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Take me to the city outfit fashion post

How are you? I thought it's time to go back to normal and focus on fashion again. I had today's outfit in my wardrobe for a while and it is one of many which I need to take out more. The delicate chiffon blouse from Joy is teamed up with a Union Jack clutch and soft, black shorts from Forever 21. Sunnies and ballerinas complete the look, which I think is super chic and eye-catching for a shopping spree in town or coffee with the girls. Hope you'll have fun and enjoy today's ootd.

Late spring is a wonderful time. The days get longer, the weather finally warmer. You can sense a tiny hint of summer in the air and for those days, which tend to be chilly in the morning, but built up a decent heat in the day, it is best to dress appropriately. With this outfit, I have combined a light blouse which is perfect for the warm weather but tights make sure I'm not freezing in the morning.

These days I hardly leave the house without a good pair of shades. This accessory makes me even more excited for summer and have you ever caught yourself to feel a bit mysterious? Am I looking at you? Am I looking somewhere else? Who knows!

Instead of overloading the look with a massive handbag, I've decided to go with a small crossbody bag which you can also wear as a clutch. My little Union Jack bag is from Primark and I had it since 2009. I remember that I wasn't sure at first when I saw it in the Oxford Street branch, but the price of £6 plus it was selling fast made me make my choice. It has been a loyal companion ever since. So, I'm all glammed up now and ready to go. Can someone please take me out?

Joy Louche Blouse fashion post
Primark Union Jack Cutch
Joy and Primark Fashion styling post

Here's What I'm Wearing:

Louche Blouse: Joy (season 2013, sale £25)
Black Shorts: Forever 21 (season 2012, £12)
Sunnies: Warehouse (season 2013, £15)
Union Jack Bag: Primark (season 2009, £6)
Bow Ballerina: Primark (season 2012, £4)

What's your favourite outfit to hit town? Would love to see it, so if you have a similar post, leave me a link in the comment section or send me a pic via Twitter. If you like my style posts, you may be also interested in my recent Topshop OOTD style post.

Thanks so much for reading and till next time,

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