Glastonbury Day 2

Glastonbury festival wear

Today will be the second day at Glastonbury. Yesterday was all about arrival and checking out the site so I'm quite excited to see more of the massive event location and explore stages and entertainment sites. Let the festival begin!

Today's look is rather adventurous. I love khaki green shirt dresses and this one matches my eye colour so well. It has a sophisticated look and offers a great base to work with some accessories. This time, I won't bring along sunglasses, but my Tarp Hat*. 

Glastonbury festival wear Tarp Hat

I was never really confident enough to wear hats but this is Glastonbury, a completely different environment and I feel more relaxed. I mean most people will wear clothes and accessories they'd never wear IRL so this is going to be a wonderful occasion for me to be fashion adventurous :) 

The hat is made from recycled tarpaulins from open cargo trucks that run from the Amazon North West to the South of Brazil. On the journey over thousands of miles and unmade red dust laden tracks, with dramatic weather changes, this material ages in a very unique way that no factory could ever replicate. Each hat is therefore special and individual with different patterns and story to tell. Goes without saying that such a unique fashion piece is coming with me to see Jungle performing today. The material is also waterproof, so it won't only protect me from the sun (fingers crossed the weather will be awesome today) but in the case of rain too! I'm going to tell you more about Tarp Hat in one of my coming posts, as I took this outfit to a professional photoshoot and will show you the results properly in July.

The outfit looks so adventurous, don't you think? In terms of accessories, I've teamed up the green dress with some gold from my Aztec necklace. You may remember the stylish piece from my Festival Jewellery by Touchstone post and it goes so well with the outfit.

Glastonbury festival fashion post
Glastonbury festival wear green coloured shirt dress

Here's What I'm Wearing:

Amazonas Hat: Tarp Hat*
Dress: Stradivarius
Necklace: Select Aztec Necklace*
Coconut Hat Band: Tarp Hat*
Wellies: Hunter (via Amazon Black Friday deal, £30)

Let me know what you think of the outfit and stay tuned for tomorrow's Glastonbury look. Hope you're all well. If you have any festival wear/fashion posts, please leave me your links in the comment section.

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Thanks so much for reading and till next time, 

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