A Romantic Spring OOTD

Romantic spring outfit
It's getting warmer each day and every evening it stays a few minutes lighter which is a clear sign spring is just around the corner. I'm happy that I can slowly but surely send my winter coat into hibernation and prepare to get my leather jackets and dresses out. Time for me to experiment with a few styles to get a romantic spring outfit sorted.

Spring is about the awakening of nature meaning plants come out, people enjoy the sun and regain their energies. It feels like life returns to its strengths but is still very fragile and delicate. In order to make a look that works just like spring, powerful but delicate, I've decided to mix a few styles with different colours to create a romantic look. Read here, why my outfit despite the wild mixture works.

Leather jackets in spring
Romantic spring fashion post

I'm wearing a leather jacket (strong, powerful) over a white lace/chiffon Primark dress (delicate, innocent) to present spring. I got this brown leather jacket from Stradivarius before winter and didn't have had the chance yet to wear it out. It is so soft and has a dark navy blue lining which looks super chic and edgy at the same time. You may wonder why I didn't choose a black leather jacket for the outfit. I feel black would have been too static and harsh in contrast to the romantic Primark dress. The brown tone of the jacket provides a soft contrast but will still make any outfit look cool and effortless. In colour theory, brown is a so-called 'blocker' shade which consists of a broad spectre of all colours, so it will, therefore, work with any colour harmoniously.

Taschka pony hair shoes

My shoes are handmade leather ballerinas from Taschka with Pony hair elements on top. As I reported last year Pony hair shoes are still hot this year plus Taschka makes stylish loafers which will be the next big thing in fashion this year. The leopard pattern picks up the print of my light Sandwich scarf.

Statement necklace
Statement necklace

Jewellery-wise I'm wearing a clear statement necklace to underline the romantic touch of my Primark dress. The clear elements make the look sophisticated and apply a touch of class to it. Here again, is the contrast of spring. The statement (strong) that works harmoniously with the delicate lace of the dress. And not to forget my pretty Sandwich scarf which I got at the Gemini Press Day in Stratford!

Scarf by Gemini Fashion

I had this white Primark dress for a while and it is a wonderful summer dress which you can easily wear in spring. Whether with a statement necklace or with a belt, this dress will give you the ultimate romantic style in an instant and it is so versatile as a base for gorgeous outfits.

Romantic Primark dress
Spring Fashion Post

Here’s What I’m Wearing:

Shoes: Taschka Onyx/Cheetah (sold out, £125)
Dress: Primark (summer season 2012/2013, £10)
Leather Jacket: Stradivarius (current season 2014/2015, £90)
Necklace: Rara De Barr* (current season 2014, £20)
Scarf: Sandwich via Gemini Clothing* (current season 2014/2015, £20)

Hope you’ve enjoyed the outfit. Let me know what you think. Which element is your favourite part of the outfit? How would you style it? How does your ultimate spring outfit look like?

Thanks so much for reading and till next time,

*PR Sample

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