcing me as the winner. The headphones arrived a few weeks later and I love them. They've become an everyday essential for me and I still can't believe that my ice cream post won me something so useful and super cool. So folks, keep up your work and writing, you never know what it may lead to. 

That’s it for today. Thanks so much for reading and I hope you’ve enjoyed summer and some cool ice cream so far? Tweet, Instagram or leave me a comment, I’m always looking forward reading from you. 

Till next time,
xx Caz xx

Functional Festival Wear

Saturday, 11 July 2015

Functional and stylish Festival Wear

Festival wear has to look stylish but at the same time needs to be functional in case of weather change. I promise this will be the last Glastonbury related post but I thought you might be interested in how my festival outfits worked out for me in the end. I've also included some more fashion ideas for your festival wardrobe and I hope you'll enjoy today's post.

Glastonbury is not only known for music, but for fashion and spotting celebs. My previous festival wear experience was based on one-day festivals, which made packing and planning for Glastonbury a personal style challenge. Because less is sometimes more, I came up with five outfits for each day and also packed some warmer clothes for sleeping at night. In hindsight, I should have taken one or two additional outfits as I relied too much on my cultural understanding of summer. I thought it would be hot and sunny all day, but I keep forgetting that this is Britain, so hourly fluctuations of rain and cold are inevitable.

Festival fashion essentials for when you go camping for a few days should definitely include the following things:

- a thick hoodie and pyjama bottoms. The nights were freezing cold and I wore three layers to keep me warm.
- a raincoat/parka and poncho. Especially the plastic rain ponchos are light and easy to carry around all day. Ideally, you buy them before the festival when they cost £1 instead of £5.
- socks, socks, socks! For wellies, I can recommend Bonsai Socks (please find my BonsaiSocks review here) as their socks are super comfy and even after days of permanent use they keep your feet dry and odour free.
- one or two cardigans or ponchos for the cold evenings. You never know when the rain turns the meadow into muddy grounds and it's not a pleasure to put dirty clothes back on at a festival that doesn't provide showers.  
- a good pair of sunglasses.
- Wellies are a must-have and look great even when it is scorching hot. I also bought a pair of light trainers along which were ideal for the mornings and for 'bathroom walks'. I would never bring Flip Flops as you walk a lot during the day over uneven surfaces, grass, mud and litter.

Let's come to my outfits:

Blue Vanilla blouse review

Glastonbury Festival Outfit Day 1 (worn on Day 1): On arrival day I was happy to wear this comfortable jeans and shirt combination. It was boiling hot and we had to take all our heavy belongings to the festival site. I was glad my jeans covered my legs from sunburn and the blouse my shoulders. The overall light colours absorbed the light so I felt less hot. The Blue Vanilla blouse is made of a very light fabric which felt pleasant to wear but at the end of the day, the material peeled really badly all over the back. It looks like I had it for years though I've only worn it once. Slightly disappointed by the poor quality of the blouse as it is such a nice style and I love the details. The tassels were a bit annoying when we constantly packed and unpacked during the queuing but overall I love the detail far too much, so it is something I can live with in future.

Glastonbury Festival Outfit Day 2 (worn on Day 3): I wore this outfit a little later than I had planned because on that day, it was extremely warm and sunny and I opted for my H&M jumpsuit (Day 5) instead. However, when I wore my shirt dress and hat combo, I have to admit that I was too lazy to carry the hat around all day. I've worn it in the sunny mornings and received a lot of compliments. The shirt dress made of polyester was wonderful to wear. Polyester is a material which I find can quickly look plastic and tacky which makes me also sweat after a few hours, but in this one, I was absolutely fine. I also wore my bright orange BonsaiSocks* which went really well with the khaki-green colour of the dress.

Stradivarius shirt dress

Glastonbury Festival Outfit Day 3 (worn on Day 4): My Primark dress had to wait a day longer as rain was forecasted that day and I wore my Day 2 shirt dress combination instead. So outfit number three came into focus on Festival Day 4. It was a hot and sunny day and I felt I made the right choice in wearing it. It is made of a very light material and it is my favourite summer dress. The colours are bright and fun, the knitted cut-out detail on the side are gorgeous and it feels so summery when a warm breeze plays with the dress around your legs. Alex finds it a bit 'too loud'. What do you reckon? 

What to wear for Glastonbury festival?

Glastonbury Festival Outfit Day 4 (worn on Day 5): Unfortunately, the shorts never came into action. On the hot and warm days, I preferred wearing a dress instead of jeans so I altered this outfit on the final day. It was cloudy but very humid. I wore the Miss Selfridge Top in combination with my Stradivarius jeans, BonsaiSocks and Wellies. I felt absolutely fine as I wasn't dressed too warm nor too cold. It was perfect and the look still kept its festival touch.

Festival outfit inspiration

Glastonbury Festival Outfit Day 5 (worn on Day 2): I wore the jumpsuit on the second day when it was hot and dry. It couldn't have been more perfect. It looks super stylish and instead of wearing it with Wellies I wore it with light trainers. The jumpsuit is made of a light material which makes it so effortless to wear. You can easily 'jump' out of it for when you need the bathroom without the usual painful contortions. Very summery and not only for festivals.

Glastonbury festival summer outfit inspirations

Overall I was pleased with my choices but in hindsight, all of my outfits were planned for sunny and warm days. I didn't think of rain or cold miserable weather at all and I was lucky the outfits worked in the end. I should have really packed a couple of warmer clothes, especially for the chilly evenings.

Thank you so much for reading today's post and I hope you've found it useful. What are your fashion must-haves when it comes to festivals? Do you have a look that always works? Let me know in the comments, I'm looking forward hearing from you.

Till next time,

xx Caz xx
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