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Bonsai Socks review

Hi ladies, before you think 'OMG, what is Caz blogging about today, please don't tell me it's socks' please hear me out. There are only a few days left for my first Glastonbury festival. Ever since my partner Alex send me a text that he got tickets in the resale in early April, I've been rather nervous. I'm not too bothered about the camping, nor the music or the potential rainy weather, but my biggest concern is what to wear! You keep seeing models and celebs rocking the festival look so I've been keeping my eyes open for a while now. I came across Bonsai Socks' colourful socks* and they will be coming with me, because...

.... the brand prides their stylish footwear to be 'natural sustainable' and the bamboo fabric 'absorbs moisture leaving your feet dry, healthy and odour free'. That sounds like the perfect fashion item to bring along to an ultimate test at a festival. 

My pair in bright Bella Blue* came in early May and had already a few occasions to wear them. Whilst everywhere else the sun burns from the sky, Britain makes an exception, so you can never go wrong with a pair of quality socks to keep you warm. The material is 93% bamboo and 7% spandex, so they are elastic and comfortable to wear. My socks in size small fit well. They were a bit tight at first but the material adjusted to my big feet. The inside is woolly and kept my feet toasty warm and dry. 

I'm in love with the on-trend bright colour and my Bonsai Socks look magnificent when they show just a little over my Hunter wellies. 

Bonsai Socks Bella Blue fashion review
Bonsai Socks review odour free socks

So far the socks have kept their promise. No smelly feet at all but as I've said, the ultimate hard-core test will be Glastonbury, so I'll keep you updated on the sock front after the festival :) 

If you think these socks would be perfect for your next festival trip, you can get any pair of their website for £19.75.

Are you going to any festivals this summer? What is your ultimate fashion item to bring along in your suitcase?

Thanks so much for reading and till next time,

*PR sample

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