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Lifestyle: School Lessons vs 'The Real World'

School vs life

Hi ladies, it's been 10 years since I went through my A-Levels and I thought it might be the right time for a little light-hearted reflection on the many lessons which I've learnt in school and how they've worked out in 'the real world' aka life.

This is a very light-hearted post and you don't have to agree to any of it, I just wanted to reflect on my school life and be a bit nostalgic about it. Hope you'll have fun and let me know what school has taught you and how it has turned out in your adult life.


School lesson: Use the formula for a linear way to the solution. This is the fastest, safest and most efficient way to do it. 

Life version: Many ways that turn out as long-winded detours will lead you to the solution. Be prepared for some serious WTF obstacles though and sometimes you may have to start all over again, but eventually (and with a lot of compromise and sacrifice) you'll get to the solution.

English / Foreign Languages

School lesson: Learn a second language so you can be independent in the world. Plus it'll make you smarter learning thousands of vocabulary and complicated language systems each day. Everyone loves a cultivated bilingual.  

Life version: It'll make you exotic, but not necessarily attractive.


School lesson: меня зовут саролин. и тебе? #sorrywhat?

Life version: Free yourself from unnecessary baggage and declutter your life regularly. Even your brain needs it now and again #justsaying.


School lesson: Explain in your own words Goethe's intentions in Faust. - With the character of Gretchen, Goethe clearly wanted to depict a realistic model of the Sturm and Drang (a German literary era) era which has contributed to the internal conflict that Faust has to undergo whilst he's been seduced by the devil which concludes that Faust is a highly complex work which can be proven by its extensive use of comprehensive language and style.........

Life version: 'Can you please repeat and speak in child-talk to me?' reactions on a daily basis. 


School lesson: 1. Darwin's theories were a major breakthrough for biology. 2. Animals and humans serve the purpose to reproduce. That's the purpose of life and nothing else. 3. Eat and get eaten. 4. Nature is an example that different races can live peacefully and happily ever after next to each other.

Life version: 1. Darwin's survival of the fittest is still a massive thing in the 21st century. 2. People are driven by their nature. The purpose of life is to go to work, make money and do even more work. 3. You'll always be at the end of the food chain. 4. People will always be reserved towards expats/immigrants/foreigners regardless of how much effort you'll make to blend in.



School lesson: Everything in our life can be explained through a rational approach. There's no such thing as magic (it's a trick and you're too stupid to see it) or the supernatural (ghosts are magnetic swings caused by radio waves).

Life version: I'm an academic. I believe in what I see and not what I'm being told to see.


School lesson: As long as you balance the formula your experiment will succeed and should go well.

Life version: I never understood the purpose of balancing formulas or how to do it. So through trial and error, I came to the conclusion that with some people it works and well ... with others less so. 


School lesson: There are five major world religions that you'll have to learn about and respect no matter. They will bring peace and harmony to the world and you'll do well if you join one of them. Want to earn some extra gold stars? Become a member of one of them and live out their values and beliefs to be socially excepted.

Life version: Religion is the cause of many modern wars and complicated issues in the world. Some people believe in fairy tales. I don't. Some people also prefer to stay small-minded and divide the world into categories.  


School lesson: Let's get the kids creative and switch off their minds for a second. Let them go back to their happy childhood through painting and colouring pretty pictures. That will stir their imagination and turn them into out-of-the-box thinkers and highly motivated smart people.

Life version: Go away with your fancy creativity and keep your ideas to yourself. We don't want any change and your overly-exaggerated motivation and many talents scare us to hell. 

art classes


School lesson: After 13 years of school you should be able to know all time and climate zones by heart. Have learnt how to find major cities, mountains, rivers, regions and countries on the continents. Plus you should also provide the exact coordinates of your current position at all times when requested.

Life version: I know where the next Costa's is. Where there's Wifi, there's civilization, right? 


School lesson: History repeats itself. 

Life version: Life repeats itself in a never ending circle. It reinvents itself over and over again so the old becomes new and somehow familiar.


School lesson: The use of musical instruments and hitting the right note at the right time will create a well-balanced melody that brings harmony and expresses your inner feelings.

Life version: In my car on my way to work. *dramatic singing voice* RIIIIISSSEEEE LIIKE A PHOENIX. Aced it.


School lesson: Right and this is how we switch the computer on.

Life version: OMG I have so much to do. I need to photoshop my pictures, code up a new design for my blog, reinstall the domain and translate the widget into Html so I can install it and it does a funny little thing on my blog. 5h later. WWaaaahhhhh IT DOESN'T WORK!!!!


School lesson: Let's get the kids away from their desks and let them shake off their stress and get them active.

Life version: No matter how many different types of sports you'll try out in your life, you'll sooner or later have to accept that your body simply wasn't designed for this at all.

Thank you so much for reading today's post. Which school lessons have you applied to life? Is school education worth more than experience? Let me know x

Till next time,

xx Caz xx

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