Three Things I'm Looking Forward To This Weekend

Weekend celebrations

We're blessed with another bank holiday this month. Yeah! I'm so excited for this long weekend. Hope you are too? What are your plans? Well, here are mine.

1. I'm going to use the holiday to get some writing work done. I'm currently working on an application that requires me to hand in a feature, opinion piece and a news snippet by Monday midnight. So far I have my topic 'Identification and Immigration in the UK' all set up and researched. A first draft has been created for the feature but I need some ideas for the opinion piece. The news snippet will be fairly easy as it will only require 2-3 sentences answering the 4-w and 1-h question. This task will keep me busy and creative all weekend long.

2. Tonight is Eurovision! I'm such a nerdy fan, but only since I've moved out from home (OMG it comes to 11 years this year!). As a kid my parents always made me watch it and I hated it. And what have I done ever since I left their nest? I watched it. EVERY year and I love it. Seriously when the show starts and the presenters welcome the audience with the magical words 'Good Evening Europe' it always gives me a massive chill. It's such a wow moment of the year, I can't wait to see the show later. I have to confess though that I'm not very well prepared. Usually, I watch the songs and try to learn them so I can sing along during the show. I haven't even got a clue what our song sounds like. All I know is that our German entry is not the first choice as the winner of our selection show (yes, we Germans take any competition bloody serious) dropped out publicly when they've announced him as a winner. So the runner up went instead. Good luck and fingers crossed. 

Sorry in advance for a massive Twitter spamming later, but I'll be tweeting loads during the show.

3. Tomorrow is the official release of Kingsman - The Secret Service in Digital HD* (please read my Kingsman review). To celebrate the premiere you can download the film from iTunes and there will be a Twitter party at 6 pm. By then hundreds of people across the UK will press play and watch the film simultaneously and chat via Social Media. If you like to join the film party then simply follow @KingsmanUK tweeting along with the movie with the hashtag #KingsmanDigitalHD. You can also win prizes such as a BluRay copy of the film. Sooo excited for this. 

Kingsmen Film review

What are you up to this weekend? Who is your secret favourite for ESC? What do you think of the film twitter party? Let me know your plans in the comment section below. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Thanks so much for reading and till next time,

* I was kindly asked to spread the news about the release.

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