Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Happy Birthday. Style Lingua Is Born!

Blog Rebranding

I would lie to you if I say that everything is super awesome in my life right now. Let's put it this way, I'm nowhere near where I'd like to be and I feel the last five years have been a tremendous up and down for me personally.

With my birthday very fast approaching, I want to make changes in my life. It needs it and I have to work a lot on my character and general presence. I'd like to start with working on my personality, putting aside my rather playful nature and become more mature (hope that makes sense). I'd like to be more stylish and classy and less teenage orientated, which I think is a major point why some people do not take me seriously and still think they have a cute little girl in front of them rather than a young woman. With this in mind, I also want to incorporate all of the mentioned wishes and aims into my blog. So that's why it got a makeover today.

Lunch Break Adventures started out as my lifesaver from a dull and frustrating job in 2014. Without my blog, I would have completely lost track of my dream to become a writer/acknowledged journalist. Soon my little project developed into so much more than just a blog and I was given the chance to meet absolutely wonderful and gorgeous people and work with awesome brands.

Lunch Break Adventures Blog Logo

Thanks to my friend Hanni, who designed my logo, Lunch Break Adventures got a design and I no longer took it for granted as a little silly hobby, but as an actual blog with potential. I worked very hard to achieve consistency and my blog stats shot to 4,000 uniques/5,000 views per month. 

Wordpress, the platform which hosted my blog, turned out to be very static and limited in its possibilities. After months of pushing the blog and achieving my aim of stable and constant stats I got frustrated that my blog wasn't attractive enough, nor did my comment section fully satisfy me. The easiest and most affordable option for me was a move to Blogger, which I did today.

Lunch Break Adventures, the idea to provide bite-sized posts to take off your mind during your lunch break and bring you fashion, film and lifestyle news, has re-branded. The name was too playful and people kept misspelling and interpreting it. With Style Lingua, I feel that I have a more classy blog name and the potential to develop into a mature brand reflecting my change and personality.

Style Lingua is a reference to my love for fashion and lifestyle. Lingua an additional hint at my profession. I love everything related to languages and I want to speak the language of fashion and transfer it on my blog to my readers. I hope you like the idea and please never hesitate to leave me feedback.

Blogger has now given me the chance to offer my readers wonderful features, f.ex. my own domain and template. I can finally install Google Analytics and Disqus, have a Rafflecopter widget for my competitions and a lot more space for my pictures. I'm looking forward so much to turn this blog into a place where fashion interested women can meet and exchange ideas and also discover fantastic new blogs.

I'd like to thank everyone who has read Lunch Break Adventures and has supported me ever since I started blogging. A very special Thank You goes to Katie and Diana who are always so kind to me and no matter what read all of my posts. Thank you so much ladies for being so awesome and loyal to me.

And of course, the wonderful British blogging community, who have accepted me as the annoying German that I am and always supports me. It's been a pleasure knowing you all. Thank you so much for your support and love.

Thank you so much for reading and till next time,


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