What's In My Handbag?

Whats in my handbag

List and What's In My Handbag posts are my favourite blog reads because I'm quite nosy and I love to know what other bloggers carry around and use daily. My recent list post on The 10 Things Why The UK Is Awesome was picked up so well that I've decided to do a handbag post next. I've been dying to do this post for a while now and I finally got around to do it. Hope you'll have fun exploring my Kate Spade shopper and its content.

Whats in my handbag post


Whats in my handbag wallet

1. TomTom Sat Nav, Car Keys & License, Visconti Leather Wallet

When I'm out I barely use public transport (except for London or when I go into Birmingham) and I drive a lot in Britain and Germany. A few years ago I would refuse to use sat navs, simply because I've learnt in driving school, how a good driver prepares and studies a map BEFORE he goes on a trip, which makes it easier to focus on the road and traffic. However, when I did my first massive tour around the UK in 2011, having a sat nav proved to be a massive lifesaver and today I wouldn't want to miss it. Most of the time I'm dependent on a sat nav and it is a nice feeling when you can just type in the postcode and it leads you to unknown places. God knows where my sat nav has already taken me, it has in the end always brought me safely to my destination. With traffic becoming busier and road layouts weirder my sat nav is now a massive part of my independence and I rely heavily on it.

Driving to me is THE status symbol for independence and I don't want to live without a car ever again. I can go wherever I want, I'm not bound to anything and driving actually relaxes me a lot. At the moment I have a small Opel/Vauxhall Agila and my car keys are with me all the time. The keyring is a chocolate frog that I bought when my bf and I went to the Harry Potter experience at the Leavesden Studios in London in 2012.

My Visconti leather wallet has a stylish look and classy finish with a very soft silk interior. It contains all of my cards and it is so practical and easy to use in my daily routine.

Paperblanks diary

2. Dolormin, Paperblanks Diary, Sheaffer Sagaris Writing Instrument

Well, you may know the problem of sudden headaches and I hate getting one and suffer for hours in pain in the hope it may go away naturally. Most of the time, the pain won't go away so I keep Dolormin (Ibuprofen and Lysin) with me at the very last resort.

Even in our technical modern world, I'm still very old fashioned when it comes to writing. I always have to write everything down on paper before it goes digital. I find paper and pen so much easier to work with and focus on when writing. Same applies to planning and organising. I just can't do it with a phone. Luckily I have my Paperblanks Diary with a print of Wind, Sand and Stars by Saint-Exupéry. It's as gorgeous on the inside as it is on the outside, with a weekly agenda and enough space to write down all my appointments, dates, blog ideas and everything else.

To write down all my inspiration I use a Sheaffer Sagaris Writing Instrument which you may have already seen in my Sheaffer Sagaris - Writing Is Forever review post.

Olympus Voice Recorder

3. Phone, Charger and Olympus Voice Recorder

Everyone has a phone and mine is a Nexus 4. Though since the Lollipop update it malfunctions on a regular basis, that's why I carry the charger with me. If there's an emergency and the phone has just 'died' again (though it has a full battery) it only comes back to life when connected to the charger. I really hope the next software update can fix this problem, as I don't see why I should buy a new phone when this one worked perfectly before that stupid Lollipop update #firstworldproblems

Before university, I worked as a journalist for two years and my voice recorder is a remain tool from that time. I'm so glad I have it, as I can take it to blogging events and record everything. I can interview people, ask questions and capture the atmosphere to come back to it over and over again. Gone are the times of shorthand or awkward handling of paper and pen. I'm a linguist now and use it for translations, pronunciation work or when an idea hits me and it would take too much time to write it all down.


Oyster Card and Passport Holder

4. Oyster, Paperchase Passport Holder And Business Cards

Now let's come to the more lifestyle-related things in my handbag. When I'm not driving and use public transport it is the tube in London, so an Oyster card is essential to move around quickly and hassle-free. I also carry around my passport and the holder sometimes serves as a substitute when I don't want to bring my entire wallet. It was a friend's present a few years ago and it still looks gorgeous. I love using it daily and admiring the girly-ish design of the British flag.

Oh and then there are business cards. Sceptical at first but now completely convinced. You never know whom you'll meet when you're out and about and a business card is the quickest and easiest way to exchange and keep in touch.

Whats in my handbag make up
Whats in my handbag fashion magazine

5. Fashion Mag, Ted Baker MakeUp Bag, Monsoon Mirror, Death By Chocolate Palette, Burberry Kisses And Benefit Roller Lash

What would my handbag be without a fashion mag? Whenever I'm out I like to pick up Glamour or HMF to keep up to date with the latest fashion trends and gossip.

I picked this cute makeup bag up when I went shopping at Bicester Village for Easter. It's so adorable and has the right size to carry all your stuff but at the same time won't take too much space in your actual handbag. The outside has a glossy finish which makes it easy to clean. A simple and classy design, what's not to love?

Whats in my handbag Kate Spade

The bag is filled with some of the latest beauty goodies, including the Burberry Kisses lipstick sample and Benefit's Roller Lash (literally everyone in the UK goes mental for it). I use Real Technique MakeUp brushes and recently bought a Makeup Revolution Death By Chocolate Palette. It's phenomenal with its look like a chocolate bar from the outside and stunning nude shades inside. I'm going to do a separate post on it once I've dared to use it (it's so so gorgeous I don't want to ruin it by using it).

Oh and of course I need a mirror to apply my makeup. I don't use it that often tbh, but it is a lovely art nouveau mirror from Monsoon. I love their vintagy styled accessories and this one is just nice to have in your bag.

So now you know what I carry around with me daily. Hope you've enjoyed this post and let me know what's in your handbag. If you've written a similar post please leave me your link in the comment section.

Thanks so much for reading and till next time,

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