Stradivarius Head To Toe OODT. Part 2

Stradivarius Blazer Fashion outfit

How is everyone? My first Stradivarius head to toe fashion post is a while back, but I've been in their Stratford store again and hauled it. You can literally go in there and come out with an entirely new outfit, without the hourly long search for matching items. Don't you think today's outfit of the day has a little bit of a French touch? Hope you'll enjoy today's post. Have fun!

Casual everyday styling
Casual Stradivarius Fashion outfit
Stradivarius Fashion Outfit Post

Stradivarius is the boho casual little sister brand of Zara with super romantic styles and laid back outfits. I only wanted to buy a new pair of jeans but they are at the beginning of the shop and the fitting rooms are at the end. So on the way there, I picked up the shirt and the blazer (I didn't need a blazer, but I checked the price tag and I couldn't resist). That's why I love Stradivarius so much. You pick up stuff that's nice and actually looks nice on you and they are affordable and just wow you completely over. The last time I had this 'hauling' fever was back in 2009/2010, my so-called 'Primark-Prime-Years', but I've outgrown it. Now every time I go into Stradivarius I come out with two massive shopping bags and a broken bank account. But it was totally worth it :)

French Chic Blazer Stradivarius Fashion

 Here's What I'm Wearing:

Jeans: Stradivarius (current SS15 season, £25,99)
Blazer: Stradivarius (current SS15 season, £29.99)
T-Shirt: Stradivarius (current SS15 season, £7.99)
Beach Bag: Primark (season 2009, £6)
Bow Ballerina: Primark (season 2011, £4)
Sunnies: Warehouse (sale SS13, £15)

Have you seen my messy fishtail braid? I try to make more effort with my hair in the style post :) Is French chic your style, too? When was the last time you went on a shopping spree? Let me know what you got!

Thanks so much for reading and till next time,

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