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Lifestyle: Everyone Loves Stationery Right?

National Stationery Week

Hands up if you love stationery as much as I do. With National Stationery Week (27th April - 3rd May) approaching very fast, it's a good excuse to hit the next shop and stock up on some new notepads, cute diaries, colourful pencils or text markers, don't you think? Today's post will introduce you to my favourite brands and there's also the chance for you to get your hands on some goodies too. Get excited and hope you'll enjoy!


Paperblanks Art Journals

Paperblanks has been a favourite of mine for years. Their high-quality journals and diaries come in beautiful editions and collections inspired by art and culture. Not only can you find Monet's dreamy impressionistic sea roses imprinted on the cover, first pages of world literature or delicate ornaments but also medieval manuscripts such as the Gutenberg Bible. Made of high quality and finest materials, these journals class as luxury stationery. They are stunning to look at and so, so handy. I got several journals to stir my imagination for blog posts and a diary which helps me to stay organised. Their journals come in different sizes of which the big ultra book version is my favourite.

Price: Paperblanks Diary, Wind Sand & Stars Ultra Book, £17.99


The Australian brand's colourful stationery brings smiles and giggles to desks since 2003. Last year was their big moment in conquering the UK and I was kindly invited to their Smiggle stationery flagship opening in Birmingham back in November. The shop bursts with pencil cases, crazy owl diaries and funny macaroon erasers. Every piece screams happiness and transports you back to your time as a school kid.

Smiggle stationery

If you are after unconventional stationery to brighten up your dull desk at work than Smiggle is the right place for you.

Price: Macaron Eraser Box, £4.50 // Milk Carton Pencil Case, £8.50


I've recently come across Paper-Oh, a brand that belongs to the same group as Paperblanks. So you can expect the same high level of quality of their classy, cahier-style looking notebooks and origami collections. What I really like about their stationery is the fact, that they play around with the passion of bookbinding and their love for paper. The notepads I have are made from cardboard and paper with a very natural touch. In using natural material the idea is to alter the design over time. Maybe you remember your old notebooks from school which lasted for years with clear signs of wear and tear from your use. But the more you've used them the more you've loved them for their character. Just as your skills and designs continue to evolve, the true character of a Paper-Oh notebook emerges as it becomes an individualized companion along your life’s journey. This is such a wonderful intention don't you think?

Paper-Oh stationery

Price: Paper-Oh Quadro and Ultra Size*, around £7-10


Canadian stationery brand WAFF has specialised in creating very unique journals. The silicon design represents the structure of a Belgian Waffle, but to me, they also look like colourful blocks of Lego. Whatever imagination comes into your mind, I’m sure their journals will stir your inspiration and writer's block will no longer be a problem. The journals come in all sorts of vibrant colours and feature movable parts so you can change the design to your likening. Some also come with additional letters so you can leave a personalised note at the front of your journal. If you've fallen in love with these then I suggest you should have a look at my giveaway ;)

WAFF stationery

Price: Waff Combo in Orange*, around £18


Ah stationery, well cards in this case, that makes a statement. And I mean a blunt and offensive statement, that's for sure. Offensive might be a bit strong, but you know what I mean. Scribbler with it's lovingly teasing spot on cards are my bf's and my favourite when there's an anniversary or birthday around. The sarcasm packed within cute drawings is superb and a different take on the 'lovely' standard cards that you usually get. The cards are refreshing, special and make you smile in an instant. Scribbler has now extended their range and you can also get funny, but blunt little gifts. Any branch is a wonderful place where you find yourself spending hours in there, smiling and grinning and definitely in a dilemma of what to choose.

Scribbler Waterloo Branch

Price: Birthday Cards* from £2.50

Thank you so much for reading today's post and I hope you'll be joining me on my next adventure. Do you love stationery as much as I do? Are you looking for arty and sophisticated styles or do you prefer fun and happy? Let me know which stationery brands you love and are worth checking out.

Till next time,

xx Caz xx


*This post is part of National Stationery Week. Picture of Scribbler Waterloo branch provided by Scribbler. The post contains PR samples.

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