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Lifestyle: Becca Fitzpatrick Black Ice Review. Spoiler Free.

Becca Fitzpatrick Black Ice review

Hi ladies, if you're after a summer read with a chill to cool you down, then you should have a look at Becca Fitzpatrick's Black Ice*.

If you follow my blog regularly then you know how much I love YA fiction. I usually read about teenagers with superpowers so I was pretty excited when Black Ice landed on my desk as it centres - surprise, surprise - on a normal teenager. No superpowers or a fight for the world this time but a down to earth, ordinary girl who wants to overcome the hurtful feelings of a heartbreak and seeks an adventure to help her move on. 

Before I started reading, I watched the book's trailer over on youtube to get a first impression and to get me into the mood for Black Ice. I love that more and more books are marketed with a trailer these days as it helps me a lot to get straight into its world. When reading I'm orientated less on surprise, but on the process itself that leads to the final showdown. So the more I know about events happening in the book beforehand, the more I'm excited about it as I'd like to know how these events have been developed. Hope that makes sense as this is a very typical behaviour for female reading (men, on the other hand, prefer a more linear approach) #linguistnerdfactsover

As this is a spoiler free review, there will be no further in-depths analysis here. I would describe Black Ice as a well-balanced mixture of thriller and romance spiced up with suspense and some unforeseen twists and turns. Fitzpatrick created distinctive characters that offer identification and their design allow an easy categorization. The writing style is fluent and has an easy readability which drew me in from the first sentence onwards. I found myself turning page after page.

In the middle, however, the story lacked some exciting moments and it got a bit boring. Do you remember the 'tent chapters' in the last Harry Potter book? They were boring and long too, but necessary to build the plot towards the final showdown. Felt a bit the same with Black Ice and the final showdown definitely excused the monotonous middle part. Overall, Fitzpatrick's writing style was lively and fresh and I can imagine the story to be adapted into a film.

The paperback of Black Ice is available on Amazon for around £4. 

Thank you so much for reading today's post. Have you read Black Ice yet? If you have did you have the same feeling as me? Who would you like to see casted if it was to be adapted into a film?

Till next time,
xx Caz xx

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