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Cinema Highlights In May

Film review May

Hi ladies, yeah the bank holiday is finally here and there's time for us to head down to the movies and catch up on some great films. I can't wait! Let me know if you're going to see a movie (or two, or three) and hope you'll enjoy today's film post. 

Far From The Madding Crowd 7/10


Who says only city people face intrigue, drama and love triangle problems? Far From The Madding Crowd is a spectacular and ostentatious film adaptation of Hardy’s Victorian novel starring an A-List cast of Carrey Mulligan, Matthias Schoenaerts, Michael Sheen and Tom Sturridge. It centres on strong independent Bathsheba (Mulligan) who rises to wealth through a generous inheritance. A confident, beautiful and rich woman, of course, attracts lots of attention so she’ll soon find herself vowed by not just one (Schoenaerts), but three admirers (Sturridge and Sheen). If you love period drama and adaptations of epic British literature, then FFTMC is for you. For anyone else, the 2h film of emotional chaos restricted by social conventions set in the picturesque English countryside might be a bit too heavy. 

The Age Of Adaline 7.5/10


I've never watched Gossip Girl so I was positively introduced to Blake Lively's major lead in Age of Adaline. She presents her character with so much delicacy and sensitivity plus there are some serious heartbreaking moments in the film that made me cry. In a calm narrative, the life of Adaline is told alongside her condition that she'll never age and the sacrifices such a life brings with it. The plot has some twists and is slightly predictable but it is easy to watch and very romantic. However, I feel the potential could have been used more effectively. I'm a fan of tragic life stories intertwined with a romance and to make the film a full 10/10 the drama could have been more intense to work out more the bittersweet tragic of life.

Spooks - The Greater Good 7/10


Spooks is one of these films which you could have heard nothing of and then you get positively surprised when you watch it. The crime film based on a British TV series is thrilling and suspenseful with the main action taking place in London and Berlin. GoT star Kit Harrington who plays the main lead has become one of my favourite actors recently and it was great to see him in another suitable role (I do forgive him for his cameo in Seventh Son and cheesy Pompeii) chasing criminals this time. If you’re after a solid and entertaining crime film with surprising twists, action and a top cast, then Spooks should be on your list this weekend.

Pitch Perfect 2 8/10

The Pitches are back and face some serious competition in the much-anticipated sequel. I don't want to give away too much so all I'm saying is how much fun this film is. We meet all our favourite ladies (and some new ones) again and crush on their sexy singing performances. Fat Amy gets a lot more attention than in the first film and Elizabeth Bank's scenes make you cringe inside when you just see her. It is a bit more kiddy but luckily the series remains its random humour. Anna Kendrick, Brittany Snow, Hailee Steinfeld, Ester Dean and Alexis Knapp are a gorgeous team on-screen and you wish the film would never end.

Tomorrowland 6/10

Oh, what a little disappointment. Tomorrowland did not live up to the high expectations which its beautiful trailer had given me. I expected a young adult Sci-Fi adventure (potentially with love interest) but instead, I got a relative complex (and philosophical) 2h of the question if we can change the future if we act now. Usually, I don't mind butterfly effect movies or philosophical films with parallel universes but Tomorrowland was quite underwhelming to watch. The slow plot took ages to accelerate, the narrative told in an unspectacular way so I barely cared for the characters or felt engaged. For a long time, the main aim/central conflict was unclear. The showdown was good but tbh I got a bit lost towards the end (my fault really because I was very tired from working all weekend so my attention span suffered during the film a few times). On reflection, Tomorrowland demands your attention otherwise you miss details that are important to understanding the complexity of the film. Very sophisticated for a 12A film. It still has wonderful visuals and I liked Britt Robertson a lot, but I feel I need to do some research to fully understand what was going on during the rushed ending and I'm not aversed to watch it again.

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