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Sheaffer Sagaris writing instrument

When was the last time you’ve received a handwritten letter or wrote one yourself? Call me old fashioned but I’m still very excited when I receive a handwritten letter instead of an email. A beautiful handwriting to me is art and a far more personal and thoughtful way of communicating with each other.

Did you know that handwriting is a mirror of our personality and can reflect over 5,000 individual character traits? My handwriting, for example, is centred which reflects my logical way of thinking and practical nature. The average size of my writing reveals I’m a well-adjusted and adaptable person, though my romantic style also says I’m sensitive and often seek a compromise over conflict.

Handwriting analysis is so diverse have you’ve ever tried it? The way our handwriting looks, if neat or sloppy, is affected by our writing tool. I once bought an expensive pen and was told by the retailer that there are ‘pens’, the countless ones we all have at home lying around, and then there are ‘writing instruments’, which can take our writing to the next level.

Sheaffer Sagaris review
Sheaffer Sagaris rollerball pen

Writing instruments are of course expensive but of high quality and exceptionally manufactured. The word instrument implies the creative and arty purpose a quality pen was designed for. As I’ve said earlier, a neat and characteristic handwriting is fine art after all.

With National Stationery Week approaching (27th April - 3rd May), I received an extraordinary writing instrument by Sheaffer*. This metallic brown rollerball pen is from their Sagaris collection, a series of luxury pens also available as a fountain pen or roller point.

The exquisite design features a glossy lacquer finish with chrome plate trim with the brand’s name delicately engraved on the tapered cap. The instrument’s gripping section allows optimal comfort and control which makes writing effortless and easy.

National stationery week Sheaffer Sagaris
Sheaffer Sagaris review
Sheaffer Sagaris writing tool
Sheaffer Sagaris tool parts

The black ink dries within seconds and allows a natural flow which makes your handwriting look elegant and graceful. It is manufactured so well, with the screw cap fitting precisely. Even when you insert the refill, every part pieces back together perfectly. This instrument is a timeless companion which makes any writing a special occasion.

Sheaffer Sagaris case
Sheaffer Sagaris writing is forever

Sheaffer writing instruments come with a luxurious gift box for safe storage. The case also includes the ink refill and a three-year warranty certificate.

The Sheaffer Sagaris writing instrument is available at around £40.

When was the last time you’ve written a letter? Do you prefer fountain pens over biros? Do you think handwriting will die out? What are the key characteristics of your handwriting? I'd love to see, so please feel free to leave me a picture/comment in the comment section below or send me a picture via my social media. I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

Thanks so much for reading and till next time,

*PR sample, opinions and words are my own. This post is part of National Stationery Week 2015.

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